Slot Machine Tattoo Designs

Slot Machine Tattoo Designs – Most professional gamblers are very creative people who like to express themselves in unique ways. They may not be the most obvious candidates for tattoos, but most of them have received one or more body art designs that reflect their personality and career.

Tattoos can sometimes be useful while gambling. For example, there is nothing scarier than sitting across from someone at the poker table with a poker-themed tattoo. If they find gambling so important in their lives, they probably spend more time thinking about the game than you do—so be careful trying to trick them!

Slot Machine Tattoo Designs

These tattoos aren’t just for decoration, but many of these gamblers have taken their tattoo designs to the next level by getting card-themed body art. These famous gamblers are not afraid to show their love of gambling in public and I am sure that other gamblers and poker fans will appreciate these tattoos.

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Professional gamblers are not only good at reading casino odds but some of them have good tattoo taste, as well. In this article, we take a closer look at four professional gamblers and their tattoo designs.

Known worldwide as just Neymar, this Brazilian soccer player has earned the title of being the most expensive player of all time. Neymar’s former team, FC Barcelona, ​​sold him to Paris Saint-Germain for $222 million in 2017. Neymar is also a staple of the Brazilian National Team.

Some of his most famous tattoos are a flower on his left arm, emojis on his calves, Olympic rings on his left hand to represent Brazil’s gold medal at the 2016 Olympics, and motivational phrases and quotes.

While Neymar is most famous for being an actor, he is also a known fan of gambling. He is an ambassador for PokerStars, the behemoth of online poker, casino games, and sports betting.

New Art Happened Today By Ben Roach At Roach & Company Tattoo Emporium In Clemson, Sc.

American rapper Nelly (real name Cornell Haynes, Jr.) has been very successful as a solo artist and part of the St. Louis rap group. St. Louis Lunatics.

Nelly is also an avid poker player who has been photographed playing in the World Series of Poker and several cash games in various US casinos. The rapper was part of a viral video in 2020 that showed him being beaten by another player at a casino table because of his poker skills.

Nelly has a large number of tattoos, but the most visible is on her right shoulder and bicep. Featuring five playing cards spelling out “Nelly” and a pair of dice, it’s clear the rapper loves to gamble.

Some of Nelly’s tattoos are the word “Moses” on her right arm to show her leadership of her team and a bleeding heart on the left side of her chest.

Seamless Pattern With Traditional Tattoo Designs: Dice, Clover, Knife, Lightning Bolt, Panther, Tattoo Machine, Tooth, Snake, Horseshoe And Arrow In Black And White Stock Vector Image By ©robzs #171227398

Ben Affleck is a famous Hollywood actor. In the world of gambling, Affleck is best known for his football face. He is a vocal fan of skill-based gambling games like blackjack and poker and has been spotted playing in casinos around the world. Affleck is also a regular at private games and tournaments like the World Series of Poker.

Affleck’s tattoos aren’t visible when he’s dressed formally for movies, but they can be seen when he’s going shirtless or wearing short sleeves on red carpets.

Affleck’s biggest tattoo is of a giant phoenix across his back. He also has a dolphin tattoo on his lower back, “OV” on his shoulder, and a cross surrounded by flowers on his left bicep.

Beth Shak is a professional poker player and a noted collector of designer shoes, especially Christian Louboutins. While Shak is not as well known as other poker players, she is one of the most consistent female players in the poker scene, both in cash games and tournaments.

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Shak’s first tattoo was done by TLC reality star Ami James of the “NY Ink” show. Placed on his groin area, the tattoo combines his love of shoes and the sign of the Zodiac (Scorpio) into one harmonious design.

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