Play Free Cleopatra Slot Machine

Play Free Cleopatra Slot Machine – This is a war against democratic values, human rights and peace. We can make an impact and help with our contributions.

How does it feel to be chosen by the powerful gods? Spin the reels of the amazing Cleopatra Plus slot game and become a pharaoh! IGT gave gamblers the possibility to visit Ancient Egypt and try their luck there in October 2016. This Egyptian themed casino slot comes with 40 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows. Rule the sand lands and oases with The great queen Cleopatra playing Cleopatra Plus free casino slot machine, fulfill your destiny and get amazing reward!

Play Free Cleopatra Slot Machine

As a ruler, you need to gather followers to spread your power across the land and find treasure. By playing the role of Cleopatra Plus, you can collect followers to unlock new levels, which will give you the possibility to travel throughout Ancient Egypt and get permanent payment bonuses. Every Egyptian citizen seen on the reels will be added to the followers meter on the screen. You need to collect 50 citizens to level-up.

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Here is a brief overview of the features, which can be unlocked by leveling up in the Cleopatra Plus slot game. You start on the Alexandria map but as you level up, you’ll unlock the Nile River and Pyramids of Giza maps where you’ll find even bigger treasures and rewards! By increasing your level, you will also earn new follower points, which adds more citizens to the follower meter and gives you 2 more followers in the Cleopatra Bonus. You’ll also get a Last Spin Multiplier, which gives you a huge multiplier for the last spin in the bonus game. And finally, you’ll get the Super Spin feature, which is activated during the Cleopatra Bonus to bring you even bigger prizes!

To activate and play the amazing Cleopatra Bonus added to the Cleopatra Plus video slot, you need to shoot 3 or more civilian shots anywhere. You will start the game with 5 free spins on the x1 booster and a certain number of followers. Depending on your level and follower icon, you can start the game with 3 to 7 followers. Choose the place you want to visit from the list of available maps. Place your followers anywhere on the map to get extra free spins, extra multipliers, or an instant cash prize and start the game.

You can choose your god when you play Cleopatra Plus slot. To do it, just click on the god icon and choose the one you want from the available ones. Images of the chosen god will land on the reels to activate high-paying winning lines! You can free more gods to reach a certain level.

The beautiful and mysterious Cleopatra image is used to represent the Wild symbol in the Cleopatra Plus online slot machine. Being able to represent any icon except for civilians, the Wild symbol will help you to complete any winning streak. If the Wild symbol is part of a winning combination, its prize will be multiplied by 2!

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The last queen of Ancient Egypt invites you to join her! Don’t miss this great chance to get rich! The slot game Cleopatra Plus comes with a beautiful design and a wonderful soundtrack, which makes the slot very interesting and attractive!

If you are ready to rule Egypt with the beautiful queen Cleopatra and earn valuable rewards, get the Cleopatra Plus slots video game to browse the list of slots IGT at! Believers of the excellent IGT casino can play slots created by this great developer without wasting time on registration, download and deposit! If you want to stay up to date with online gambling news and try new online slots for free without boring and pointless procedures, we strongly recommend that you add Slots to your list of favorite sites and visit them. it is constant!

Cleopatra Plus Mobile Slot – ✅ Available for all mobile devices: iPhone/iPad/android phone and tablet

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