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Party Slot Machine Online – Historically, slot machines have been one of the few casino games that were impossible to analyze without inside information about how each game was designed. All other casino games are open about their rules so the odds can be calculated. However, with slots, the player is at the mercy of unknown reel lines. The casino does not tell the player the distribution of symbols on the lines, or how it is measured for single-line slots. While it doesn’t seem to bother many players, it does bother me.

In an attempt to break down this wall of privacy, I recorded 212 spins of the game Jackpot Party on my phone. Then I went home and entered every result into a spreadsheet. I then did the math to see what I was up against. This page shows what I found.

Party Slot Machine Online

Step 1 – Data Collection I decided to study the Jackpot Party game because it is a simple design and a common way video slot machines work. The game is very simple as I write this, but I managed to find the “classic” penny version on Wynn on January 24, 2012. Armed with a phone camera, I played as fast as possible for 8 minutes. I broke for lunch and went back to the recorder for another 10 minutes of playing. Videos of my performance can be found on YouTube:

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When I returned home, I hired my brother to write, by hand, the three symbols that appear on each reel of the 212 bits in the original video. It turned out that the video was perfect, and I didn’t need a second one.

Step Two – The Reel Strips To make a long story short, I found that there were just as many different combinations of three symbols on each reel, as I expected. To be honest, from the first video I saw the following number of patterns to reach the reel:

The 212 spins in the first video were enough to ensure that I saw every combination at once. If I find there’s a missing part in the reel, I still have a second video to go back to, but I never needed it.

The next step was like a jigsaw puzzle. I had to see how different sequences of three symbols passed to form a complete reel. It took a few hours, but I finally figured it out. The tricky part is that in reel 2 one sequence (blue 7-plum-orange) appears in two different places.

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The following table shows the results of many hours of operation, the withdrawal of the reel of the Jackpot Party.

The way multi-line video slots work is that they draw random numbers, one for each reel, to determine where on the reel’s lines to stop. In this case, the game would choose three random numbers from 1 to 26 for reel 1, 3 and 5, and two random numbers from 1 to 29 for reel 2 and 4. It would then map these random numbers onto the reels.

For example, if the game chooses the numbers 10, 7, 7, 3, 21 for reels 1 to 5 respectively, and places them in the position on the top row of the screen, then the screen would look like this:

Step Three – The Payment Table The payment table is easily seen from the policy screen. That’s why the first video shows me running with it. There are three types of symbols: 7s, fruits, and bonus. Three to five of the same color 7 symbol wins. In addition, three to five combined 7 symbols win less. There are also wins for three to five fruits, but no wins for mixed fruits. However, there is a “wild fruit” symbol, which can replace any fruit. The player is also paid 1 to 5 wild fruit symbols. All seven and fruit wins are left connected, meaning all wins start with the left-most reel. The player is awarded the highest prize on the line.

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Step 4 – Line Pay Math The following table shows the number of winning combinations for each. If you try to repeat this table it may not come out the same, because some winnings can be awarded equally in two different ways. For example, wild fruit-fruit-cherry-blue 7-watermelon wins 5 to two wild or three cherries. Cells are left empty or do not produce a win.

The wild symbol and mixed seven wins make the mathematical analysis of the pay line wins tedious, difficult, and confusing. In my firm opinion, the safest and easiest way to determine a winning payline is to draw all possible outcomes with five loops.

The bottom right cell shows the total winning combination is 1, 516, 294. There are 26×29×26×29×26 = 14, 781, 416 total possible combinations in Jackpot Party. That makes the hit frequency on line 1, 516, 294/14, 781, 416 = 10.258%. In other words, the probability that the player will win something on any given line is 10.3%.

The following table shows the probability of each win. This is simply the number of combinations in each cell above divided by the total number of combinations of 14,781,416.

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The following table shows the product of each winning chance and what it pays. The bottom right cell shows that a player can expect to win 59.60% of his bet on a spin from a pay line.

Step five – The Bonus There are two “party” signs on reels 1, 3, and 5. If the player gets one all three reels, then he will play the bonus. Note that the party symbols do not need to be on the same line. It is given as a “scatter” symbol, meaning it can be anywhere to get credit for it.

In the bonus round there are 30 gifts. The player will continue to collect gifts and collect money in them until he chooses “Party Pooper.” There are six Party Poopers. Even the least Party Poopers have won 1. The following table shows how all the prizes are distributed. All prizes are proportional to the total bet on the first spin.

The following table shows the probability of getting 0 to 25 in the bonus round, including the bonus ending Party Pooper pick. The probability of exactly n picks is permut(24, n-1)×6/permut(30, n), which is the number of ways to pick n-1 successfully selected out of 24, times 6 ways to pick Party. Pooper, divided by the number of ways to get n items out of 30.

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The right column shows the product of the probability and the number of choices. The bottom right cell is the expected number of pixels, which shows the average number of pixels is 4.428571.

By the way, the effective formula for the expected number of steps for the general case of full pictures and p Party Poopers is (n+1)/(p+1). In this case it would be (30+1)/(6+1) = 4.428571.

The total prize money in the bonus is 150. Out of that 150, 6 are accompanied by Party Poopers, so 144 of them is what I would call safe money. There are 30-6 = 24 safe options. So the average safe pick reward is 144/24 = 6.

As shown above, the average number of all decisions is 4.428571. However, one of those is a Party Pooper, so there would be 3.428571 safe pictures, on average.

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So, the average win before Party Pooper would be (average win)*(safe number of draws) = 6 × 3.428571 = 20.571429. Then add 1 Party Pooper consolation prize and the average bonus win is 21.571429.

The bonus is triggered when the player lands a Party Symbol anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5. There are 26 symbols on each of those reels. There are two Party symbols on each odd-numbered reel and three positions appear on each reel. So the probability of a Party symbol on any odd-numbered reel is 2 × 3/26 = 23.08%. The probability of getting a Party symbol on all three reels is (6/26)

Step 6 – Summary I have shown that the player can expect to win 59.601% of his bet from the paying line and 26.510% from the bonus. Taking the total, the total return of the game is 86.111%. In other words, the house edge is 13.889%.

The return of 86% is low for slot machines. However, it does not come as a surprise to me. This is a penny game in a unique casino, all of which work against high returns. This does not mean that Jackpot Party is always set to 86%. The slot maker, WMS, would have other versions available, letting the slot director choose which program chip, known as an EPROM, to put into the machine.

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The purpose of this page was not to embarrass anyone but to show a real example of how slot machines work. This is a war against democratic values, human rights and peace. We can make a difference and help with our contributions.

Gaming is a fun way to spend your free time, as well as play

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