Renoir Riches Slot Machine

Renoir Riches Slot Machine – IGT had a huge booth at G2E 2021, and the general trend from their side was leveraging core brands to expand into new cabinets and new variations on popular games.

It spans from iconic brands like Wheel of Fortune slots, celebrating 25 years of offerings, to revivals in new formats of classic games like Pinball and Top Dollar, to new brand extensions like Wolf Run Eclipse and WireLink. .

Renoir Riches Slot Machine

They had many types of link game, as they continue to search for a winner. Many of their competitors have established brands that are growing and getting a lot of attention, so I can see why IGT will continue to look for people who can do the job. Some of their earlier efforts quickly disappeared from casinos, so the effort continues.

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They made a big splash with the presence of Vanna White, who was there to help announce the new Wheel of Fortune slot tournament product. Getting within 10 feet of an icon like Vanna White was pretty fun!

The booth was honestly too big to cover everything they had to offer, but here are some of the things I noticed while strolling through their booth, as well as what they were showing themselves.

Wolf Run continues to be a popular favorite with stacked wilds, and recent brand extensions like Wolf Run Gold have performed well, so it’s no surprise that Wolf Run Eclipse is now added to the lineup. Is.

The game integrates into progressive free games, and as you progress through the progressives, you’re guaranteed more stacks of wilds, unlike what you’d see in games like Golden Egypt. It’s an interesting mix of ideas from other games, while keeping piles of wilds as the lure of other Wolf Run games.

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You can trigger different free games like other progressive free games offers by getting two standard bonus symbols and one progressive bonus symbol. Or you can get the wheel bonus as the third symbol, where the wheel has options to win various progressive free games, regular free games or the Grand Jackpot wheel. In the bonus you have the ability to re-trigger with two bonus symbols.

IGT announced a new stepper cabinet, which they use for mechanical rail slots. The cabinet was designed to allow familiarity with classic games like Top Dollar and Pinball, while keeping the technology up to date.

Casinos (or players, depending on the configuration) can choose 1-line, 5-line or 9-line versions of these classic games, and modern LED technology instead of backlit glass automatically updates the information on the screen. Can, while copying the look and feel of classic machinery.

It’s a smart move by IGT to create some continuity and familiarity with older games, versus what they were offering a few years ago, and should help these games thrive for decades to come. It looked absolutely gorgeous in person, and I love the idea of ​​the 9 line variant.

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All games were featured with multi-denim setups that went from quarters to $5, covering a pretty wide range of bets, like many slots on the floor today.

This series is IGT’s take on Fu Dai Lian Lian, with three bags and three colored coins appearing on the reels to give you the chance to spin one or more bags to trigger the bonus.

For their three bonuses they have a Coin Boost (win when coins land), a Reel Boost (longer reels) and a Jackpot, where you use diamonds (instead of letters) to try to reach these jackpots. Collecting (although chests may contain credits instead). You can win a combination of three different bags, just like on The Bag game, by combining features together, and of course you can get all three in one bonus.

The bet panel has smaller steps for smaller bets, but still starts at 88 credits, and higher bets can increase several jackpots.

Każinò B’xejn Iddawwar F’partin Casino

Take the hard work of winning massive jackpots (Megabucks), and combine that with a hyper-volatile slot experience (MegaVault), and you get the MegaBucks MegaVault. It’s not a standard Mega Vault though, as there are new elements like the Pick Bonus that can award a jackpot when the Mega Bucks symbol appears.

There are now also four different types of symbols that can hold and lock, and in two formats such as the megabucks symbol on some multipliers, which is also associated with the ability to win a megabucks bonus.

This is one of the new games showcased in IGT’s new giant cabinet, and I’m sure it will make an impact on the casino floor.

One of the Link-style games on display at their booth was King of Olympus Link, which has Dragon Link-style denomination options (the line count goes down as the denomination goes up). Overall it’s a standard Link game, but they introduced a twist.

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The wrinkle in this version of hold and respin is that you get a frame that offers multiplication. Place a reward on that space, it will multiply that reward and then move the frame to another open space. This way you can get multiple rewards by increasing the first one slightly depending on the bonus potential.

The free games feature a pick bonus where you get three spins and have to pick a square to determine what the oversize symbol will be on reels 2-4 (similar to another link bonus looks terrible).

Several variations of video poker were on display. As a fan of Supertimes Pay, I was intrigued by Supertimes Pay Superstakes, which increases the bet to 10 credits per hand vs. 6 on STP, but adds a second extra hand when you get the multiplier. Adds element.

Now, when you get the multiplier, the extra hands are also in play, using the top screen to reveal the extra hands (which can be up to three times the number of hands you have, for a total of 4x amount of hands at the normal upper end).

Igt S Avp Reel Slot Machine Lower Touch Screen Replacement Monitor

This gives you the ability to further increase the value of the multiplier, but obviously the game has a more expensive coin per hand, so you end up paying double for a standard hand whenever you don’t get a multiplier. have been It moves the volatility accordingly.

They also showcased All Star III, their latest multi-game video poker option, with more variations including things like Ocean Magic Poker. IGT is clearly not resting on their laurels and continues to develop video poker options.

All Star III still includes many of the classic and commonly played multihand combinations, so you won’t be missing out on any more classic video poker options as these new changes roll out. To make room for more game options, the game styles on the left side are now scrollable, so there’s more room to add variations.

I also saw a new version of DaVinci Diamonds and Renoir Riches called Masterpiece, which uses a megaways-type setup of reels with different sized symbol heights to shake things up, but classic cascading. Rails are happening.

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Multipliers increase with each cascade to increase pay potential. If you reach 10x in the base game, you win the jackpot at the top of the screen.

During the free spins bonus, the multiplier increases with each cascade, but does not reset at any point during the bonus. You can also retrigger with at least 2 symbols during the bonus. During the bonus you can get up to 40x multiplier.

It’s a nice take on the classic cascading game with a more modern MegaWiz format. The end result will be more unstable than the original, but will also have a lot more potential.

Another Link style series introduced by IGT, which seems to have a similar mechanic to the IT game, is called WuWu Coins.

Gambit New Orleans June 24, 2014 By Gambit New Orleans

WuWu Coins use a constant state feature to keep the coin for three spins when they land. Land more, the counter resets. Get six coins, and you’ve got the hold and respin bonus.

For some types they have a treasure that can give you a random number as a coin reward.

Land the hold and respin, and not only can you collect extra prizes as usual, the frog can send coins down, multiplying the prizes already on the board.

Wheel of Fortune games were on display for the 25th anniversary. This includes:

Fiction France N°11 (version Anglaise) By Institut Français

Here’s the video I’ve referenced throughout the article from Slot500Club, with previews of several games, some of which I didn’t cover here:

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