Sinbad Slot Machine

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Get ready to sail the seas and embark on an exciting journey with the legendary sailor Sinbad. Playtech’s Sinbad’s Golden Voyage-themed slot offers plenty of reasons to play: an extra large grid with lots of paylines and stacked symbols, not to mention free spins. Read on to find out more about how this slot works and why you should play.

Sinbad Slot Machine

Playing Sinbad’s Golden Voyage is very easy indeed. Once you have the slot open on your screen, simply use the plus and minus signs under “TOTAL BET” to set the bet amount per spin to whatever you want. The values ​​for this range from 0.50 to 200.00. Then, simply click “SPIN” to spin the reels. If you want them to spin faster, press “TURBO PLAY” first. If you want them to spin automatically, press “AUTO PLAY” and choose a number of spins – the slot will then spin the reels this number of times for you.

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Join Sinbad on his journey as you spin the reels of this themed slot. Play for real money and hopefully bring home some gold to call yours. With a huge number of paylines, free spins and stacked symbols, the slot certainly has a lot going for it! Sinbad the Sailor (or Sinbad) is one of the most popular heroes of the Thousand and One Nights. Taking into account the fact that ancient Eastern traditions can often serve as a source of inspiration for online gambling developers, it is not surprising that many video slots available in today’s online casinos are dedicated to this character. Interestingly, almost all of these slots are spectacular, original and exciting. You can check this out as you test them yourself.

This review article created by the authors of the social network for gamblers called briefly describes the most spectacular slot machines in Sinbad. Detailed articles on each of them can be found by following the links.

It should be noted that the games are enumerated in random order, so that their list does not have to be treated as a ranking.

Sinbad’s Golden Journey is a development of the well-known PlayTech company that releases amazing slot machines. This model mainly surprises with its non-standard design and unique game characteristics.

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Firstly, it has six reels, which is quite unusual for video slots. Secondly, there are 164 active paylines. This is another unique feature. Also, the columns have a different number of elements.

Sinbad’s Golden Journey also offers a number of exciting options, including special symbols and free spins with themed bonuses. The theoretical winning percentage exceeds 97%. Overall, it is the excellent game that deserves your attention.

The next model on our list has the similar title, namely The Voyages of Sinbad. It was released by the developers of Leander Games. Not surprising with the functionality of the interface. However, it delights users with fantastic gaming peculiarities, which contribute to its popularity among customers from different countries.

Special symbols, excellent free spins with advanced features, colorful graphics, numerous combinations and intuitive control panel will be appreciated by many gamblers.

Sinbads Golden Voyage Slot Review, Bonuses & Free Play

The next slot machine is called Sinbad and is released by Quickspin. Users can immediately notice that in this model the columns vary in height (three symbols are found in the first and fifth columns and the other columns have four). The combinations are formed on forty available pay lines. Users can place equal bets on them in a wide range.

We want to mention a free spins spin, which is presented in three versions, among the many game options of the Sinbad slot machine. Each version has additional bonus features. All are designed in the style of the main theme of the game.

And now let’s talk briefly about the recent news. We are talking about Evoplay’s Sinbad slot. It is a 3D slot with magnificent three-dimensional graphics and spectacular animations.

The slot machine is packed with all kinds of options. These include basic and special symbols, free spins with additional bonuses, bonus rounds and so on. You will encounter a jinn, which spans one or more columns. It is able to replace other images. You will play against the protagonist to double your winnings. Furthermore, you can also try your luck while playing the wheel of fortune.

Wild Sinbad Slot Machine

If we forgot to mention some interesting games on Sinbad, write us in the comments. We will include them in this review. This article will definitely be updated, as the developers release new video slots about this character.

To confirm, enter your casino nickname and email. The data is strictly confidential and not disclosed to third parties. This Sinbad is in remarkable condition. It would be difficult to find a more beautiful example of this title. The toilet looks great with some minor tweaks. The rear glass is almost flawless with some very small scratches and the playing field shows no signs of wear.

Sinbad is a challenging and fun game of the era. Sinbad’s goal is to hit the drop targets in order (left to right) to advance the bonus multiplier (2x, 3x, and so on). Sounds easy right? Not so fast … the fins are unforgiving on Sinbad. Careful! Trying to hold the ball by lifting the fins can cause the leaking ball to drain from the back side of the fin.

Sinbad / Eye of the Tiger Pinball Machines was released in 1978. This was a period in American pinball production where all pinball manufacturers were switching from electromechanical pinball machines to solid state electronic pinball machines. This same game was producer and available on both platforms (Solid State Electronic and Electro-Mechanical). An edition of 12,500 of the Sinbad solid-state electronic version was produced. While the electromechanical variant of this machine, Eye of the Tiger only had a circulation of 950 copies and is now considered quite rare and collectible by pinball enthusiasts. Although Sinbad is digital, it still has the distinctive charm of an electromechanical with a sound effects ring unit.

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Since we bought this game, we have upgraded the CPU to the more reliable NiWumph CPU board. The perimeter connectors have been folded over the printed circuit boards in the back. We also purchased this game by removing all components at the top of the playing field. The playing field has been carefully cleaned and polished, as well as plastic and poles. New rubber rings and a new sphere were installed. We have finally updated this game with LED lighting. All incandescent bulbs No. 44 have been updated to LED. These LEDs look better, operate at lower temperatures and last much longer.

Finally, before leaving the shop, our lead technician will examine this machine once more to make sure all functions including assemblies, coils, targets, switches, fins and bulbs are working perfectly.

As with all of our games, this machine includes a 30 day electronics warranty. If a problem occurs within 30 days, simply return for repair or replacement.

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Sinbad Slot Free Demo & Game Review 2022

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