Slot Machine Cake

Slot Machine Cake – We can often accommodate simple changes such as changing a color or adding text, although there may be an additional charge depending on the change. To request these changes, you can place the request in the “Special Instructions” section of the shopping cart.

For more complex changes, we may need to create a custom order. For more information, you can contact here to request a custom cake.

Slot Machine Cake

In almost all cases, adding writing is no problem! You can add text in the “Writing on the cake” section in the shopping cart. Please note that cakes with uneven surfaces or icing such as whipped cream may be written on using a clear plastic sheet or fondant plaques.

Slot Machine Cake By Pyro 0 On Deviantart

Some layouts may limit the available text, and some text may be too long to make sense (e.g., multiple lines of text). Please remember that if you want something a little longer to connect with the recipient, we can also include a card with the cake! You can also find this field in the shopping cart.

Many of our larger or heavier cakes are only available for delivery at our eastern location due to storage and production availability. Almost all dessert cakes and dozens of specialty designs are available at our dessert locations in Summerlin, Alliante/Centennial Hills and the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas starting Fall 2021.

Totally! We usually deliver anywhere in the Las Vegas metropolitan area and require a 4 hour window where someone is available to take the order.

Please note that we have a limited number of delivery slots per day and days may close very early. If you are looking for delivery, we recommend placing your order as early as possible.

Slot Machine And Bingo Birthday Cake

We have shipping available for a select selection of cakes and baked goods! You can find all the items available for our shipping here.

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This was my first attempt at making a slot machine cake and my friend was happy to receive such a gift from me. At his party, everyone goes “Whoa Whoa!” They were. As for this cake, they actually thought it was a toy.

To create this cake I baked 9 inch chocolate cupcakes and cut them to 5 inches tall and stacked them on top of each other. For the display, I cut a 9″ by 4″ wide cake at a slight angle and stacked it to a height of 4″. After that, I placed this cut cake along with the 9 inch cake on the bottom. Then I covered the top of the cake with chocolate ganache and let it harden and covered the top of the cake with fondant.

Cakes By Zana: Vegas Slot Machine Cake

For the roller screen I printed out the image and made my own stencils to create the images. I cut the gum paste into the necessary sizes and left it to dry.

After that, I made the stencils with royal icing in the colors I needed and left to dry. I made it ahead of time.

After the cake was done, I smoothed it out with a brush and adhered all the dry gum paste decorations in the positions I wanted them to be with the royal icing. This is it!

I received many positive compliments on this slot machine cake. Not bad for a first though I had a lot to learn from my mistakes. I was very happy with the end result and so were the party guests. 21 Pieces Casino Cake Decorations Set Includes Mini Slot Toy Machine Poker Cake Topper Casino Cupcake Toppers Casino Happy Birthday Cake Topper Poker Chips Dices For Las Vegas Scene Theme Parties :

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