Slot Machine Bases

Slot Machine Bases – At Design Group, we believe that every venue is different from the rest. So our main motto is always to consult with you and then adjust the bases. The main reason is to customize the bases to suit your specific needs right here. This will give you the best possible results. So, the next time you are planning slot machine bases, be sure to contact us for great results.

Our team would love to design and then build a layout for your slot cabinets. This inch perfect layout will help us deliver the perfect slot machine for you.

Slot Machine Bases

Our well-known manufacturing capabilities help us to create excellent gaming machine bases as well as cabinets and gaming machine stands in any possible configuration you are looking for. With us, you are likely to get the primary support your casino floor needs. So, the next time you’re looking to get the best slot machine cabinets, you know who to call for help.

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Aside from all the must-have notes, there are several other features associated with slot cabinets that you should consider. You have the option to choose the ones that most suit your preferences.

So, the next time you are planning to head to the best slots bases, we invite you to come and give it a try. We will provide you with the highest quality slot cabinets perfectly designed to match your suitable arena. So join us whenever you are ready to try something new and we will introduce you to the most promising result.

Call us on our official number or simply send us an email with your questions. We will contact you as soon as possible about the layout of your project. The Texas Slot Machine Stand is handcrafted from reclaimed materials such as barn metal and weathered wood sourced from local communities. Our expert woodworkers build these unique pieces from scratch. The rustic nature of this game stand will add a unique Texas feel to your game room!

This product is made to order and will only go into production once all design specifications have been approved by you, the customer. Once the approval process is complete, production time is between 5 and 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

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Please note: As it is handmade from natural materials, there may be slight differences in the color and texture of the wood.

For the best online shopping experience, here’s a quick overview of how our ordering process works! If you encounter any hiccups along the way, give us a call at (972) 247-3001 or visit one of our local showrooms to shop in person!

Browse our amazing selection of pool tables, shuffleboard and more. When you find items you like, add them to your cart. You can also add any notes or special instructions for our team to consider.

Checkout is really easy with just a few clicks. We need basic information about you so that our team can best meet your needs and contact you if you have any concerns.

Choosing A Poker Machine Base

Once we receive your order, our experienced sales team will review it and make the necessary adjustments. A team member will be in touch within 24 hours to address any comments or special considerations.

Once all questions have been answered and any issues resolved, our sales team will work with you to collect payment over the phone or in person. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Our game room service department will schedule a convenient time for delivery and installation of your new game room products. Once you’ve included the schedule, you can expect a reminder call the day before delivery and again when we’re 30 minutes away. If you want to know more, check out our installation guide!

Our delivery, installation and commercial gaming room services are carried out by our own team of trained, professional and licensed gaming room mechanics. Proper installation techniques are critical to enjoying your new games, which is why we feel comfortable sending our staff to install and maintain your new game room furniture.

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Delivery and installation are not included in the price. Place your order online or contact us directly for a quote for this service. We will need to know the full delivery address and details of stairs and/or lifts if applicable. See our installation guide for more information.

We play about 1-3 hours for each large game room item. For example, a pool table and shuffleboard can take 2-6 hours to install in total. Things like stairs and elevators can also slow things down. We work as efficiently as possible, but we will not sacrifice quality or safety to rush a job that takes time.

If you’re having trouble with a recent (or not-so-recent) purchase, please contact us. If you believe the problem is related to a product defect or warranty claim, click here for more information.

This question is so pressing that we’ve created a game room size guide to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

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Design trends are always changing, but the most popular colors over time are neutrals, burgundy and traditional shades of green. For more information on this topic, see our pool table cloth guide to see the full range of color options.

Finding space for any type of game room furniture can be difficult. That’s why we created a playroom size guide to simplify the process!

Pool tables are heavy and we don’t want you to suffer. Also, moving the pool table yourself risks breaking the slate seams, breaking the level, and possibly voiding the warranty! Leave the heavy lifting to our service department so you can relax and enjoy the game room.

For starters, more than half of our installations are upstairs, so it’s usually not a problem. Don’t worry, our installation team has you covered! When installing a pool table or shuffleboard upstairs, let’s take a look at the next two questions in our FAQ (see below).

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Yes! But installing upstairs takes more time because we have to carry tools and components. In addition, some stairs are very narrow and/or enclosed by walls, requiring difficult maneuvers. Fortunately, pool tables can be completely disassembled, so we can almost always adjust them. Shuffleboards have long playing fields that sometimes require going through windows. Not sure how your stairs line up? Contact us for a consultation.

Most likely. Our pool tables weigh between 600 and 1200 pounds, so we understand if you have any concerns. However, if it is a properly constructed space, it will be fine. Floor joists must be sized and supported to code to ensure the room can accommodate a pool table. If you are unsure, we recommend that you consult a professional, such as your home builder, or hire a structural engineer.

In billiards, the term “Rule” refers to the geometry of the playing field: the table must be exactly twice as long and as wide. This means that an 8-foot pool table must be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. Any size chart can be considered a “rule” as long as the table’s length-to-width ratio matches those measurements. Commonly available are 7-foot, 8-foot, 8-foot oversized, and 9-foot pool tables.

All of our new pool tables come with your choice of fabric color. Check out our pool table cloth guide for more information! Although the accessories may vary slightly depending on the pool table you purchase, all new pool tables come with the basics to get you started: some cues, a set of pool balls, an 8-ball triangle, chalk to match your fabric color, and more.

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Your new pool table is a great piece of furniture, and we’re big fans of a simple cleaning and maintenance routine that extends the life of the wood, pocket and fabric. A pool table cover will prevent excessive wear and tear on your fabric from sun exposure, cat litter, spills, and more.

You don’t need pool table lighting to enjoy your new game room. However, pool table lighting ensures that the table is well lit for optimal play and also provides a nostalgic feel. If you plan to move the pool table, you will also need to hire an electrician to move the light to the new location each time. If your table is in a more permanent location, a pool lamp can be a great solution!

According to the American Billiard Congress, the height of pool table lighting should be 40 inches above the playing area. In our experience, anywhere from 40 to 50 inches above your table bed works best.

Seating is an important part of any pleasant game room. Plan your space accordingly. Allow extra space in the room for seating, a cue rack, and perhaps a pub table or even other games. Need help planning your perfect playroom? Check out our room guide or schedule a consultation with one of our team members

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