Ocean Magic Slot Machine Strategy

Ocean Magic Slot Machine Strategy – Ocean Magic is a popular slot made by slot machine manufacturer IGT. It is also one of the most widely used slots by slot players, mainly because the features are easy to spot. We will examine how it works and what advantages players are looking for to make money with it.

From the Ocean Magic bet selection, you will see two sets of options. They are a regular game at the top and a more expensive “bubble boost” at the bottom. During regular play, wild bubbles will periodically rise up from the bottom of the screen and move up one space with each subsequent spin until they reach the top and disappear.

Ocean Magic Slot Machine Strategy

Betting options on Ocean Magic. This one from Harrah’s Reno, NV has a 2,000 credit or $20 max bet. Most machines are set with a maximum bet of 500 credits.

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When bubble augmentation is turned on, bubbles will still periodically rise from the bottom. However, every now and then a horn will sound, adding one to several bubbles on the screen. The bubbles from the horn will also stay and rise up the screen with each spin until they reach the top.

If a bubble lands on the ocean magic symbol, it is not only wild, but also expands to every adjacent space on the screen, potentially leading to big wins. What advantage the player wants to find is to find the machine with the remaining bubbles on the screen that have not yet reached the top row. The exception is all bubbles left in column 5. Since Ocean Magic pays from left to right, the bubbles in column 5 are mostly useless. Be sure to explore each and every betting option as well, as each game screen is different. Repeat this process if the machine has multiple denominations

After all, Ocean Magic is a solid machine that has made a lot of hustlers good money. I think we can all agree that having multiple bubbles land on the Ocean Magic symbols and mermaids saying ‘magic’ followed by a huge win is a great thrill.

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Good luck coming out of this little winner. It could be disastrous if it ran high due to its coldness. It’s so much better these days than certain progressives. I will still play them. A little update on my whereabouts. Result: 70 spins at 4x bet $4. One of these days I’m going to have a huge win. Came close to hitting a big score on the Ultimate X Bonus Streak. Nice win though.

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Is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide websites with the opportunity to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.comTry Ocean Magic slot online for free in demo mode with no download or registration required. and read the game review before playing for real money.

Dive into Ocean Magic, swim with whale sharks and starfish and enjoy an RTP of 96.07% and medium volatility.

Ocean Magic Slot Review ➡ Ocean Magic Demo Slot, Free Spins, Bonuses By Igt

Ocean Magic takes the player on a deep-sea diving journey, diving into a world where whale sharks swim with seahorses and luminescent starfish crawl the ocean floor.

There is little that can mark Ocean Magic as unique among the many ocean fish slots, but even in this bleak underwater world there are many wonders to delight the player.

The visuals are fairly simple with an art style that does little to create atmosphere or add character to the slot.

The result is a slot that is great but completely fails to engage the player or create much of an experience.

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The gameplay is much stronger as the action is well-paced by the inclusion of bubbles (see below) and a nice selection of bonus and gambling features.

The base game is a five-reel, four-row, fifty-payline slot that, while not particularly fancy, is made into something much fresher and more enjoyable by its features than the visuals might suggest.

Wilds are generated randomly by the golden horn at the bottom of the reels. They add a random symbol and turn it into a Wild. On each subsequent spin, the bubble moves up one position and disappears when it exits the top row.

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Bubbles that land on the Ocean Magic symbol expand one space in each direction by one spin. After that, only the original bubble will remain and move up for the next spin.

Ocean Magic Slot Machine Online With 96.07% Rtp ᐈ Igt Casino Slots

The player can increase the number and probability of bubbles by paying extra for each spin for the Bubble Boost feature. It can add up to seven bubbles per spin.

If three or more bonus symbols land on the reel, the bonus game is activated. It consists of two parts: a selection game and a free spin.

The optional game determines how many spins you get in the free spin round. The bonus game can be reactivated.

The player return in this game is 96.07%, our benchmark averages around 96%.

Ocean Magic Grand: Bigger Reels, Same Advantage Play

The range of bets on the site we tested was from a minimum bet per spin of USD/£/0.10 to a maximum of USD/£/€300.00 per spin.

The volatility of this game is average, which makes it a weak match for our favorite slot strategies. If the RTP was higher this could be mitigated a bit, but in this case we recommend skipping this slot if you follow our slot strategies which aim for the highest possible volatility.

Considering the high popularity of the slot machine, it is difficult to understand what attracts people to this game. While the gameplay is good, the visuals and atmosphere drag.

The RTP is average, but certainly far from generous, and players using our strategies might want to look for something with a bigger difference.

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Mar 20, 2021 How To Beat Slots | Slots Cheats, Hacks and Scams Well-designed slot machines are, in theory, unbeatable. Despite this, many players managed to beat the slot machines and win a lot of money. Read their stories here. Ocean Magic is what some might call a “shifting state” slot machine created by manufacturer IGT. It is characterized by wild bubbles that move up one row after each match. If played only when the previous player leaves bubbles in good positions, it can create a player advantage.

As mentioned in the introduction, Ocean Magic is a variable state game. If the result of the last bet was bubbles in the bottom three rows or below the bottom row, then the game will be in a higher position than without bubbles guaranteed. If the bubbles are in the right places, the game can give the player an advantage. A smart player should only start playing in a positive state and finish as soon as the game is in a negative state.

Like most slots, Ocean Magic was difficult to analyze because I didn’t know the roll removal, the probability of a bubble popping up from the bottom, the probability of a bubble bursting, and the number of bubbles in the burst, and possibly others. factors. Instead of this information I did my best based on game and industry norms. The game was too complicated to analyze with direct math, so I wrote a random simulation for both Wild Bubble and Bubble Burst modes. I set the simulation return between 85% and 86%, which is what many casinos around the country set their video slots to, and also erred on the side of being conservative in showing the value of this game. Below are my results in both modes.

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