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Ng Slot Machine – At 7:28 am Brian Christopher received an email from “The YouTube Team” informing him that his video, “Smokin’ Hot Gems, BIG WIN Mammoth Power Slot Machine Pokies w Brian Christopher” had been removed for violate content restrictions on “violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical injury or death.” This was his first strike. Seconds later, he got another email telling him that “due to repeated or serious violations” of YouTube’s Community Guidelines, his account had been suspended. His canal, which he had been building for two years, had disappeared. Hundreds of his videos, all showing him playing slots and winning jackpots, were deleted.

Just like that, a big chunk of Christopher’s life — he spends about eight to 12 hours a day on his channel and employs three people to help him — was gone. Deleted. Deleted.

Ng Slot Machine

Around the same time, Scott “The Raja” Richter, whose slot, The Big Jackpot, features videos like “Biggest Live Jackpot In History | $600 A Draw | Black Widow @ The Cosmopolitan” logged on and found his channel was also away.

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Christopher and Richter had used YouTube to turn a money-losing pastime, playing slot machines, into a respectable side hustle, even a level of celebrity. Richter’s videos have received more than 2 million unique monthly views and his channel has more than 115,000 subscribers. He even has a dedicated fan club, known as the Bomb Squad (after Richter’s trademark “#BOOM” graphic that accompanies every big win). Christopher has a total of around 50 million views and 82,000 subscribers, with his videos drawing thousands of views a day, and his own fan club, Rudies. Both the Bomb Squad and Rudies, in addition to commenting on videos and giving advice during live feeds, can follow their mentors to casinos around the country and even go on cruises with them. A highlight of these events is the “group draw”, where players pool their money and take turns pressing play on a high limit slot.

Within seconds of the initial takedown notice, Christopher received this notice that his channel… [+] had been suspended.

In addition to revenue generated directly from YouTube (which Richter says, for a popular channel, can reach as high as $20,000 a month), both Richter and Christopher sell a variety of merchandise, from bobbleheads to coffee mugs to shot glasses. While this may have started as a hobby, it has clearly turned into something bigger. Christopher, for example, found out his channel was removed while he was traveling for a planned multi-state East Coast tour.

Andy Warhol famously said back in 1968 that in the future everyone would be world famous for fifteen minutes. Fifty years later, we’re in the future, and Warhol was half right. Everyone is not world famous for fifteen minutes. Instead, they are famous for their fanbases of a few hundred thousand, as long as they can keep churning out new content. Platforms like YouTube have redefined the very nature of celebrity. It’s no longer about musical or athletic talent, looks, or even being in the right place at the right time. It’s about being able to market original content that drives clicks.

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You have a good idea of ​​what it takes to get fired from your job: punching the boss is out, as is destroying company property, showing up drunk, or doing all three. But in the sidehustle economy, where you let people watch you play the slots, drive them to the casino, or even write about what they’re doing there, the rules—to the extent that there are rules—are much less transparent. Both channels had probably made good money for YouTube. As far as the creators knew, they were doing exactly what the platform wanted them to do: generate and promote original content that brings clicks.

“It was like a stab in the back.” Christopher says. “I dedicated my whole life to YouTube. I gave them 1,100 videos and made them a lot of money. It hurts them to turn around and shut me down without explanation.”

Christopher immediately appealed. “I didn’t know what I was appealing to,” he explains, “because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.” He just told the anonymous authority that his channel was clean and promoted responsible gaming. Hours later, he got a short email informing him that his appeal was denied — again with no explanation of what policies he had violated.

After that, both channels were reinstated without an apology or other acknowledgment. Christopher simply got a short email saying that after a review it was determined that his videos did not in fact violate any guidelines. That’s good news for Richter, Christopher, the Bomb Squad and the Rudies, but the whole situation shines a light on the very real dangers of the side hustle economy.

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The sidehustle economy is a natural response to the collapse of the old work economy. It’s increasingly rare to score a solid 9-to-5 job right out of school, clock in a few decades, and retire with a secure pension and gold watch, all while enjoying financial security. More and more people are turning to a wide variety of pursuits—freelancing, MLMs, YouTube videos, even writing—in an effort to stay ahead of the game.

The side hustles I’m thinking of are different than just working another job as a host or parking cars because they usually involve a significant outlay of resources—sometimes financial, but always time. This kind of crowding also relies on what we can loosely call “technology”, but is more accurately a form of digitally assisted connectivity. YouTubers like Christopher and Richter documenting their thousands of dollars in slot jackpots for tens of thousands of fans are at one end, with Lyft and Uber drivers and designers selling custom logos for fivers at the other.

In theory, side hustles give creative, ambitious or just plain bored people a chance to turn their time and effort into money. In practice, it’s not always that easy, and with so much of the hustle and bustle dependent on impersonal, impenetrable technology, it’s an incredibly shaky base to build a brand on, let alone a future. You may cultivate a great presence as a Lyft driver, but when self-driving cars are ready to roll, no matter how hard you’ve worked, it’s over. Or an innocuous piece of your content trips a digital wire somewhere and you get flagged, then suspended, with no clear avenue of appeal.

We still have no idea why the channels went down: was it really part of an orchestrated harassment campaign by a rival, as some fans claimed, or were both channels just encountering an algorithm? After all, with 300 hours of video uploaded to the channel every minute, no one person can sit and watch them all for violations. And remember, computers can perform operations quickly and efficiently, but do not have common sense or empathy. So your passion project that you’ve poured your life into for the past few years with decent results and no controversy might get flagged or your channel removed just because a machine read something into it that you never intended. There are people involved in the policing process (10,000 of them at YouTube’s last count), but with about 3 million videos flagged for review each month, that’s still about 1,000 videos per day per month. human – if humans never took days off.

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Perhaps fittingly for Richter and Christopher, the side-hustle economy in which we all participate may have something in common with playing slot machines. Because even when we fear that it might be a negative expectation game, when we see other people win the jackpot, we have no choice but to get back to the grind.

For his part, Christopher’s return to YouTube is not without problems. While his videos were recovered, they were not re-monetized, meaning he cannot monetize them. He was assured that they would be remonetized within 24 to 48 hours, but five days later it had not happened. So, like all of us, it’s back to posting content, but with no guarantee that it will pay off.

Worse, the phantom violation brings a nagging uncertainty into his life. “It just leaves it open for them to do it again,” says Christopher. “I have no way of getting an answer from anyone.”

There is one silver lining in all of this. The night his channel returned, Christopher again played slots live on YouTube. Alongside his Rudies, both in person and on live stream, Christopher hit the biggest jackpot of his life, $10,000.

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The look on his face when those wheels line up…that’s what we’re all chasing, and it tells us why, even though it’s a lot of work with an uncertain payoff, we’ll keep chasing our sideline. casinos have stepped their land-based opponents in every sector. For years, players just missed the atmosphere of land-based venues. However, it has been somewhat replicated with live dealer games. Online casinos are much better than

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