Ocean Magic Slot Machine

Ocean Magic Slot Machine – Ocean Magic is what some would call a “variable state” slot by manufacturer IGT. It is characterized by wild bubbles that move up a row after each game. If played only when the previous player leaves bubbles in good positions, it can result in a player advantage.

As mentioned in the introduction, Ocean Magic is a variable mode game. If the last bet resulted in bubbles on the bottom three rows or below the bottom row, the game will be in a higher state than without guaranteed bubbles. With bubbles in the right places, the game can result in a player advantage. The wise player should only start playing in a positive state and quit as soon as the game is in a negative state.

Ocean Magic Slot Machine

As with most slots, Ocean Magic was difficult to analyze because I didn’t know the reel stripping, the probability of a bubble floating up from the bottom, the probability of a bubble burst and the number of bubbles in the burst and possibly other factors. In lieu of this information, I did the best I could based on adhering to gaming and industry norms. The game was simply too complicated to analyze by direct math, so I wrote a random simulation for both Wild Bubble and Bubble Burst modes. I set the simulation to a return of 85% to 86%, which is how many casinos nationwide set their video slots, as well as failing to be conservative in showing the value of this game. The following are my results in both modes.

Game Guide: Ocean Magic

I know there are wild bubbles in both modes, but the lower right corner of the screen identifies the two modes as Wild Bubble or Bubble Burst, so I’ll stick with that terminology.

That said, the following table shows when to play according to where one or more wild bubbles will be on the NEXT SPIN. Play with any bubble in a “yes” field or two in the “maybe” fields, except for the only maybes in reel 4 rows 1 and 4.

Some on my forum have disagreed with me about playing with a bubble in the top left corner or in the center of reel 4. I think these disagreements are from players who usually play in Bubble Burst mode where a extra bubble is not that significant. Remember that the line payouts are twice as much in Wild Bubble Mode compared to Bubble Burst in relation to the amount bet. That makes a single bubble about twice as valuable.

In Bubble Burst mode, the winnings are halved (relative to the total bet amount) in exchange for more bubbles. It makes any bubble less significant, given the same location on the screen. The following table shows when to play according to where one or more wild bubbles will be on the NEXT SPIN. Play with any bubble in a “yes” field or two in the “maybe” fields, except the only ones may be in reels 4 rows 1 and 4. Online players in New Jersey discovered a bug in the popular interactive slot “Ocean Magic” , ” and used the defect to their advantage to win nearly $1 million.

Divers King Of Ocean Type A Slot Machine

The online version of Ocean Magic could have had a bug that allowed players in New Jersey to win big. (Image: Twitter)

NJ Online Gambling spoke with two players who – along with several others – collectively won about $900,000 playing the internet slot machine at various online sites in the Garden State. According to author Eric Raskin, players noticed that if they changed the amount of their bet, the game’s board restarted to a starting position that contained a “wild” bubble in the first column.

If the value was not changed and subsequent spins were played, the wild would continue to move up until it disappeared. Players also realized that while “Ocean Magic” in Atlantic City’s brick-and-mortar limited spins to about $500, online sites allowed bets as high as $3,000.

The players – who remain anonymous – said they successfully raised $400,000. But the remaining funds will be tied up by s.

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Those who won big on the slot machine claim to be so-called “advantage players,” players who look for ways to improve their odds and reduce the house edge.

I’m proud that I never have to lie, cheat, steal or break any laws to do my job,” explained one player. “I’m not too worried about getting paid. We were very careful to make sure we didn’t break the rules.”

He added: “We had a bet available on their software that anyone could make and they took our deposit, they booked that action. Pay the bet.”

The house is said to always win – so when it doesn’t in such an expensive way – we often take a step back to review how it happened. “Ocean Magic” has disappeared entirely from New Jersey online p.

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The players say they will involve the state’s Department of Gaming Enforcement if their money is not delivered on time.

“Ocean Magic” comes from game maker IGT. The company, which highlights big jackpots on its website, does not mention recent “Ocean Magic” wins.

Atlantic City slot machines come with a warning to players that reads, “Error voids all payments and games.” It’s a disclaimer found in almost every state in the United States.

In 2016, a woman in New York thought she had won a $42.9 million jackpot. After all, that was what the machine told her she had hit. But officials said the device was broken and the game’s maximum payout was $6,500. Instead of becoming a multimillionaire, she was handed a meal voucher.

Ocean Magic Grand Slot

Errors are one thing, but it appears that the IGT “Ocean Magic” game may have been programmed incorrectly. Vegas Click, the online site of former professional gambler Michael Bluejay, explains that in these cases the game is not malfunctioning, but simply functioning the way it was programmed.

One case involving improper programming involved IGT. A gambler at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi, Mississippi, thought she won $1 million despite the slot machine saying the maximum payout was $8,000. It was determined that IGT programmed the device as a progressive slot when it should not have been.

The dispute went to court where the plaintiff lost and the judge sided with IGT and .Try Ocean Magic slot online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required and read the game’s review before playing for real money.

Dive into Ocean Magic, swim with whale sharks and starfish, and enjoy RTP of 96.07% and medium volatility.

On A .50 Cent Bet! I Walked In With $20 And …

Ocean Magic takes the player on a deep-sea diving trip, plunging into a world where whale sharks swim with seahorses and the ocean floor crawls with luminescent starfish.

There isn’t much else that marks Ocean Magic as unique among the many sea fish-based slots out there, but even in this bleak submarine world, there are plenty of wonders to delight the player.

The visuals are pretty plain with an art style that doesn’t do much to create atmosphere or to give the castle any character.

The result is a slot that is perfectly fine, but completely unable to lure the player in or create much of an experience.

Ocean Spin™ Slot Series Shows Groundswell Launch Success

The gameplay is much stronger, with the action well paced by the inclusion of Bubbles (see below) and a good selection of bonus and gamble features.

The base game is a five-reel, four-row, fifty-payline slot that, while not particularly fancy, is elevated by its features to something that feels much fresher and more enjoyable than the visuals might suggest.

Wilds are randomly produced by the golden horn at the bottom of the reels. They attach to a random symbol and make it Wild. In each subsequent spin, the bubble moves up one position and disappears when it passes out of the top row.

Bubbles that land on the Ocean Magic symbol expand one space in each direction for a spin. Only the original bubble will then remain and advance to the next spin.

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The player can increase the number and probability of Bubbles by paying extra for each spin for the Bubble Boost feature. This can add up to seven bubbles to each spin.

If three or more bonus symbols land on the reel, the bonus game is triggered. This comes in two parts, a pick game and a free spin round.

The selection game determines how many spins you get in the free spin round. The bonus game can be retriggered.

The return to player in this game is 96.07%, pretty much on our benchmark for an average of around 96%.

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The range of bets on the site we tested ran from a minimum bet per spins of $/£/€0.10 up to a maximum of $/£/€300.00 per spin.

The volatility of this game is medium, making it a weak match for our favorite slot strategies. If the RTP was higher this might be mitigated somewhat, but in this case we would suggest skipping this slot if you

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