Pink Panther Slot Machine Game

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Pink Panther Slot Machine Game

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Be sure to add to your “To do, to do, to do do doo doododo” list to don your “denim, denim, denim denim denim” jacket and head down to San Manuel Casino to play with us. In addition to the latest slot floor – Scientific Games’ Pink Panther.

Located on the second floor near George Lopez’s Chingon Kitchen, this new machine is a .50c denom with a top bet of $5.

Have you played the new game? Please take your day off ‘paws’ and tell us about it:

? NEW slot ? Have you dealt with SG Games & Jackpots’s Pink Panther? It’s penny slot, min bet is .50c and max bet is $5 ?? It is located on the second floor near Chingon Kitchen. #AllThrill #PinkPanther Posted by San Manuel Casino on Thursday, March 21, 2019

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