Monkey Paw Slot Machine

Monkey Paw Slot Machine – It’s hard to cheat on online slots at Cozino In fact, it is possible to cheat them if you are not a coding master However, back in the days of mechanical slot games, cheating was a little more common if you could figure out a way in which you could rig the machine.

Throughout history, there have been a number of particularly outrageous slot scams, some of which have turned out to be lucrative cash prizes. As much as we can safely say that we do not condone cheating in any way, shape or form, it is heartening to read about the old times and ingenuity that was used to get something out of this fraud.

Monkey Paw Slot Machine

Let’s take a look at the history books to learn about the best slot cheats

What Are Pokie Machines?

We’re starting a little basic here In fact, coins on a string are probably the most primitive form of slot game cheating out there, so it’s no surprise that the creators of slot machines found a way to redesign the mechanism of the machine to be able to stop quickly. For that

However, for a few years (many decades ago), some punters won some good cash using coins on a string. It’s as simple as that Cheaters will simply tie a string around the coin for slot games, drop it into the slot so that it causes a spin, and then pull it back out so that they can use it an unlimited number of times. Imagine trying to get away with it these days

Stepping it up a notch in terms of technological creativity, the monkey paw was a device invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. It consisted of a guitar string attached to a metal socket and it went into the slot machine’s air vent to trigger a microswitch and therefore pay out instantly.

It was more efficient than coins on a string because it saved a lot of time spinning, and it gave Carmichael some cash before he was caught and imprisoned 40 years later.

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Before about 1970, slot games had no protection from magnets So, potential fraudsters can rig machines using magnets if their brains are able to do it the right way. One of these ways is to make the reels spin freely instead of stopping at a random spot as they normally would after a spin.

Punters can effectively pick and choose when the symbols want to be switched off in this way, and for a small fraction of the coin value, they can win as much as they want. Clever, right?

It’s nice to see a little history in slots, but these days are over Who’s to say this won’t happen again with future technological advancements?

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The Myth Of Trustlessness

Have you ever wondered how to hack video slots in casinos? However, do not try to translate such thoughts into practice Let them live in your fantasy world Otherwise, the chances of finding yourself in jail are high, as gambling security services are on the up-and-up

The information available in our article is informative in nature We do not encourage readers to use the experience of cheaters, which will be discussed below for practical purposes

It should be noted that methods of hacking gambling machines in land-based casinos are discussed in our article. A separate publication will be dedicated to cheaters in online casinos

Tommy Glenn Carmichael has been mentioned several times on this list The legendary cheater was one of the most famous experts in hacking slots Over the years, he stole millions from various casinos, but ultimately failed to escape prison. His activities are described in a separate article

Jackpot Slot Machine Coin Bank

Many people believe that this cheater’s device was invented by Tommy Carmichael However, this is just a courtesy to famous cheaters He actually used it and modified it to make the device more convenient and efficient However, the top-down knot was known among fraudsters before Carmichael

We are talking about a device consisting of a guitar string and a piece of steel It was placed in the coin slot to hook the switch and force it to dispense coins

This primitive technology brought Tommy up to a thousand dollars an hour We can only imagine how many fraudsters were taking advantage of this in an era of armed robbery.

The funny name Monkey Paw hides a thin and long piece of wire in a special way. Carmichael is believed to have invented it However, it would be more appropriate to say that Tommy created it based on previous developments He made the first version of the device from a metal clothes hanger and improved it several times

A Dozen Ways To Cheat Gambling Slots

Monkey Paw was perfect for hacking mechanical gambling machines Fraudsters insert a hook into the slot and look for a switch by focusing on the sound Pushing it, they share its chips to the slot

The so-called light wand is another Tommy Carmichael invention As with all of his inventions, the device was a rudimentary design, but very effective It is a small flashlight attached to a piece of wire

Tommy used it to hack slot machines whose operation was based on optical sensor technology. The principle of operation of such video slots was explained to him by a naive employee of IGT at the exhibition Carmichael bought the device, studied its structure, and blinded it with a light beam to figure out how to cause defects in the sensor.

As soon as gambling machines with chips appeared, scammers started using fake coins Video slot manufacturers have tried to improve anti-counterfeiting technology, but cheaters continue to do so.

How To Rig Slot Machines?

Louis Colavecchio was the master of counterfeiting He was even nicknamed The Coin. He also made fake chips, which were used by him to cheat the casino and make half a million dollars. However, he was sentenced to jail. The fraudster spent seven years in jail.

Just the odd scam was done by Dennis Nikras at a casino in Las Vegas. He ordered computer chips from slot manufacturers and bought keys from gambling machines on the “black market.” Then he just had to learn how to quickly replace the chips in the casino slots

This is another invention for gambling machine hacking in its simplicity The coin is attached to a thin wire A scammer inserts it into the slot receiver and pulls it out as soon as the device registers the chip insertion. Therefore, the cheater can play endlessly for only one chip

Scammers similarly hacked video slots with receivers for paper notes. The only difference was that they used an adhesive tape for the notes This technique of hacking gambling machines was initially popular in popular slot halls in post-Soviet countries, where there were primitive models with sufficient reliable security systems.

Scandals That Rocked The Gambling Industry

It is not necessary to make fake casino chips and spend money on their production It is possible to take a chip and cut a small amount of it for repeated use This lucrative trick was successfully used by a scammer in 1982

In the history of deception, this invention was written as coinage Scammers get the principle of slot operation and cut pieces of real casino chips into smaller pieces. The chip was accepted by the device, allowing cheaters to play, and eject a coin it thought was inappropriate

Video slot software bugs are observed even in devices from the most famous developers It’s not a big deal if they are variables It’s even worse if fraudsters discover a permanent flaw If the bug is favorable to the customer, they will fully exploit this glitch

As an example, we can mention the event with the Game King video slot They had a periodic error and overcharged customers in certain circumstances Corruption with such devices has happened at various times and we are likely to hear about such cases in the future

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In this case, the developer is responsible However, remember that the deliberate use of software bugs is considered fraud This is mentioned in most casino rules

Do not rush to spend money on the internet to buy secret techniques of hacking slot machines at the software level. They are usually sold by fraudsters Think logically Who will sell the golden eggs?

This practice became possible with the appearance of electronic gambling machines Scammers select some combination of buttons

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