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Slot Machine Finder Vegas – Silver Strike slots, which have attracted a cult following, are becoming increasingly difficult to find in Las Vegas. Silver Strike has become popular due to the collectible chips that are distributed when players line up the “Silver Strike” symbol on the third line of the machine.

Strikes dispensed are minted with images specific to the casino in which they are won, and are often rare or limited in nature. Players rarely cash in Silver Strike chips and there is a vibrant second-hand market on Ebay and similar websites.

Slot Machine Finder Vegas

Please note that the placement of Silver Strike games within the casino can and will change with some frequency. We will do our best to keep the locations updated!

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Plaza currently offers players 2 Silver Strike machines. Both are located directly in front of the casino cashier’s cage. They are currently stocked with a 50th Anniversary Silver Strike promo sheet to celebrate Plaza’s birthday.

Offering players the widest selection of Silver Strike slots in Las Vegas, 4 Queens seems to have them sprinkled all over the gaming floor. While 9 of its 10 machines only dispense $10 Silver Strike tokens, the machine closest to the entrance (on the Golden Nugget side of the property) also dispenses $40 face value strikes with a yellow cap .

Unfortunately, El Cortez recently removed their last Silver Strike machine for good. I asked a couple of slot attendants and they both seemed to think it was gone forever.

Although they once were, Silver Strikes are no longer offered at any casinos on the Las Vegas Strip that we know of.

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Excitingly, Silver Strike slots have recently been installed in Red Rock, which is located away from the Strip. Add it to your collection!

It is a difficult question because there is no firm answer. I can only work with my own limited experience. On my recent visit, I ran $20 through a Silver Strike machine at each of the casinos listed above.

I was awarded 2 Silver Strikes on Plaza, 2 Silver Strikes on 4 Queens (including a $40 yellowhead strike) and 1 on El Cortez. My guess is that I got hot and the rate at which I gained is not indicative of future results. Let us know in the comments what you won!

As a slot experience with a difference, we encourage you to check out Silver Strike the next time you’re in Vegas! Who knows, you might end up with a valuable keepsake.

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I’m a former software salesman turned Las Vegas fan. While the craps table is my preferred habitat, I venture away to explore new attractions, shows, restaurants and outdoor activities in Las Vegas with the intention of sharing my experiences.

Ultimately, I just want to help people plan a better trip and save a few bucks in the process.

I was in Las Vegas this week and they told me about this machine. I went to all three casinos and found that the odds at El Cortez were not as good as the other two. Maybe because they only had 1 of these machines in their casino. The square has 2 and I can say that I felt the odds were pretty good here. They only have 2 machines but for $20 I average 2 for every $20. 😱. The 4 queens now have quite a few of these machines, but I still averaged 2 for every $20. I love this machine. Now I have to look up the “theme” behind these coins… My guess for the Four Queens is Butts and Boobs.. Any other thoughts on the 5 Queens 5 coins? You may remember the melodious sound of coins as they poured out of a slot machine. Or maybe like me, you’re just captivated by the nostalgia of these coin-to-coin slots. Well, you will be happy to know that there are some places where you can still play coin operated slots in Las Vegas.

Where can you play coin operated slots in Las Vegas? Head to Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas where you can find coin operated slots at California, El Cortez, Fremont, Main Street Station and the Plaza Hotel.

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Downtown Las Vegas is where old-school Vegas was born, so it’s no wonder the best coin-operated slots can be found here, too. In this article we’ll dive into the best locations to play these machines and what you need to know.

The first slot machine was built in 1895 in San Francisco. Inventor Charles Fey was a mechanical engineer who named the original slot machine the Liberty Bell. The machine itself was mechanical in nature and operated by a series of levers and rotating rollers.

You simply pulled the lever turning the wheels. If all three broken Liberty Bell symbols lined up, you’d win the 50 cent jackpot! The game was very popular and the “one-armed bandit” or “fruit machine”, as the mechanical machines were referred to, began to appear everywhere.

If you want to see it, the original Liberty Bell slot machine is on display at the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas. Vintage coin operated slot machines in Las Vegas

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Vintage slots are getting harder and harder to find these days. Even in Las Vegas, where there are nearly 200,000 slot machines across the city, coin-operated models are few and far between.

The only area of ​​the city where you can still find several casinos with coin operated slots is in downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street is the old section of Las Vegas. This is the street where Las Vegas began and many of the casinos here are authentic vintage Las Vegas.

Fremont’s casinos know that visitors come downtown to experience old-school Vegas, and they cater to that. A handful of these casinos keep some coin slots running for those who want to experience Las Vegas a little bit like it used to.

At El Cortez you can enjoy the sweet, sweet sounds of winning a big prize on over 200 coin-operated machines. The Cortez regularly wins “Best of Vegas” awards.

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“Penny Lane” at the Fremont Hotel and Casino is a large area of ​​penny slots that feature coins. Located right around the corner from the Fremont Street Experience.

You can still hear the clink of coins as they are thrown into some of the machines at the Main Street Station Hotel & Casino. An excellent brewery too.

The California Hotel & Casino has slot machines and coin-operated poker. The payouts are better than what you’ll find on The Strip.

Coin slots are an endangered species, but not at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. Old world Las Vegas with modern amenities. There’s nothing quite like hearing the sound of coins hitting the tray during a jackpot.

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(These are also great places to stay when visiting Las Vegas. You can check rates for downtown Vegas hotels in our Visitor Resource Guide here.)

While The D does NOT offer coin operated slots, they do have an entire casino on the second floor full of vintage slot machines. These machines have been converted to the TITO system (see below). Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO)

Most of the machines in Las Vegas, including slots and video poker, have been modernized to use the Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) system. These machines accept notes and coins but payment is made with a paper ticket.

When this ticket is withdrawn, it can be inserted into another machine or taken to the cashier to pay. Although not as much fun, the TITO system is a little easier than walking around with a bag or pocket full of heavy coins.

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There are a few reasons why coin slots are a dying breed in Vegas and elsewhere. They are notoriously difficult to maintain. Mechanical machines break down much more often than digital ones.

They are much easier to fool. People try to trick them all the time using fake coin magnets and slugs.

For example, my wife and I were playing coin slots on Fremont Street one night and my wife won a small prize (very small😆) and we took the coins (the machine paid in chips) to the cashier and they did it I don’t accept half of them because they weren’t chips from that casino.

Finally we had to take them to the machine we won on and have them open it. Inside we found dozens of chips from another casino mixed up. So they ended up paying us, but that illustrates some of the problems with coin machines for players and casinos.

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All that being said, these vintage slots are still a lot of fun to play. While you can occasionally find a coin slot on The Strip here and there (it’s always changing), the old coin slots downtown are, in my opinion, the best coin slots in Las vegas

I recommend visiting El Cortez and the California casinos downtown or Circus Circus on the Strip. Even these locations only have small areas dedicated to coin or token slots, so temper your expectations.

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