Rich Little Piggies Slot Machine Free

Rich Little Piggies Slot Machine Free – Rich Piggies is another variable slot machine that can offer a player advantage in some situations. The essence of the game is that coins are found as the player plays. These coins sometimes drop into one of three savings boxes. As they do value is added to a bonus game associated with that colored piggy bank. You can also see track banks getting bigger as more coins are added. Sometimes, a coin will trigger the bonus associated with that piggy bank. If the pigs get fat enough, especially the blue one, the game can offer a player advantage. Opinions on this game vary, so take my advice on this one with more than a grain of salt.

The rules to the Hog Wild version of Rich Little Piggies appear the same as those of Meal Ticket, except for the Red bonus. The following are the rules for the Red bonus in the Meal Ticket version.

Rich Little Piggies Slot Machine Free

Machine advantage players disagree with each other more sharply about this game than other variable machine I’ve written about. My advice is based on the collective opinion of such players, placing more weighting on some players than others.

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Some advantage players will report a net lifetime loss on this game and say they have given up on it. Some say it’s an advantageous game trap, trying to lure players in with the temptation of fat pigs, but it rarely, if ever, turns positive.

Both sides seem to agree that it’s a volatile game that you have to hit multiple bonuses at once to come out ahead, preferably the blue and yellow, or better yet, all three. If you do not hit the Blue and Yellow together, you will probably lose in your session. However, if you hit the Blue and Yellow together, with plenty of free games in the Blue bank, you’ll have a good chance of winning the big progressive jackpots. Here’s how to get ahead on this game. Comparisons could be made to video poker. Sometimes video poker can offer a mathematical player an advantage, but if you don’t hit a king in your session, you’re likely to lose.

That being said, my advice is simple. Play if the Blue piggy bank has at least 18 free spins. Some advantage players have said that’s not enough and the right number is more like 25. The right entry point number is probably in that range somewhere. Keep in mind that this is a high-volatility play. If you have a small bankroll or are more risk averse, for whatever reason, then be more selective about your entry point.

Why don’t I look at the Yellow and Red pigs? As mentioned before, the value in this game is in hitting multiple bonuses at once. The Blue pig determines the number of free spins and thus the biggest driver of the value of the bonus. Advanced players might consider the Yellow and Red in borderline cases.

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As of this writing, in June 2022, casinos can take countermeasures against players who play slots in advantage status only, up to and including banning such players. Players will go crazy for Rich Little Piggies – Meal Ticket™ and Rich Little Piggies – Hog Wild™, two fun new games that feature unique free games.

Players hunt for red, blue and gold pig coins which in any combination can trigger the feature. Each coin awards a different free games enhancement: the Blue Pig Coin Progressive Free Game can award up to 100 free games; the Golden Pig Coin Free Games, where Mystery Symbols can reveal a jackpot symbol that is collected in a meter that, once filled, awards the jackpot; or the Red Pig Coin Active Symbols Free Games where only the symbols in the Red Coin meter are active and can add up to 100 wilds.

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