Slot Machine Secrets Winning Tip

Slot Machine Secrets Winning Tip – I have limited only to show that winning strategies you work hard to uncover in the casino that can often be leveraged, perhaps even optimized, in the high-limit slot area with relatively little risk.

One interesting pattern I noticed in a relatively medium-sized casino has to do with simple observation. In this local casino, I saw that I would win once when I first sat down but did not win again for some time.

Slot Machine Secrets Winning Tip

This strategy is my 5-Spin Method. Using this approach, we can take advantage of the common practice found in many casinos, where they provide the initial sense of winning.

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The first dozen times I visited the high-limit slot area in this small, local casino, I found it strange that I would win the jackpot during the first few presses of the button. But then, I’ll spend thousands of dollars without being as much as another hit.

I’m not saying I won’t have another taxable jackpot, but I won’t win anything. It just looks weird. Or, to put it another way, it is statistically impossible for it to happen at random so that it is continuous and frequent, visit after visit after visit.

As an aside, don’t worry about all the money I spend. I did not know at that time, every $ 100 spent in three months earned one more entry for the drawing of a car – which I will end up winning.

Let’s go back to the story of what I learned and how I learned it. At the time, I even struck up a conversation with one of the slot operators. In a helpful interview, I asked them when they won jackpots and on which machine they did it?

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The next slot is helpful to me about slot players who have recently moved from one machine to another, winning about eight total jackpots in a row in the high-limit slot area. I found this approach very interesting, to say the least, and began to try to employ my Win, Walk Away, Return Later strategy simultaneously playing each machine up to five times. By doing so, I have found that the annual return for this strategy alone resulted in a 150% profit over the original bankroll.

However, I have only been using this strategy for four months since the casino was opened, and felt I had to continue for about a year to make sure that it is not temporary or because of limited data.

Today I see this as a mistake on the part and probably a heavy loss of winnings. Winning slot strategies there, and you can find yourself if you can believe your own eyes.

This is why my YouTube Channel is growing so fast. slot enthusiasts who see it themselves, so they Google. And find the Professor slot to explain why.

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The area where most people get stuck is: They don’t believe the strategy works, and it’s hard to try. Likewise when you have convinced yourself it is impossible. It does not help that most winning strategies are relatively new and based on the latest casino technology that began to be installed in new casinos in 2012.

I have found this combination of winning strategies to be a cheap yet approach to slot machine gambling while resulting in the lowest profit margin. Using in the local casino is required only $ 500 per visit and $ 250 in return on most visits without taxable jackpot. But then there are taxable jackpots won, which are more than some of the typical jackpots winnings in high-limit slot machines.

As I’m sure you know, one $4,000 jackpot is taxable for many subsequent visits. My experience led to the discovery of the 5-draw method and the best way to use it along with other winning strategies that I know. Next, I learned a strategy I didn’t know.

By using this known strategy, other approaches grew out of him. It’s easy, simple, and relatively cheap. It’s also totally counter-intuitive to what most slot players are told to do. But because they feel this way is the reason why it works.

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Slot players will tell you that it is important to check the last machine play. If it shows the winner, then, skip that machine. Don’t play, that’s the general advice. I said phooey, but I will pull from my 5-turn method with a small caveat.

My high-limit slot trick is this: If the slot machine shows a win, BET ONCE. However, let the machine if it has been played recently.

If it will work, the slot machine showing the win must be idle for some time and probably not idle if the seat is still pulled out. A pull-out chair is a great cue that newbies use.

Is this possible? Some casinos set up slot machines to give an initial taste, the first push of the high-limit slot machine button will win either a “small” jackpot worth a few hundred dollars or a more massive jackpot over $1,200.

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For example, I happened to be in the casino on Friday evening to take care of some tax documents with a car win the night before and noticed that one of the $100 high-limit slot machines showed a $1,000 win. I don’t think that much is a small jackpot, as it is not even taxed, but something I noticed.

When I returned to the casino early the next day, I noticed that the same machine had an identical winning reel combination. This indicates that no one has played the machine for a day.

At first, I didn’t think much of it. But then, standing there and looking at it, I thought about strategies. And remembering it carefully, I learned something.

Before, my strategy is not to play any slot machine if it shows a win. But what if I win in one push of a button on a machine that has not been played for some time? This is perhaps a refinement of the known strategy?

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As always, metaphorically theory in hand, I decided to try. I walked over to the $100 machine showing a $1,000 win, placed my player card along with $100 in the machine, pressed the inside button, and immediately won a $5,000 taxable jackpot.

To date, this is the only time when I have won any taxable jackpot on a $100-denomination slot machine. I used this strategy in the same casino and, shortly after, won $500 with one 1-credit bet on another $100 slot machine.

One loose end with the use of this strategy is the question of how long the slot machine must be idle to turn into a winning slot machine through this strategy? The honest and straightforward answer: I don’t know. But consider my observations.

I have found more slot machines that win with this strategy if I come to the casino on Friday morning (especially after a busy Friday night) or mid-afternoon on Friday.

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This is usually the most complete time when slot machines are not played, and idle for some important time. But how long should it be inactive, you ask? I’m still gathering clues about it.

Another clue came from Eric Rosenthal, with whom I have second-hand information. He knows someone he trusts from a slot manufacturer who tells him that the slot machine resets when he prints the voucher.

That’s interesting. If that’s true, then idle means no time. So, the information is just enough to tell you how long you’ve been unemployed – but I don’t think so.

Why? Because I have seen 30 minutes work when the next player immediately does not. Other times, I’ve seen it work after being idle for just a few hours. Another area of ​​uncertainty is maybe, more like probably, different casinos are regulated differently.

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But I have made some effort to try to understand this. After some thought, one week later, I returned to the casino and took a handwritten note of all the spinning reels now showing in all the high-limit slot machines.

A little over a day later, I returned to the casino with the intention of executing the usual strategy but bringing extra cash to push the button once in any high-limit slot machine still showing the same reel play from the previous day.

Unfortunately, it was a beautiful day in January with high enough temperatures not seen in months. Somehow, for this reason, the casino and the high-limit slot machine room were crowded.

I mention this because, I found that ALL slot machines have been played when checking the reel spins in each slot machine. I then played the usual strategy, and to my dismay a little, I did not win one time despite four straight before the visit where I made 50% to 60% over the bankroll I had brought.

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What I learned from this confirmation, for example, is the win I have seen when using my strategy five spins and then stop there in the silent slot machine. To be clear, I have

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