Slot Machine Jackpot Winners 2015

Slot Machine Jackpot Winners 2015 – What followed was shocking, but admittedly insufficient reporting on the gambling video of serial killer Stephen Paddock. In recent days he was described by his girlfriend as “a kind, caring, quiet man” and by those who saw him in the casinos as an unpopular drunk who could get a millionaire’s line of credit because he played poker slots like a dead man.

When Paddock arrived in town, he played for several days and caused enough chaos to be remembered by the old casino workers. On the Strip, he worked both sides of Las Vegas Boulevard, hitting many machines like a dervish, and sometimes winning competitions. He collected comps and was accepted as long as his bankroll was stable.

Slot Machine Jackpot Winners 2015

He pumped up to 100,000 per hour through the machine, some media outlets reported, apparently not fully appreciating the fact that these machines had high payouts. Paddock collected gambling “winnings” of $5 million in 2015 that were confirmed in IRS forms, but the number is lost. Casinos by law issue a Form W-2G titled “Other Gambling Winnings” to players who win jackpots and win subject to federal tax withholding.

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But it’s not the tax form that’s sure to trouble auditors. Former top IRS Criminal Investigation special agents who were interviewed this week were outraged at the release of the $5 million figure. It’s all but meaningless in determining whether Paddock was a cash advance, treading water, or sinking like a stone.

To get that information, Form 1040 Schedule A is necessary. One check under the heading “Other Miscellaneous Deductions” for gambling losses will reveal more about Paddock and whether the former accountant and former IRS employee was a “professional gambler,” as his brother described it, or he worried. a brutal video poker jones and enough money to keep it fed.

Former IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent in Charge James Dowling, managing director of the Dowling Advisory Group, has more than 30 years investigating and investigating financial crimes and was an anti-money laundering advisor to the White House Drug Policy Office under President George W. Bush. .

“How much did he lose?” Dowling asked. “I can put $100,000 into a slot machine and hit a $20,000 jackpot, but where am I? I have $80,000. “

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Paddock gambled at a level and level most recreational athletes never reach. In a game that provides entertainment for many and a form of compulsive gambling problem for others, the majority of players fall into a category best described by the late casino magnate Bob Maxey, who once told me, “Video poker players are not gambling. . They are renting a place. “

Paddock’s uncontrollable play created situations in several areas of the Strip, where he was known as a “low seven” player (as low as seven figures), “Las Vegas Advisor publisher Anthony Curtis says. After creating a quick profile of the killer’s gambling behavior, gambling expert Curtis was interviewed by the media. He is tempted to think about Paddock is as competitive as a pro at the top of his game.

But more information is needed. Like former union representatives, Curtis also knows the latter is not the most a player makes in a W-2G slide. The loss is revealing.

“The dynamics of this are really important,” Curtis said. “If someone says they can bet a million a night, they can start with a few hundred dollars. This is all about its semantics. If he had $5 million in W-2Gs, these were his jackpots. These were the sum of his jackpots. He might have scored another 50 in the last win, and maybe and maybe even 200 in the road loss.”

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Curtis publishes expert how-to books on getting the most from machines. It’s not easy to come out ahead, but the right strategy and taking advantage of all the possibilities available can help uncover value that others miss.

Dowling hesitated when asked about the likelihood of many video poker “pros” staying ahead of the odds for long.

“I know these machines use quantum generators,” said Dowling, “so if there’s a trick, it’s out of my sight.”

With multiple casino sources reporting Paddock had multiple losses on the Strip to go with the $5 million jackpot win, it leaves one former political analyst asking a tough question:

Biggest Slot Machine Wins Of All Time

Not until you get to the bottom level, and even then the only numbers that will ever matter are 58 and over 500.

Comment Policy (updated 4/20/2021): Please keep your comments private. We reserve the right to delete comments or ban users who engage in offensive behavior, use excessive profanity, tell falsehoods or are otherwise offensive. Comments with links must be approved by admin.Neighbor NewsEmpire City Casino Enlists Record $1.4 Million Jackpot Winner as Ad Pitchman; Another $1.4 Million Jackpot LoomingHoward G. Hit for Almost $1.5 Million at Empire City in 2015; Jackpot on One Machine Expected to Quickly Eclipse the Record-Breaking Win

Empire City Casino, one of the most successful casinos in New York launched a new marketing campaign entitled “Real Winners, Real Money, Real Deal”. Who better to enlist as the advertising pitch-man for Empire City Casino than its biggest jackpot winner? Howard Gershowitz of Suffolk County, Long Island is back in the “slot-“light in Yonkers casino’s ad campaign after scoring the Empire City record-breaking jackpot worth $1,473,503 on October 25, 2015. (See ad at http:// https://bit .ly/HowardG)

Fortunately, the same jackpot that made Howard G. a very rich man, has grown since the day of Howard’s disaster and is quickly reaching record-breaking amounts and may even surpass it. This record was also based on winnings and can only be found on two Wheel of Fortune slots at Empire City Casino. Now, anyone can be the next Howard G.!

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Howard’s lucky roll is the only million dollar plus jackpot in the history of not only Empire City Casino but all New York State racetrack casinos. Howard hit the Wheel of Fortune Triple Star slot machine – one of the most popular slot machines in the world. There have been many television-themed slots that have tried to bring the action from the screen to this slot world, but none have succeeded in the charming style of Wheel of Fortune, which has attracted gamblers for years with high jackpots and money wheels. .

If this latest jackpot is hit, it will give Wheel of Fortune “bragging rights” to the three highest jackpots in Yonkers casino history and six of the top 10 highest jackpots. Three Bally slot machines – Hot Shots, Blazing 7’s and Stars & Bars – can also boast big scores ranging from $250,000 to $577,000, all in the top 10 jackpots at Empire City Casino.

Last November, Linda H. of Thornwood, New York, claimed a jackpot of $961,411.81 from the Wheel of Fortune slot machine – the second largest in the Empire City’s 10-year history. Linda’s hit surpassed the $571,049 mark won by former champion Manuel Esteche in February of 2015 at the Blazing 7’s.

Empire City recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and ranks as the sixth largest casino in the world, including Las Vegas and Indian casinos worldwide. More than 8 million visitors a year try their luck at Empire City Casino, hoping to hit one of the many six-figure jackpots on the behemoth gaming floor.

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“There are currently 11 six-figure jackpots up for grabs at Empire City, nearly half of which are over $300,000 including a life-changing $1.4 million,” says Ryan Munroe, Empire City’s director of gaming. “With over 5,200 slot machines available, there’s no need to travel far when you can win this kind of money close to home.”

At the time of this writing, the six-figure jackpots at Empire City range from $100 to over $1.4 million on bets with minimum bets ranging from one cent to $10. To be eligible to win the maximum jackpot, the player must make the maximum bet on the machine.

If the top Wheel of Fortune jackpot is not hit before it exceeds Howard G.’s total winnings of $1,473,503.54, the lucky winner who takes it home will be celebrated as the new top winner of any of them. state race casinos.1pa29Ernest Lopez, right, and his girlfriend, Linda Boelter, were vacationing in Laughlin, Nevada, when they hit the jackpot on a slot machine, winning $1.82 million. Show MoreShow Less

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