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Slot Machine Finder – These days, there are many websites that claim to help you find slots using slot locators or reader-submitted lists. Some apps also claim this.

Unfortunately, as casinos evolve their casino floors faster than ever to keep up with competition and player preferences, keeping up with this data is too difficult for most websites to keep up. It has been proven to be

Slot Machine Finder

That said, there are some sources that you can count on to be reliable. One is a slot maker that publishes a list of installed games. The other is a casino and casino group that maintains an up-to-date list of games available at the property.

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In this post, we will give you some sources to help you locate the game at your favorite casino. This information was checked for the latest information in July 2021.

Some manufacturers have slot finders, but they are generally not perfect. Often they focus on specific hardware or licensed games that can be easily tracked down. But if there is a game within that group that you want to find, you’re in luck! Here are the manufacturer slot finders I found:

Aristocrat is focused on a specific game, but it has a cool interactive national map where you can search by area to see the properties closest to you and compare games from each.

Their website has recently been updated to make it easy to see the variety of games offered in both licensed and core titles and which casinos have them. It appears to be well maintained, as it appeared in

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Ainsworth used to have a slot finder on his website, but it appears to have been removed, at least for now.

Like Aruze, Incredible Technologies has a solid slot finder with plenty of game information. However, search is treated a little differently, using the game’s logo as the primary form of visualization. Filtering by zip code will filter out games that are not available in the range you set. This is a well designed and intelligent method. If you like IT games, Slot Finder will help you.

Gamblitt’s games were removed from my local casino late last year and now they are talking about mobile games on their website, so Gamblitt seems to be shifting gears.

Several major casino companies have slot finders that make it easy for players to find their favorite games on their property casino floors. Some individual casinos have them too. This may not be an exhaustive list, but these are the ones we found.

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Caesars’ Slot Finder has been listed as under construction for some time, but it has modern features while maintaining its basic functionality. You can search by game type, game name, or casino. In markets such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, you can see which properties have the game, but it can vary greatly.

Similarly, Boyd Gaming’s slot search is quite robust, much more modern and visual than Caesars. You can search by games, properties, and more to find your favorite games, and we cover all markets, not just Las Vegas.

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Louisiana-based Coushatta Casino Resort has a slot finder available on their website. An interesting twist is that there is a volatility option for searching, allowing you to search for low, medium and high volatility slots. You can search by denomination, game type, slot manufacturer or even search for a specific slot name.

On property, Borgata has options for finding slots, but on the public website, it’s an old fashioned laundry list. It seems to be well maintained.

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[Updated 8/21/2020]: A reader gave me a clue as to where to find a more detailed list. As a cardholder he logs into the Mlife section and at the bottom of the page he sees a slot finder. Selecting an amount and type of game (poker, reel slot, or video slot) will generate an alphabetical list and a descriptor of the floor location where the game is taking place. Provide enough useful information about where the game is located.

As you can see, some companies have invested in making slots easier to find. Others, not so much. However, this information may help at least some players trying to find specific game locations.

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