Mayan Chief Slot Machine Free Play

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The Mayan Chief Pocky Machine is solid entertainment. For every 3 gold coins you get on a payline, you get 8 free spins per line. If you get 4-5 gold coins per spin, you can get even more spins! In the video below, the player got 490 free spins….during the bonus period!

Mayan Chief Slot Machine Free Play

‘s Top 5 Slot Jackpots Of The Week – Feb 10, 2019 Hello. Welcome fans… Another exciting edition of this week’s Top 5 Slots Jackpot… #5… #5 You Tube Creator = SDGuy1234 Game = Winning Animal Face Value = .01c Machine, $3.40 per Spin Total Jackpot = $1, 678.50 This game is actually pretty cool to look at. I love how you land a symbol of your choosing from a feature that expands during bonuses and, like you, win huge if the Wilds align perfectly with that symbol. Well done SD! #4 You Tube Creator = EZ LIFE SLOT JACKPOTS Game = Gold Pays Denomination = 0.01c Machine, $6.80 per Spin Total Jackpot = $2, Easy to watch as usual with 192.60 EZ. I think I should follow you in the casino and let you play for me. As a bonus, those Wilds are perfectly aligned on reels 2, 3, and 4, with 5 of those types making one huge spin. Congratulations on getting into the top 5 this week. #3 You Tube Creator = Albert’s Slot Channel Game = Mayan Chief Denomination = .01c Machine, $2.25 per spin Total Jackpot = $2, 290.50 This game is very unique and special due to the sheer amount of spins. You can land on a bonus. These spins can actually add up when playing $2.25 spins. What a great jackpot, Albert. Congratulations on entering the Top 5 this week. #2 You Tube Creator = Lady Luck HQ Game = 5 Dragons Grand Denomination = .01c Machine, $5.00 Total Jackpot Bet = $2, 305.25 A fun bonus to watch Lady Luck HQ. Nice to see you hitting on the penny machine. This game is one of my favorites and I especially love all the different types of features that offer progressive features. Once again, congratulations on entering the TOP 5. And this week’s #1 pick: “THE BOSTON GAMBLER” #1 You Tube Creator = THE BOSTON GAMBLER Game = Diamond Queen Church = $1.00 Machine, $100.00 per Spin Total Jackpot = $8, 225.00 Congrats on winning Top 5 slots of the week Take the top spot in the jackpot. Your risky $100.00 bet paid off big on Diamond Queen. Getting 3 Gooey Wilds must have been an adrenaline rush for a $100.00 bet. That’s all, I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition. Like, subscribe and share all videos and sign up if you haven’t already.

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Greetings fans to another great edition of ‘s Top 5 Slot Jackpots, Turkey Edition – November 18, 2018 ‘s Top 5 Slot Jackpots Of The Week, Turkey Edition – November 18, 2018. main. enjoy!! You Tube Creator = My Pechanga Slot Machine Video Game = Buffalo Stampede Denomination = .01c Machine, $2.25 Bet Total Jackpot = $1, 201.65 This is another buffalo fan favorite slot machine. With this buffalo slot you have a chance to get a minor or a grand and also have expansion reels for even more chances. For a $2.25 bet, I’d say this is a good sized hand pay. A fun game to play and watch. You Tube Creator = NG Slot Game = Lock It Link Amount = .10c Machine, $20.00 Bet Total Jackpot = $1, 520.00 This game is unique and special to play due to the Lock It Link feature. As with the Lightening Link series games, money can really be added to this lockable It Link feature. The potential can be huge when all these hearts start to be linked with added credits every time they lock together! You Tube Creator = robman313slots Game = Line King Face Value = .02c Machine, $5.00 Bet Total Jackpot = $1, 731.20 Get the old school noble machine right here. and! This is outdated, but good. The reason is that most of the old-fashioned aristocrats paid for volatility. Robman313slots Bring Back Old-Fashioned Jackpots! congratulation! You Tube Creator = Lady Luck HQ Game = Dragon Link Church = $2.00 Machine, $20.00 Total Jackpot Bet = $2, 210.00 It’s in the Lightening Link series games, but this is another cool game called Dragon Link. It has the same functionality as Lighting Link, but only the graphics are different. The ball function can be a free spin or drop ball function, or both. Lady Luck got both features within the bonus. And this week’s top pick goes to Slotmanjack! Congratulations! You Tube Creator = Slotmanjack Slot Machine Game = Mayan Chief Denomination = .01c Machine, $2.40 Bet Total Jackpot = $2, 512.88 This was an amazing jackpot broadcast live on YT. It’s amazing to see all those turns! If that ever happened to me, though, I would choose Super Features. Either way, the best manual payment ever! Congratulations!

20-24 August 2018 Winning the Mariner of the Seas to win the $1,216 jackpot.. The casino is refurbished and exciting!!

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