Net Slot Machine

Net Slot Machine – Aww CRAP — look what followed me home from a local goodie after seeing it there yesterday afternoon, but the nice cashier lady waived the price tag after letting her go behind her counter to take a closer look. Then I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I made a 2nd trip there first thing this morning to look again… during which (store manager?) Bruce was helpful in not only getting it out? I was able to put it behind the counter so I could close it to see what happened — even considering (and agreeing to) my slightly lower offer after doing so. BUT WAIT — there’s more — Bruce did me one better when I got to my credit card at checkout… turns out the car had just the right “color code” price tag on it. technically called full price, I brought it home for HALF PRICE ???!!!

I’m a little in the process of discovering what it really IS, outside of a Japanese-made (I think) machine, not too old, maybe made for some commercial service, but now apparently (according to the internal labels) ‘remanufactured’ for home use (Rochester , by a company in NY). I’m also barely in the process of playing with it to determine if it actually *works* — right now I can safely say that it powers up and burns like it *will*. work, although I still haven’t figured out how to spin its wheels… it might be a matter of a “reset” process that I haven’t found yet (please?!).

Net Slot Machine

Learning continues?!! 🙂 It’s called the “PACHISLO” machine. Apparently, they are quite popular and are usually found in arcades in Japanese cities (along with “PACHINKO” vertical pinball machines) and differ from more typical “slot machines” in that their reels are individually stopped by the player after spinning (via the 3. immediately below them buttons light up in 2 different colors during gameplay) not automatically by the machine itself. THIS difference gives them the distinction of being a (legitimate, anyway?) “game of skill” vs. a “game of chance”.

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This particular model was produced in 2002 and has a “dance party/rave” theme. It seems (thankfully!) to be a US-friendly design (for some reason?) because its main functions/etc. is recorded in English (lots and lots of Japanese as well) and his “voice” is also spoken in English. Yes – in addition to a *wide* variety of sound effects when in use, it also plays music and “conversations”. The little red display panel immediately to the RH of the reels is another unique feature of this model (I guess?) It’s actually an LED matrix that shows various moving patterns/spinning letters/etc while the game is being played, as well as sometimes some kind of “bonus mode” that I haven’t discovered yet. ” to become “part of the game”.

Yeah, as I already added in the ‘comments’, I’m currently waiting for a few hundred more badges for it to really start to hit its stride and find out what it all does — but for the moment it looks like it’ll work fine anyway? !!

My package of ‘true vintage’ badges arrived on schedule last week and I’m now very happy to report that my CLUB RODEO is *fully functional in every way* as I continue to learn indeed. how to play it’ and ‘what it is/how it works/etc/etc’ along with further details. [another accidental learnt…it’s not that easy to hold a video phone camera steady with one hand while playing a slot machine with the other…?? ] I added a post here for the tokens themselves:

Here’s today’s little “happy fact” — on a return visit to the same GW store, Bruce was behind the counter when I checked out, so I asked him if he remembered me…and he didn’t until I mentioned ‘slot’. car’. THEN he remembered and immediately asked if I had turned it on – when I smiled and said YES, we chatted a bit more, during which he reached under the counter saying, “Oh, those should be too.” a little bag full of ~50 more tokens was probably “loose” from my car (or the other two were sold the previous week in “working” condition for more dollars, I never saw that…probably a good thing? !!) and they sat there. When I showed him the shaky phone cam video, he got another manager-type dude to stop and watch (and he immediately went to get the token bag for me until Bruce told him he already did?!) I’m really happy with the result I got with him. Y’all know…every now and then you can expect a FREE BONUS from a slot machine, not so much from a thrift store I guess…???!!

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Have you ever thought you could make a career out of gambling? More specifically: have you ever thought that you can make money playing slot machines? Brian Christopher certainly didn’t. But not only has he made a living, he’s a rock star in the gambling world.

Christopher, 39, grew up in Burlington, Ont. As of November 17, his YouTube channel had 190 million views and averaged 207,000 views per day. His channel is growing exponentially and on November 15th he reached 300,000 subscribers. He’s celebrating by gambling $30,000 on slots live on Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. at San Manuel Casino in Highland, California.

But Christopher didn’t create a YouTube slot channel on purpose, at least not at first. At the beginning of 2016, she was living in Los Angeles with her husband Marco, working as an actor (as well as driving for Uber, Lyft and catering, like actors). He appeared regularly on the small screen: Hallmark’s The Christmas Parade, a Tim Horton’s commercial, as well as various television shows, including CTV’s The Listener and BBC’s Copper. So it was a whim when he recorded himself playing slots while on his second vacation to Las Vegas.

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“I decided to record some of my slot play because I saw people doing it on YouTube. And I thought it would be fun. But I didn’t think too much about it, there was no plan of action like, ‘I’m going to make this my business,’ it was just, ‘Let me shoot this for fun,'” Christopher said.

On April 18, 2016, Christopher posted his first video, which he said he thought only his friends and family would watch. Within a month, his following grew so quickly that he was invited to the YouTube partner program, which allowed him to earn money from his videos. YouTubers participating in the program earn an average of $3 to $5 per 1,000 views, meaning a video with one million streams will net up to $5,000, according to software company Intuit.

“I decided, you know what, maybe I should follow it and see where it takes me. And I’m glad I did,” he said.

Christopher turned YouTube into his full-time job. He began booking tours and traveling to casinos for film content. He decided to upload a new video every day because no one else who filmed themselves playing slots posted at that rate.

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“I think it really helped my channel grow very quickly. I had no idea where it was going to take me, but I’m like, ‘This is a lot of fun.’ I love to gamble and entertain and do everything together,” he said.

A year later, Christopher hired a video editor. He worked hard: in addition to posting daily, he took classes on how to best use YouTube, attended conferences, and constantly contacted casinos in the United States to see if they were interested in hosting him. He was also very good in front of the camera from the start, which he owes to his acting experience.

“I always pretend that the audience is with me. I just talk to them all the time.”

In the first year, Christopher lost money overall on the machines, but he said he knew he would soon turn a profit, not on the slot machines themselves.

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“I was fine at the time (not making a profit) because it was one

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