Slot Machine Pumpkin

Slot Machine Pumpkin – Witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and monsters – they all come together to celebrate the most mystical and darkest holiday of the year – Halloween. When night falls, you know it’s time to put on your masks. Because the night will be scary, and it’s better to be afraid than to be afraid. Are you ready for the unforgettable Halloween night of your life? If you love Halloween as much as we do, you’ve come to the right place. He is loved because on this day adults can be naughty and naughty, like children, themselves and with children. After all, people are so eager to bring a little confusion into everyday life, add creativity and ugliness! A mysterious and funny world opens up for you. You are immediately greeted by a mischievous witch with a bag of candy. Here, game symbols are scrolled on 5 reels, each of which fully reflects the theme of this slot: a black cat, a funny witch, a few ghosts, a vampire and, of course, candy. Taking the lower position of the main screen, the control panel has concentrated buttons in the form of multicolored pots of potion, which allow the player to adjust the bet indicator or the rotation mode without undue difficulty. The winning amounts are displayed next to the buttons, so that the participant in the game is always aware of the current state of affairs. The Spin button is a pumpkin, an integral feature of the holiday. If you want to buy this online slot game, you can do it in our store – https:///product/win-halloween/:

In the background you can see the old house on the hill and the path that leads to it. Under the tree you can see a funny witch, candles and pumpkins along the way, decorations – all these attributes create a feeling of celebration. Bats seem to fly across the game screen, reminding you that this is the night of the saints. Despite the “alien” paraphernalia, this is a true celebration of life, joy and fun.

Slot Machine Pumpkin

Halloween is a bright and colorful holiday, and legends and symbols are behind the attributes. The graphics are excellent, very creatively designed. The symbols on the reels are mainly the main characters of this night – ghosts, Dracula, the witch, the black cat, as well as Dracula’s chest and the pumpkin. Used bright map symbols, originally stylized. Two wild symbols are represented by ghost images and replace all others except the cauldron of candies – Scatter, one of the main symbols of Halloween.

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Excellent graphics and thoughtful design details fully capture the atmosphere of mysterious events taking place this night. It amazes both the background and the symbols of the game. Animation of all characters makes the machine even more fantastic.

When three or more BONUS symbols appear on the reels, the bonus round is triggered. Instead of reels, 5 pumpkins appear on the screen.

In this game, the user has to blindly open multiple images. The player has 3 attempts to win to determine the amount of win. It must choose any three.

All symbols have their own coefficients that directly affect the amount of the reward for a lucky combination. At the same time, combinations should consist of several identical images. The “Win Halloween” paytable, which is divided into three pages, will familiarize the user with the types of symbols, types of combinations and coefficients. The first page shares the specifics of using symbols: Wild and Scatter.

Halloween Slots Online

Once you are lucky enough to collect three or more jars of candies, this will serve as a start for the Free Spins mode. This window will definitely notify the player of the transition to this mode.

Getting winnings for successful rounds is a great opportunity for a player to replenish their bankroll without any risk. The holiday of Halloween originated with the ancient Celts and appeared through the threads of summer in those ancient times. He was then called Samhain (Old Irish), which literally translates as “the end of summer”, now in Ireland it is called November. By the eighth century, Christianity had already spread to such an extent that All Saints’ Day began to supplant Samhain. As a result, there was a mixture of Christian and pagan holidays, what is now called Halloween. Halloween is especially reminiscent of Christmas carols, when mothers wander around the house singing songs and fetch food for them. A mean master can also punish any joke. But there’s also a significant difference that brings Halloween closer to Chinese Remembrance Day: Jack’s lamp. Now Jack’s lamp is made of pumpkin, and in the past other vegetables were used for its production – kohlrabi and turnip. Pumpkins appeared in America only with the spread of Halloween, because it was the pumpkin that turned out to be the cheapest and most common vegetable there. Jack’s lantern is intended on the one hand to guide the spirits of their ancestors home (like Chinese lanterns on the Remembrance Day), and on the other hand to deter evil spirits. Halloween is thus a bizarre mixture of the fertility holiday, the commemoration of ancestors (in the north of Scotland and Ireland, until now the legends of the ancestors, the rituals to calm the dead) and the carnival is told this day.

Trick or treat? The children are already preparing colorful costumes and candy baskets. On the funniest and scariest holiday of the year, Halloween, cute boys and girls turn into witches and vampires to collect as many candies in their wallets. This evening, children will no longer be afraid of horror stories and will rejoice at the glowing pumpkins and spider web garlands. Let’s try to turn into children and experience the same excitement of the eve of All Saints’ Day? It’s so easy with the “Trick or Sweet” slot! If you are interested in this product, you can buy it in our store – https:///product/trick-or-sweet/.

The slots reel is decorated in the best Halloween traditions. The frame around the reels imitates large branches with carved skulls. The lines for dividing the sectors are decorated with glowing orbs to emphasize the atmosphere of the festive evening. The name of the slot is placed under the Jack lamp – a pumpkin in the shape of a human head. A witch’s hat on a pumpkin is another unchanging Halloween attribute. The letters in the name of the lock are made in a bright neon color.

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The background of the slot game maximizes the atmosphere of the holiday. Numerous lights scatter the darkness of the night. Colorful garlands on the house and candles in Jack’s lamps light up the space. In contrast to the night sky, the bright color of the pumpkins and the warm light that flows from them stand out. As you know, a pumpkin flashlight is supposed to scare away evil forces and keep them out of the house. Well, there are so many lanterns in the background of the game that you don’t have to be afraid. Themed decorations in the form of ghosts and coffin lids greet the guests and again remind of Halloween. All the details have been thought through in the decoration of the house: cobwebs, bats in the window… But the silhouette of a witch against the background of a full moon cannot be a decoration. Do evil spirits really enter the human world on the eve of All Saints’ Day? Everything is possible in this slot!

Halloween is a fun holiday these days. Children are waiting for it the most. And it was the children who became the heroes of High Symbols. Portraits of boys and girls remind adults of the time when they themselves dressed up in costumes and went from house to house with hilarious intimidation “Trick or Sweet!” A child is already in makeup. See how he looks like the famous Frankenstein or Frank! Makeup stitches turn a cute kid into a real zombie. The other children, two girls and two boys, don’t have suits yet. You can think of who they can reincarnate into. In fact, costumes don’t have to be scary. Yes, princesses and knights also go for candies with a bucket shaped like a Jack lamp. But still, scary costumes are more interesting. And we still have a chance to find out who these guys will reincarnate as.

The wild symbol is a pumpkin lantern, Jack’s lamp. The tradition of carving a grimace on a pumpkin and placing a candle in it has been around for over a hundred years. In a museum in Ireland, for example, there is a Jack’s lantern carved from turnips. This find dates from the early twentieth century. Yes, in Ireland and Scotland lanterns were cut from turnips. But immigrants in North America started using pumpkin. And this tradition has taken root!

The symbol also features Jack’s lantern decorated with a witch’s hat. So he looks even more animated.

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Regular symbols are images related to Halloween and evil spirits. The bat and the black cat are the faithful companions of vampires. On another symbol,

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