Quick Hit Slot Machine Youtube

Quick Hit Slot Machine Youtube – People used to play slot machines to try to win the jackpot. Now, they still do, but the jackpot comes from YouTube.

Like inserting a bill into the validator and pressing “spin,” it seems as simple as it gets: bring money to the casino, play the slot machine, record yourself, upload a video, and watch the spectacle roll by. Even if you lose money at the slots (you probably do), you can get paid.

Quick Hit Slot Machine Youtube

Where did the money come from? Advertisements are one resource. If you stream live, Super Chat is another one. This feature allows viewers to send money to creators directly through YouTube; their messages are pinned to the chat and displayed in different colors. Behind the videos, there are tour dates, cruises and merchandise.

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Miran Maric and his wife, who goes by “Lady Luck” on YouTube, have been playing slots for about four years. After getting a positive response to some of the videos they posted, the couple decided to create their own channel, Lady Luck HQ, about three months ago.

So far, they are enjoying the experience. “We love the engagement with other slot players from around the world,” Maric said. “It’s a big community that is often taboo because of the nature of the game. We love sharing our experiences.”

With about 10,000 followers, the couple is not yet in the top echelon of slot YouTubers. For them, now this is a fun hobby. Maric estimates that his wife puts 5 to 10 hours a week into the channel. Both have day jobs—she in software, he in automotive marketing—but they’ve gained popularity with a video of Lady Luck winning $18,088 playing the Rio Dreams machine at Wynn Las Vegas. In less than seven minutes, the video—which, shows something that happens every day in every casino in the world—has gotten more than 1.1 million views.

With so many slot channels, what makes one channel more popular than another? Being photogenic certainly doesn’t hurt, but being attractive and relatable is probably more important. Based on the comments, most of the viewers like to play the slots themselves and enjoy watching people like them win money. People like to see big jackpots, so this means playing high-limit machines that, over time, take more than they give to the player. Recording your slot games and monetizing them may, at worst, be a way to finance an expensive hobby.

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Lady Luck and her husband, who mostly play at the Wynn and Encore in Las Vegas, usually decide, on the first night of the trip, which games they will play. Their dialogues are all unscripted. “We’re just trying to be ourselves in the video and connect with the larger gaming audience out there,” Maric explained. They then edit the video into a commercialized short piece that takes the viewer on a journey, from buy-in to (hopefully) paying hands.

The rise of YouTube slot channels shows that conventional wisdom about gambling devices may be quite wrong. Millennials should want nothing to do with traditional slot machines, but the machines played by YouTubers—Wheel of Fortune, Double Diamond Deluxe, Chili Chili Fire—are not the skill-based games that casino executives think will attract a new generation to casinos. They are just traditional slot machines that are very colorful, very exciting, with no skill required.

Maybe the experts who say that millennials won’t play slot machines are wrong. At the very least, the popularity of video slots suggests that slot machines may have more potential with a younger audience than most casino experts assume. And casino executives are taking note.

Most slot YouTubers have agreements with the casinos they play at that allow them to record videos on their properties. The benefit to casinos is obvious: it’s essentially free advertising, with YouTubers paying to make videos showing someone having fun playing slot machines at their casino. This helps their live events and group attractions bring in many gamblers. Back in the day, Sands put Frank Sinatra on stage to attract big players to town. Today, Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan can let Brian Christopher, who runs the popular channel (his videos have more than 50 million total views), play their machines. Christopher both draws players to the event itself and creates a video that, if it goes viral, can get over a million views—prime unpaid advertising for the casino.

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With all the concerns about the decline of slot gaming and millennials allegedly turning away from gambling, casino managers couldn’t possibly have created a better marketing platform than slot YouTubers if they had tried.

But recent moves by YouTube have underscored how volatile even successful channels can be. For two years, Christopher built his channel, uploading several videos a month, interacting with viewers, and marketing himself and his platform. Then, on June 3rd

, without warning, YouTube decided that his video violated content restrictions and suspended his channel. It came back two days later, but it took quite a long time to refinance.

Christopher’s fellow YouTuber Scott Richter, aka Raja, has his own problems with his channel The Big Jackpot. The channel was also suspended, then inexplicably restored. But it was removed again on June 13, after streaming over an hour Richter’s play slot was flagged for “Nudity and Sexual Content” despite having neither. Two days later, his account was mysteriously restored.

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The video makes it look easy, but a lot goes into creating a quality slot play YouTube… [+] hit, as demonstrated by The Big Jackpot’s Raja.

Both megastars are now back in YouTube’s good graces, happily uploading new videos and hosting live streams once again. Meanwhile, a few dozen would-be slot celebrities are hard at work trying to crack the code that will allow them to become a viral hit, while casino and slot marketing executives plan their quarters, trying to figure out how to get more people to play.

They all expect to stay on the right side of YouTube, without really understanding the rules they have to follow. They also, it is becoming clear, need help from a more powerful and inexplicable force that everyone, from the average slot player to Sinatra himself, has turned to: fate. For most of us who play slots, we expect to put our money into the machine and hope to get paid. Imagine, just for a second, how amazing it would be to get paid to put your money into a machine, and then get paid when you win! If that sounds like a dream, then meet the man living the dream: YouTube Channel Creator and Star and “Slot Machine Influencer,” Brian Christopher! Listen to the podcast version.

URComped CEO Craig Shacklett recently had the opportunity to interview the YouTube Star. For Christopher, his self-described “entrepreneurial instinct” inspired him to turn his passion for slot machines and take that passion and monetize it by creating YouTube gaming videos (1:52). Christopher explains to Shacklett how it “took about a month” (2:08) for him to realize that his project could be something that would generate income when he started to see his YouTube subscribers grow exponentially. This number leads to an invitation to join the YouTube partnership program. Although Christopher says that he is familiar with YouTube, this area is new to him. The sharing program allows YouTube to attach ads to its videos (2:34). For Christopher, this was a coincidence. His YouTube channel now makes a little more than he has as an Uber and Lyft driver, which, as he says “supports my acting career” (2:45). When the YouTube channel took off, he said he had to put his acting dreams on the back burner to take advantage of the incredible opportunity in front of him.

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Christopher explained that he always dreamed of moving to Southern California from his native Canada to pursue his goal of becoming a movie star. She said she and her husband, Marco, had been planning the move for a long time, and she worked hard, wanting to make sure she had a professional enough resume before moving to the Golden State. Christopher had to work for free for the first few months waiting for his work visa to be accepted. He says just as his acting career took off in Hollywood, so did his YouTube channel. Timing, as they say, is everything!

So how does one go from acting in the Great White North to becoming an influential actor/slot machine? For Christopher, it started with gambling (5:02). The legal age to play Bingo in Canada is 18 and to play slots is 19. Christopher said that he started with Bingo and once he turned 19, he headed to the casino and to the slot machines, where he fell in love.

Although Christopher is one of the main names when it comes to slot machine influence, he is not the first. Craig wanted to know how Brian Christopher became a leader in the YouTube slot machine world. Shacklett wants to know how Christopher is

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