Slot Machine Base

Slot Machine Base – Texas slot machine stands are handcrafted from reclaimed materials such as barn metal and weathered wood sourced from local communities. Our expert woodworkers create this one-of-a-kind piece from the ground up. The rustic nature of this slot stand will give your game room a unique Texas feel!

This product is made to order and enters production only after all design specifications are approved by your customer. Once the approval process is complete, production time ranges from 5 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

Slot Machine Base

Please note: Being handmade from natural materials, the color and texture of the wood may vary slightly.

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To provide the best online shopping experience, here’s a quick overview of how our ordering process works! If you hit a snag along the way, contact us at (972) 247-3001 or swing by one of our local showrooms to shop in person!

Browse our curated selection of awesome pool tables, shuffleboards and more. As you find items you like, add them to your cart. You can also add any notes or special instructions for our team to consider.

Checkout is really as easy as a few clicks. We need some basic information about you so that our team can best address your needs and contact you if there are any concerns.

Once we receive your order, our experienced sales team will review it and make any necessary adjustments. A team member will be in touch within 24 hours to go over any notes or special considerations.

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After all questions are answered and any issues are resolved, our sales team will work with you to collect payment over the phone or in person. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Our game room service department will schedule a convenient time for delivery and installation of your new game room products. Once you’re on schedule, you can expect to get a reminder call the day before delivery and again when we’re 30 minutes away. Feel free to check out our installation guide if you want to learn more!

Our delivery, installation and commercial game room services are carried out by our own in-house team of trained, professional and licensed game room mechanics. Proper installation technique is critical to enjoying your new games, which is why we feel comfortable sending our staff to set up and maintain your new game room furniture.

Delivery and installation are not included in the price. Submit your order online or contact us directly to get a quote on this service. If applicable, we will need to know the full delivery address and information about the stairs and/or elevators. For more information, check out our installation guide.

Vintage Oak Slot Machine Stand

We ballpark about 1-3 hours per each large game room item. For example, installing a pool table and shuffleboard can take 2-6 hours total. Things like stairs and elevators can also slow things down. We work as efficiently as possible but we will not sacrifice quality or safety for work that requires time.

If you’ve had a problem with your recent (or not-so-recent) purchase, please contact us. If you think the problem is related to a product defect or warranty claim, click here for more information.

This question comes up so often that we’ve created a game room sizing guide to help you find the answers you’re looking for!

Design trends are always changing but the most popular colors over time are neutrals, burgundy and traditional green hues. For more information on the topic, check out our Pool Table Cloth Guide to see the full range of color options.

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Finding space for any type of game room furniture can be difficult. That’s why we’ve created a game room sizing guide to make the process easier!

Pool tables are heavy and we don’t want you to get hurt. Plus, moving the pool table yourself risks popping slate seams, breaking the level, and voiding your warranty! Leave the heavy lifting to our service department so you can relax and enjoy your game room.

Let’s start by saying that more than half of our installations are upstairs, so it’s usually not a problem. Don’t worry, our install team has you covered! When installing an upstairs pool table or shuffleboard, let’s examine the next two questions on our FAQ (see below).

Yes! But installing upstairs takes more time because we have to carry equipment and components upstairs. Also, some stairs are very narrow and/or enclosed by walls that require difficult maneuvers. Fortunately, pool tables can be completely disassembled so we can almost always make them fit. Shuffleboards have long playfields that sometimes require going through windows. Not sure how to stack your stairs? Contact us for consultation.

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Mostly. Our pool tables range in weight from 600 to 1,200 pounds, so we understand if you have any concerns. However, if it is a properly constructed room, it will be fine. Floor joist size and support must be up to code to ensure the room can hold a pool table. If unsure, we suggest you consult a professional, such as hiring your home builder or structural engineer.

In billiards, the term “regulation” refers to the geometry of the playing field: the table should be twice as long as it is wide. This means that a regulation 8 foot pool table must be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. Any size table can be considered “regulation” as long as the length to width ratio of the table is consistent with these measurements. There are usually 7 feet, 8 feet, 8 feet plus size and 9 feet types of regulation pool tables.

All of our new pool tables include your choice of fabric color. For more information, check out our Pool Table Cloth Guide! Accessories may vary slightly depending on the type of pool table you buy, but all new pool tables include the basic accessories to get you started: a few cues, a set of billiard balls, an 8-ball triangle, chalk that matches the color of your cloth. , and more.

Your new pool table is a great piece of furniture, and we’re big fans of a simple clean and care routine that extends the life of the wood, pocket and fabric. A pool table cover will prevent undue wear and tear on your clothes from sun exposure, kitty cats, spills and more.

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You don’t need pool table lights to enjoy your new game room. However, pool table lights ensure that the table is well lit for the best game while also providing a nostalgic feel. If you plan to move your pool table around, you will also need to hire an electrician to move the lights to a new location each time. If your table is in a more permanent location, a billiard light might be a great option!

According to the Billiard Congress of America, pool table lights should be 40 inches above the playfield. In our experience, anywhere between 40 and 50 inches above the bed of your table works best.

Seating is an important part of any enjoyable play room. Plan your space accordingly. Dedicate some extra space in the room for seating, a cue rack and possibly a pub table or even other games. Need help planning your ideal game room? Check out our room guide or schedule a consultation with one of our team members today!

The standard cue length for one-piece house signals is 57 inches. Standard two-piece cues are 58 inches long with a butt and shaft equal to 29 inches. Junior signs are available today in 48″ and 52″ lengths. These signs are also a good choice in areas where you have space limitations. When it comes to weight, there is a range of 17-21 ounces to fit any playing style. The most popular weight is 19oz. and 20 oz. And they seem to be the best fit for our customers. From our experience, only the most experienced players can tell the difference!

Sold Price: Bally Electronic Slot Machine & Stand

In solid wood furniture, all exposed parts are made of the same species of all-natural wood; Exposed pieces will not contain plywood or particle board. Solid wood furniture is durable and easy to repair. Scratch issues? Dents? Water quality? the stain? It is all repairable with solid wood. However, due to changes in temperature and humidity, it can expand or contract leading to separation along the grain of the wood. Avoid exposing solid wood furniture to strong sunlight or direct heat sources. Solid wood is also more expensive for manufacturers to source and process. Unfortunately, this usually means that solid wood furniture is more expensive than other options.

Veneer furniture is made by gluing thin layers of wood with the grain at right angles to a thick core. With this crisscross design, chances of splitting or cracking are reduced. The glue used in the process is the same strong, waterproof adhesive used in aircraft and marine construction, so the end result creates a product that is actually stronger than solid wood. Because veneer is so thin and glued to a stable substrate, it allows for wood designs and configurations that aren’t possible with solids.

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