Slot Machine Bill Acceptor

Slot Machine Bill Acceptor – We’ve all seen and at times wrestled with bill acceptors like [Another developer] recently released from an arcade machine. But have you ever taken it apart to see how it works? If not, the video after the break is an interesting peak at how this ubiquitous hardware can tell the difference between a real bill and a piece of paper.

But [Another Maker] goes a little further than just showing off the internals of the device. He also had trouble figuring out how to talk to him with the Arduino, which allows him to do various money-grabbing projects. Even if collecting paper money isn’t your thing, it’s still interesting to see how this app works on a hardware and software level.

Slot Machine Bill Acceptor

As explained in the video, a set of harnesses is used to move the bill past the IR LED array. The hardware uses them to scan the bill and do some magic to determine if it’s real currency. [Another Maker] notes that these scanners actually need to receive software updates from time to time to account for new bill designs. In fact, the particular unit he has is so antiquated that it won’t accept modern $5 bills; that might explain how he got it for free in the first place.

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Years ago we saw one of these bill acceptors produce a DIY Bitcoin ATM. Of course, then you’d get a semi-reasonable amount of BTC for a few bucks. These days you would skip paper currency and do everything digitally.

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IVIZION’s Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology reads 75 times more data points than any bill validator in its class and captures a full image of both sides of the banknote or ticket. CIS verification technology is combined with a proprietary anti-string device to detect and prevent tampering or mechanical fraud.

IVIZION runs faster with two powerful processors, one for banknote evaluation, resulting in leading banknote acceptance speed and fastest banknote processing speed. It is self-calibrating, accepts banknotes up to 85mm wide, and has a sealed dirt and liquid resistant banknote path, resulting in less service downtime.

Dbv 145 Sg Bill Acceptor For Igt S Plus Slot Machine

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