Ray J Wins Slot Machine

Ray J Wins Slot Machine – Lady Luck was by Ray J’s side earlier this week during a visit to the San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino, California. San Manuel Casino is known as a 24/7 entertainment venue, offering guests a variety of slots and table games at all hours of the day (although there is no word on when Ray J won it).

The rapper won $17,000 playing a penny game called Buffalo. According to reports, Ray J only put down $100 before receiving a thousand dollar payout. According to the publication, a large crowd gathered around the celebrity before he won. But instead of noticing it for its fame, people were fascinated by the celebrity’s huge income.

Ray J Wins Slot Machine

However, there may be one person who is not impressed – Ray J’s partner Princess Love, with whom he has two children. It is known that the couple has been separated for several years. In 2019, during a heated internet controversy, Princess revealed that Ray J was struggling with a gambling addiction.

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At the time, Princess took to social media to reveal that Ray J had left her and her daughter at the Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas.

Reports. The princess was 8 months pregnant with her second child at the time. After Ray J released a video defending himself (and denying that he left Princess and their daughter), The

In a live story posted to Instagram, Princess revealed that she was upset that Ray J refused to move to Las Vegas with her permanently. During the video, he appeared to mention that she had a gambling problem. “There are too many distractions [in Vegas],” Princess said. “You already like to gamble.”

Although the couple has filed for divorce twice in the past few years, they remain together. Their son, Epic Ray, is 14 months old, and their daughter, Melody Love, is 2 1/2 years old. A rep for Princess and Ray J announced earlier this year (after it was announced that the couple had filed for divorce for the second time).

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They are working hard to save their marriage. A representative called it a “tough time” for parents and asked for privacy. Ray J previously admitted that he and Princess were seeking marriage counseling after she initially refused to go to therapy.

Alexandra is a freelance writer based in Montreal, Quebec. She enjoys reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, being a plant mother, and drinking a lot of coffee. Follow her post-graduation adventures on Instagram @AlexandraSakellariou or on Twitter @AlmostAlexandra.Ray J the rich just keep getting richer…because his investment has returned 17,000 percent on his investment…yes, 17,000 PERCENT !!!

Ray J won $17,000 playing a penny slot game called Buffalo. We’re told he dropped a total of $100, so yeah, it was a good day at the slots.

If you want to … Ray checked into the San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino County. It was quite a sight … a crowd gathered to watch Ray J rake in the dough.

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He played the slots because he thinks he’s an old man now, and old people do that too. BTW … he is 40 years old.

Ray has spent his retirement days playing table games, particularly as a roulette player… and his latest lucky streak is probably a sign of a good idea.

He doesn’t need the money … Ray’s Raycon headphones hit a milestone earlier this year … 1 million unique customers paying $80 to $150 a pop. Translation…he made a fortune, just on this one product.

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Ray J is seen with his wife Princess Love. The rapper recently hit a serious jackpot while playing slots in San Manuel, California. (Photo: FilmMagic)

The rapper, actor, reality star and businessman recently hit San Manuel in Southern California. Ray J says he put a $100 bill into a penny slot machine and hit a jackpot of just over $17,000 after a few spins.

Ray J Wins $17,000 Playing Penny Slots In L.a.’s San Manuel Casino

“To all the Buffalo players, I got them all,” Ray J said in a video obtained by celebrity site TMZ. “I’m an addicted Buffalo gamer.”

Since then, she has mostly become a reality personality, appearing on cable television shows such as “For the Love of Ray J,” “Brandy & Ray J: Family Business” and “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

In a video sent to TMZ, Ray J explains why he prefers slot machines to table games like craps.

I don’t play dice. I play slots because I’m old!” Ray J said. “I am an old man. This is some old man. You can’t catch me at dice games.”

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Hey baby, I told you I’d come home, but I .

After she filed for divorce a year ago this month, the two continue to work on their marriage. Ray J filed for divorce last fall, but the pair have since reconciled.

Ray J isn’t exactly a known gambler when it comes to celebrities. A few other notable longtime celebrities include Ben Affleck, Ray Romano, Shannon Elizabeth, and Tobey Maguire. Famous gamblers in the sports world include Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, John Daly and Floyd Mayweather.

San Manuel is 60 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Featuring over 5,000 slot machines and 130 table games, the expansive mission is owned and operated by the San Manuel Band of Indians.

Ray J Hits The Jackpot And Wins $17k Playing Penny Slots At San Manuel Casino In Southern California

Despite its already large size, the wildly successful tribe is undergoing massive expansion. The first phase of the project will open in the coming months and will include an additional playground, a 24-hour food court, an upscale restaurant and three new retail stores.

The second phase, which will be opened next winter. The property will feature 429 guest rooms and suites, an outdoor pool complex with bars and private cabanas, and a full-service spa.

The third and final stage is the San Manuel Event Center. It is expected to open in 2022.

The three phases, the tribe says, will create 2,000 new jobs, which, if completed, will provide more than 6,500 total jobs. The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is currently a top 10 employer in San Bernardino County. On Tuesday, TMZ reported that the “Sexy Can I” singer named “Buffalo” bet $100 on a penny slot machine and ended up winning $17,000!

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According to preliminary reports, the 40-year-old used to gamble using roulette, but now plays slots because he considers himself “old” and “that’s what old people do.”

In addition to producing music and appearing on reality shows like Love and Hip Hop, Ray has a business selling Raycon Global Earbuds.

In March of this year, TMZ reported that the goat was purchased after his brand reached 1 million unique customers worldwide.

That same month, he announced that he and his wife, the Princess, would not be divorcing after filing papers last year.

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Last month, Ray told TMZ that he and Princess are planning to move to Miami together and that he is in a “positive place.”

In November 2019, the couple clashed after Princess – who was eight months pregnant with 1-year-old son Epic at the time – accused Ray of leaving her 2-year-old daughter Melody in Las Vegas. after they attended the BET Soul Train Music Awards.

Ray denied the allegations, saying in an Instagram video that month: “I am my family. I love my family. I dedicated my life to my family. It was a pity that I would harm my daughter,

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