Scholastic Story Starter Slot Machine

Scholastic Story Starter Slot Machine – I am a wife to “Mr. Right”. A mother of five children. A producer of slow food and simple living. A collector of memories, a keeper of books and a champion for books that make memories. An addict who likes my half with a splash of coffee. A broken pot transformed by the One who makes broken things beautiful. It encourages my homeschooling, brakes for libraries, and I’m glad you’re here with me on the journey! Be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. Or, follow along with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Youtube or Pinterest.

While I recognize that perhaps none of my five children will grow up to be the next C.S. Lewis or Beatrix Potter, I know they all have a story to tell. And if given the right direction…if that story is nurtured and nurtured…each of them can develop a delight in words and learn how creativity unites them with purpose.

Scholastic Story Starter Slot Machine

Here are some of my GO TO resources (and others I’d highly recommend) for igniting your passion for creative writing.

Group Storytelling: Format And Story Starters

As with all creative endeavors, sometimes the hardest part is STARTING. By offering an opening sentence or inspirational prompt, you can help spark an entire story. Follow these links to hundreds of “first lines” and story starts.

500+ FREE Writing Prompts for Kids from 123 Homeschool 4 Me- printable themed writing pages that contain a story message and a picture

Lego Writing Prompts from Homeschoolers – This post provides many links about Lego themed learning, including many Lego-inspired writing prompts.

Consider including a visual aid or hands-on activity in your lesson for a multi-sensory creative writing project.

School Rewards Kids With Tokens For The Book Machine

Image allowances for writing by Our Journey Westward – a great way to use images from old discarded magazines

“Add On” Stories- All you need is a wordless book and some siblings to create a fun family written story.

Spin a Story – Use this FREE printable or THIS and a dice set to generate unique sentences.

Story Sticksfrom Sarcasm 101- Create writing prompts using popsicle sticks and the stories and characters of well-known children’s books

Seal N Check Gas Connector Sealant Kit

Creative Writing Activities for Kids from Homeschooling Ideas – a post filled with about a dozen ideas for writing stories with a twist

A love of creative writing can be cultivated in the most unconventional ways. Here are some resources to sneak your writing in undetected.

Children’s Writing Box from What We Do All Day – While the “box” mentioned in this post could be used for all forms of writing, the same concept can be used to create a box with a focus on creative writing.

Printable Comic Pages from Sweet Hot Mess – Sometimes writing is less intimidating when it’s done on the small edge of a thought bubble.

Iowa Wrestling: No. 1 Iowa Vs Army: Dual Preview, Htw Guide & Thread

Create an Imagination Soup Word Collection Jar – Cut out vivid words from magazines and put them in a jar. Let the kids refer to the jar for inspiration whenever they need a color word.

Online Resources Your kids can get creative writing inspiration at the click of a button with any of these FREE online writing prompt generators. All are easy to use and completely kid-friendly. Wacky Headliner – Use a wacky news headline to create an exaggerated story. Scholastic Story Starter Generator – a slot machine-style story generator that divides writing prompts into different writing genres Writing Exercise for Kids – randomly generates inspiration for each aspect of a story. The Story Starter for Kids – Provides the first line of a story. The Write Shop Blog – a blog dedicated to providing writing prompts each month, as well as lots of helpful tips for teaching and encouraging writing

Creative writing combines passion AND skill. You can’t have one without the other. Here are some tips and links to help you develop your skills without stopping your passion.

Teach Your Kids to Write in Five Fun Short Videos from Steam Powered Classroom – Five delightful videos by Eva Ridenhour, 8-year-old homeschooler and published author

Wrestling Roundup: Honoring The Seniors

The Value of Published Books from Our Journey West- Over the years, we have self-published many books. It was a fantastic way to put value on our words. Here are some tips on how to do it. Last Friday, July 15th, our Children’s Writing Workshop for ages 8-12 learned about the form and structure of the Hero’s Journey. I watched a video about how myths use a more or less twelve step process that gets the audience to identify with and root for a hero. The video demonstrates how this journey is similar to other popular characters such as Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins and Katniss Everdeen. Almost any literary hero can be examined for the landmarks of this universal journey.

The video ends with a question about how our own lives might evoke the hero’s journey. When we have to step out of our comfort zone (Cross the Threshold) or learn from someone wiser than us (Meet the Mentor) and when we doubt ourselves at first (Rejecting the Call) we experience the process that makes heroes so of humans and yet so brave. We spent a few minutes discussing our journeys and the ways we’ve overcome fear in our own lives, answering or rejecting our Call to Adventure. The children told us about their first rides on roller coasters or their first viewings of scary movies. One figure that came up a lot was their fathers. I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence. For many of us, our parents are our first Mentors!

We also talked about the idea of ​​a Supreme Calvary that would change the hero forever. I wasn’t sure if any of the kids knew what it was like, but one kid told us about a bad injury he had that left a nasty scar on his face and how sad it made him for a while . Her scar is no longer visible, but it certainly left a mark on her memory and changed her. I was really proud of the children’s abilities to reflect on their own experiences and the many ways in which THEY are HEROES.

We did a group writing activity creating a silly story using the Hero’s Journey as a template for it:

Time To Talk Tech

And finally we created our own individual stories. I gave the kids a printout with the 12 stages of the Hero’s Journey listed on it. Then I picked the location at random by spinning the slot on Scholastic’s Story Starters website!

Kids loved seeing what ridiculous premises the slot gave them, like an evil avocado landing on a strange planet and taking over its people. This was the premise that two guys decided to write about together: avocado versus cantaloupe! It looks like it’s going to be an epic story!

And here’s your homework: check out a good myth, one from ancient cultures, and see if you can find the twelve stages of the Hero’s Journey in it. Want some recommendations? Try these!

Our next children’s writing workshop for ages 8 – 12 will take place on August 26 at 4:30 p.m. We will be led by special instructor Tracy Holczer, author of the middle grade novel The Secret Hum of a Daisy. If you haven’t read it, you absolutely must – the protagonist is very real and relatable, the prose is beautiful, and it will inspire you to make your own prose more lyrical and beautiful. We will have a few copies of the author’s book raffled off to lucky entrants, as is our custom here. I can not wait! Call to sign up: 626-744-4066 option 4.

Hunger Games Lessons: Teaching Vocabulary With Creativity

I am a youth services librarian currently working at the Lamanda Park Branch Library while the Central Library is closed for seismic repairs. I buy juvenile fiction for grades 2-8 and some foreign languages. I do a lot of programs with school age kids, including 3 regular book clubs (Windows and Mirrors, Read Around the World, and Lucha Libros), as well as writing workshops and STEAM/Science programs. I also have Infant/Toddler Stories and Preschool Stories, and link up with local preschools. I love what I do, working with children of all ages to inspire them to learn and use their curiosity and imagination. In addition to my work at the library, I am also the author of a book on creative writing activities for children. NEW YORK, May 4, 2015 // –Recent research from The Kids & Family Reading Report indicates that 91% of children say their favorite books are ones they chose themselves

And summer is the perfect time for those fun books that kids choose themselves. To encourage kids to “Smell and Read” all summer long, 13 favorite children’s authors have written original short stories that kids can unlock as rewards in this year’s Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. This free summer reading program, created by Scholastic and supported by Energizer, encourages kids around the world to log the minutes they spend reading to find more stories, earn rewards, and help set a new world record for minutes read – trying to beat the top 304. , 749, 681 minutes read summer 2014. Kids and families can sign

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