Play Megabucks Slot Machine Online

Play Megabucks Slot Machine OnlineSlot games have changed the fortunes of many players. In general, casino players are attracted to slot games by factors such as low stakes, instant payouts, and ease of play. However, trendy and creative themes, bright colors, flashing lights and a psychedelic mix of sights and sounds have become equally responsible for increasing the number of casino players.

It is pertinent to note that some of the biggest casino wins in history have come from slots and the subsequent introduction of progressive jackpots has helped maximize slot wins. If you need a dose of if-they-can-win-so-can motivation, read below about the biggest jackpots won on casino slots.

Play Megabucks Slot Machine Online

Both online slots and slot machines offer the chance to win multi-million dollar jackpots. So, let’s start by listing the biggest slots wins in the history of casino games.

Why It’s Best To Try Jackpot Casino Games

Urban legends are fairly common in the betting world, but none are seemingly as evergreen as the story of The Suitcase Man.

In 1980, William Lee Bergstrom came to Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas with two suitcases. One suitcase was empty and the other contained $777,000. He bet the full amount and doubled his money with a solo dice roll. He then drove off with both suitcases full of prize money.

In 1984, Bergstrom returned to make a $1 million bet, which he eventually lost. To date, this has been the largest bet anyone has ever made against a casino.

Postal worker John Tippin went on vacation to Vegas and won $11 million on the Megabucks slot machine in 1996. These slots are operated by the state and there are over 700 slot machines in use in Nevada.

Best Slot Games Of All Time

In 1998, the Megabucks jackpot topped $20 million for the first time when a retired flight attendant played more than the jackpot ($300) at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. This resulted in a whopping $27.5 million jackpot.

Another well-known Megabucks story is that of Elmer Sherwin, who played and won twice – once in 1989 when he won $4.6 million and then in 2005 when he won a whopping $21.1 million at the age of 92.

In 2002, Johanna Huendl, a 74-year-old woman from Covina, California, stopped for breakfast and accidentally put about $170 into a Megabucks slot machine. He ended up winning $22.6 million. What a delightful start to the morning!

In 2003, a Los Angeles software engineer bet $100 on Excalibur Megabucks and won $39.7 million, the biggest win in Vegas casino gaming history. The money was to be paid out in 25 annual installments of $1.5 million each.

Man To Donate $14 Million Vegas Winnings To Charity

Now that online gambling has taken over the traditional gambling, it is really exciting to know how these technology based casino games have turned the fortunes of many. Some of the biggest wins that are still remembered are the Beach Life jackpot.

Starting in 2011, the jackpot meter first topped $5 million, then $6 million, and finally even $8 million, far more than the game had ever offered before.

So, who won? The winner was not announced when they matched the correct symbol group on February 12, 2012 and took home a prize of more than $8.2 million. It was one of the biggest wins ever seen in online gambling in those days.

The number of progressive jackpots increases every time a slot game is played without anyone winning the game. A portion of the money from each spin is put into the online jackpot. If you win, the jackpot resets to the predetermined amount and slowly increases again.

Wheel Of Fortune Slots Machine Hits For $1,262,132.28 Jackpot At Sunset Station

Many machines can be used to play together to achieve bigger jackpots. So, when there are no winners, the moolah grows amazingly, attracting people from all over the world.

There’s no two ways about online casinos competing with Vegas and other similar cities for land-based casino gaming. This is because the former offers the same prizes as the latter combined with the progressive jackpots available in many online slots.

The biggest online slots win to date is £13.2 million (about $20 million). Guinness World Record holder Jon Heywood won it in 2015 on the Mega Moolah slot.

Elsewhere, an anonymous Australian player took home a colossal $10.4 million (AUS) for a Dark Knight slot that has now been canceled due to licensing issues.

Betting On Slots Online

PokerStars Casino has also introduced several progressive jackpot slots with minimum prize money of over $1 million. Since January 2017, 12 players have won over $23.6 million in progressive jackpots.

Do these stories inspire you to play harder to try your luck at the next big win? Let us know your stories in the comments below.

Note. Although all payout figures in this article are confirmed, there may be discrepancies in current values ​​due to currency exchange rates and inflation and deflation over the years. I remember the first time I spun to win a game. slot machines like yesterday.

As a college kid attending Arizona State University, on my twenty-first birthday, a couple of friends took me and I to Sin City for a weekend of debauchery.

Over 7,000 Slot Machines

But while my fraternity brothers were busy nibbling on the goods at the Spearmint Rhino strip club or hunting for skirts by the pool at the Tropicana, I found myself drawn to the arcade like a moth to a flame.

Flames probably come to mind there because I fell and burned. I was just a dumb kid and I certainly didn’t know about details like Return to Player (RTP) percentages and probabilities at the time.

And why not? $12 million and change was the most money I’ve ever come across in real life. Just knowing that I had a chance – no matter how small – of taking home every penny of that massive jackpot made me pumped.

Little did I know that the actual odds of winning the Megabucks machine jackpot were 1 in 49,836,032. And even if I did, lightning had to strike at some point, right?

Seminole Hard Rock Slot Jackpot Surpasses $5 Million

Seized with a sense of hope that only the young can still possess, I set out to fight back and bring home the bacon.

Pretty soon though, $3 per spin to compete for the progressive jackpot had me down. It all happened so fast. $500 of hard-earned dough was saved all summer just for the trip, and I’m not sure I even hit the main winner with one spin.

Just like that, my birthday celebrations came to an end and I was forced to drive home in defeat. My friends never let me suffer it either – not until I finally hit the Megabucks jackpot.

I’d like to tell you that I came home from that disastrous trip to Las Vegas and became a model citizen, but in reality I became a gambler.

Random And Interesting Facts About Slot Machines

To make matters worse, I was slot machines, which are just one of the worst games on the casino floor when it comes to giving players a fighting chance. While wise souls across the street were grinding against blackjack with only a 0.50% house edge, I was stuck looking for a miracle against a 13% and higher house edge.

Suffice it to say, I was the proverbial one whose input helped build every glitzy casino resort along the Strip.

After dropping thousands on my slot machine addiction, not to mention a great girlfriend and self esteem, my luck finally changed like a thunderbolt from above.

Like I said, lightning has to strike someone, somewhere, sometime…and on this particular morning it struck me.

Biggest Casino Jackpot Wins In History

I don’t like to reveal the details of my Megabucks jackpot – to maintain personal privacy and protect myself from the world’s worst elements – but my score can be found in the eight figure payouts listed below.

These numbers are extraordinary when fully considered, even years after I saw one of them magically materialize in my bank account.

As the fateful turn subsided, I almost didn’t even notice the perfect placement of the three “MEGABUCKS” symbols lined up next to each other.

After all, I had done thousands and thousands of spins before this, and like millions of other Megabucks hopefuls before me, I had never seen this exact alignment of symbols. Remember, that’s almost a 1 in 50 million shot, which means a player could spin every day for the rest of their life and never have it happen.

Things You Didn’t Know About Progressive Slot Machines

That’s why it took flashing lights and sirens to wake me up. But when I heard all the noise and suddenly realized what was happening, I was wide awake like never before.

The rush of adrenaline I felt was like a dream and for the moment I honestly thought I was dreaming. But I never woke up and there was a long line for the next few hours

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