Pumpkin Slot Machine

Pumpkin Slot Machine – The ONLY audio library of its kind on the market, this extensive audio pack is designed to go above and beyond to reward our customers, providing unprecedented value to your players! Unlock the forbidden magic of Halloween with this collection of spooky sounds and music.

With over 300 high-quality sounds (150 original sounds), each one is hand-crafted and enhanced to be the perfect addition to your slots game and the only Halloween slots library you’ll ever need!

Pumpkin Slot Machine

It includes a variety of themes and styles — for cartoons, blood-curdling horror, pretentious loops, attractive short braids, stripped back loops, and more! Customize your project with hundreds of sounds and sounds for ZOMBIES, MONSTERS, WITCHES, GHOSTS, DEVILS, DRACULA VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES, CREEPY CLOCKS, GHOSTS, BATS, and EVIL LAUGHTER! Not to mention the highest quality horror Halloween music you’ll ever need, with SOUND AMBIENCE BACKGROUND LOOPS for indoor and outdoor environments!

Pumpkin Favor Boxes


Whether your slot game is physical or online, each property is carefully crafted to cut through background chatter and immerse your players in Halloween horror like never before. Keep them coming back for more with inviting sounds and catchy music that will grab their attention, play rewards and build lasting relationships!

Each audio file is drag-and-drop ready, presented in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats with carefully tagged keywords, so you can create the perfect gaming experience for your players within the short time! Boost your title in seconds with AAA quality sound powered by our team of industry veterans, whose 600 slots worth of experience has resulted in this unique sound pack!

Download NOW and reward your players with this music and sound jackpot that gives your game the sound you need!

Halloween Costumes For Kids, Halloween Icons, Halloween Objects

If there’s any SFX/music you’re looking for and we haven’t posted it yet, send us an email. We are constantly releasing new assets and will be happy to create and include the assets you are looking for in one of our next releases.

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Fusehive Interactive Media Ltd. is a team of industry veterans, united in our commitment to providing bespoke audio for video games and casino games. Our unique 24/7 process, advanced music/audio technology, team of experts, and commitment to building strong and lasting relationships with each client make us the ultimate choice will take your game to the next level.

Our work includes titles from franchises such as: The Avengers, Batman, Superman, King Kong, Captain America, Green Lantern, Robin Hood, The Mask, Judge Dredd, Wonder Woman, The Flash and 600 other great titles .

Halloween Themed Online Slot Machine. Halloween Online Slots. Halloween Themed Slot Games

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In the background you can see the old house on the hill, and the road leading to it. Under the tree you can see funny witches, candles and pumpkins on the street, decorations – all these qualities create a sense of celebration. Bats seem to fly around the game screen, reminding that this is the night of the saints. Despite the “other” material, this is truly a celebration of life, joy and fun.

Halloween is a bright and colorful holiday, and legends and symbols are behind its character. The picture is very good, very creative. The symbols on the reels are the main characters of this night – ghost, dracula, witch, black cat, as well as Dracula’s coffin and pumpkin. Used bright card markers, made in original form. The image of the ghost is represented by two images of the beast and replaces all the others, except the pot of sweets – Scattered, which is one of the main symbols of Halloween.

Beautiful graphics and thoughtful design details perfectly convey the atmosphere of the mysterious events that take place this night. The backgrounds and icons of the game are stunning. The animation of all the characters makes the machine more fun.

Slot Machine Wall Art

When three or more BONUS symbols appear on the reels, the bonus round is triggered. Instead of scrolling, 5 pumpkins will appear on the screen.

In this game, the user has to blindly open several pictures. Players have 3 winning options to determine the amount of winnings. It must choose three.

All symbols have their own coefficients that directly affect the amount of rewards for the lucky combination. At the same time, the composition should contain the same image. The “Win Halloween” payout table, which is divided into three pages, will inform the user of the types of symbols, types of combinations and coefficients. The first page shares information on how to use symbols: Wild and Scatter.

Once you are lucky enough to collect three or more candies – this will be the start of the Free Spins mode. This window will certainly notify the player of the transition to this mode.

Halloween Slot Machine

To win a successful spin is a great opportunity for a player to fill his bankroll without risk. In the Pumpkin Patch slot you have to meet a funny scarecrow who guards the farm so that the birds don’t destroy the pumpkin crop.

Technically, Pumpkin Patch has five reels, 25 paylines and interesting features: wild and free spins.

The design of the Pumpkin Patch slot is done in cartoon style. The game drum can be found in the farm, around which pumpkins grow in abundance, which is an essential attribute of Halloween. Among the characters you will find the names of the 10 cards, J, Q, K and A. K, corn, acorn, pipe, squirrel, crow and pumpkin. There are two types of wild symbols in the slot. The first is a cow; it performs the functions of wildlife and propagation. The second – additional wild animals with the appropriate text appear in random order.

When a snail appears near a pumpkin, it grabs it and pulls it away

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