Shogun Slot Machine Download

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Play the Shogun Showdown slot game developed by Amaya Gaming for free and experience an amazing slot machine, the theme of which is based on the Japanese computer game about martial arts. So that you can know how it feels to be a warrior and also win astronomical payouts.

Shogun Slot Machine Download

The design of this game reminds you of both the mystical and developed country – Japan, as you can see a beautiful night village scene somewhere in Japan in the background. What’s more, this online casino video slot game has very pleasant music, which calms you down and helps you relax after a stressful day at work. There are 50 different ways to succeed in your game at Shogun Showdown casino slot, as all winning combinations, made up of symbols, appear on 50 paylines. Although the symbols are different and include different weapons and characters, they all pay coins (up to 250 coins per spin).

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Some symbols have special features in this slot game with free spins. For example, the Blue Monster symbol is extremely powerful and substitutes for other symbols on the screen. This monster power is useful for you because it allows you to win more money. However, an icon of the shogun is stronger than the monster. To activate the Shogun Showdown feature you need to collect 4 Shogun symbols on the central reel, during which the main character icons in this slot get stuck on the reels and change to random symbols after the feature ends. Moreover, bonus symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 to trigger 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier.

Enjoy playing the Shogun Showdown video slot or choose other Amaya casino slot games from the list and win money to discover new cultures.

Shogun Showdown Mobile Slots – ✅ Available on all mobile devices: iPhone / iPad / Android phones and tablets

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The excellent Shogun’s Land slot online has 20 pay lines, 5 reels and 3 rows. The Habanero crew welcomes those who love free spin slot machines and oriental culture in the land of the rising sun. Get rewarded as you play this online slot machine and see the wonders of Japan!

If you meet him, the geisha will show you the sacred scrolls. 3 or more scatter scrolls with Geisha portraits activate the bonus game. Open 3 secret scrolls to reveal the number of spins you will play and a multiplier.

Lucky coins with 3, 4, or 5 scatters trigger another bonus feature attached to this casino gaming slot. The mysterious cube will appear in front of you and the pattern will be drawn on it. Different patterns correspond to different multipliers for your total bet.

The great red dragon can replace any image except for coins and geisha. Once it appears on a reel it makes the reel wild.

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This slot machine game introduces you to the multifaceted Japanese culture and nature. Meet beautiful geisha, strong sumo wrestlers and watch amazing shows at the Japanese theater of masks. Feast your eyes on sakura and graceful herons. The game graphic design is pleasing to the eyes and looks very nice. Lovely Japanese music plays during the game. And the gameplay of this video slot is sure to entice a variety of gamblers!

You can play Shogun’s Land Video Slot along with other amazing Habanero slots online for free! Play free HTML5 video slots on our website No download required!

Shogun’s Land Mobile Slots – ✅ Available on all mobile devices: iPhone / iPad / Android phones and tablets

This site uses cookies. Some of these cookies are essential, while others help improve your experience on our website For more detailed information about the cookies we use, please see our Privacy Policy When you talk about Japan (not modern, but in feudal times) what association do you have? Of course, these feminine geishas who very sensually played musical instruments, recited poetry and danced with fans. We remember the brave samurai, for whom honor and courage are above all. Someone mentioned the obscure ninja or shinobi – special saboteurs, combat scouts and assassins. These images have been actively replicated to popularize Japan’s history and its heritage. The Legend of Shogun mobile slot with its vertical design is another way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. If you are interested in this product, you can buy it from our store – https:///product/legend-of-shogun/.

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The slot game reels combine the delicate pink of sakura petals with red, the traditional symbol of Japan’s morning sky. Fields for service information are decorated with stylized red frames, which add color to the game. The “Spin” button is designed in the shape of a traditional gold coin with a square hole. This coin has long symbolized the unity of heaven and earth. The square symbolizes earth and yin energy, and the sky symbolizes sky and yang energy.

The background of the slot machine opens before the players an impressive landscape with the pride of Japan – Mount Fuji. The moon and stars are shining on the hilltop. The gaze initially wanders towards the snow-capped peaks. But the foreground of the landscape is also noteworthy. A tall multi-tiered pagoda, signifying its owner’s power and position in society, is surrounded by flowering trees. Petals of a pale pink color break under the wind. I want to be still and enjoy this whirlwind of flowers. This kind of appreciation is what the Japanese call “hanami”.

Tall pagodas, indicative of high status and success, are also present in symbols. This is depicted in the symbol “x2”. Around the pagoda is a circular multilayer frame. This makes the symbol stand out from the rest.

The next row of symbols features, each of which tells a whole story. A helmet with a golden dragon, of course, could only belong to a shogun – a commander who possessed special powers. Both the helmet and the dragon design as decoration speak of its owner’s closeness to the emperor.

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Dragon flags make it clear that the Shogun is not only a ruler, but also a warrior. He is the army chief. Traditionally, shoguns represented the clan that descended from the emperor. Shoguns have represented the same lineage for centuries. Being shogun is the highest honor. It is not surprising that such rulers were skilled generals.

The fan, however, is a symbol of women. During the Middle Ages in Japan, women of high social standing believed it was indecent to show their faces. Moreover, it was believed that an open mouth was accessible to evil spirits and could bring trouble. So it was customary to hide the face behind a fan. Additionally, white skin has traditionally been considered a sign of high origin and wealth. Therefore, upper class Japanese women would hide their faces to protect their skin from the sun’s rays. Interestingly, there are two types of fans in Japan – folding and round “Utiva” fans like slot symbols.

The following slot game symbols are dedicated to the slot characters. The male image can be said to be antithetical. This domineering shogun, who is highly respected in society, epitomizes the honor code of the Japanese soldiers. A ninja in a traditional closed black suit is the image of an infiltrator who works under the cover of night. On the one hand, the art of ninjutsu has been studied for many years. Being able to enter anywhere invisibly requires both talent and skill. On the other hand, the secret methods that ninja use to fight are considered dishonest and unworthy in the samurai code.

As for the beautiful girl, she also embodies ancient traditions. There are several kimonos you can consider, each with its own meaning. High, complex hairstyles are decorated with popular hairpins, which are still used in national costumes today. These symbols are made of square frames and stylized decorative elements.

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Lower symbol – letter designation of the card. The font resembles Japanese hieroglyphs for complete immersion in the slot game environment.

On the greeting screen, the reels fade out in case of a win. An inscription with information about “5 types” or scores is displayed on the winner. The inscription is in large golden letters and numbers.

In case of Big Win, Mega Win, His Win, Super Win, the reel goes dark and the corresponding inscription is displayed. For each win level, the inscription is in a different color. This makes it

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