Slot Machine Tattoo Ideas

Slot Machine Tattoo Ideas – Looking for some exciting and unique 777 tattoo designs? Find the best 777 tattoo ideas you can relate to right here!

777 tattoos are quite commonly seen in a variety of designs worn by men and women.

Slot Machine Tattoo Ideas

Unlike the number 444 which means passion and ambition, the meaning of 777 is associated with good luck. In addition, in Christianity, this number represents the Holy Trinity.

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Now that you know the meaning of 777 tattoos, you can easily use this article to choose a tattoo that matches your personality and beliefs. One of the advantages of a 777 tattoo is that it can be inked anywhere on your body and can be in plain sight or hidden.

Please continue reading this article to learn more about the different types of tattoos associated with this special number.

Handwriting tattoos are popular these days and a simple yet charming tattoo like this could be all you need to unlock your happiness! As in the picture, small tattoos like this one look good on the forearm, or on the wrist.

Mostly, in Irish culture, 4 leaf clover is a symbol of good luck. Therefore, a design like this further enhances the 777 tattoo meaning. You can ask your tattoo artist to use light and dark green shades as pictured above or even use the same design in black and white.

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If you can read the German language or find it interesting, why not get your tattoo0 in German? In the German language, ‘seven’ is written as ‘sieben’. This tattoo looks quite simple yet delicate because of the cursive way it is written. For those who are proficient in Spanish, you can easily turn this into a Mexicano 777 tattoo by replacing the word ‘sieben’ with ‘siete’.

If you are interested in quirky tattoos, then this option is the right one for you! Here the number 777 is depicted on a slot machine, which is related to the 777 meaning. Are you wondering, why? Well, you can learn that information here. In slot machines, getting this number means winning the jackpot. Therefore, this tattoo is pretty self-descriptive with the word ‘happy’ inked on top. It is certainly a small yet significant design.

If colorful and vibrant 777 tattoos pique your interest, then here’s a cool design for you! Again a slot machine with 777 was depicted. However, the variety of colors used by the tattoo artist definitely made the design pop on the skin.

Outline tattoos have a charm of their own because of their simplicity. You will find many outline 777 tattoos, but it is difficult to be satisfied with the best design. Here the number is outlined in bold black ink, which stands out. A tattoo like this can be inked on your upper arm like in the photo or even on your ankle.

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If you like face tattoos and want to commit to one, then here is a good choice for you. The number is inked on the side of the face and red ink is used to make the tattoo stand out. You will also notice that the tattoo is tattoos, and so if you choose to get this tattoo, it will be clearly visible to those around you.

If you are looking for cool 777 tattoo ideas, then here is a perfect one for you. Of all things, the heart is surely one of the cutest and most used symbols to get yourself inked with. So, if you combine it with your 777 tattoos as pictured above, it will make a very beautiful design.

Abstract designs are not only unique but reflect a kind of artistry that can be touching. In this tattoo, the 777 is inked in a way to mimic how the number 7 would be written in old font styles. However, the shading and overall structure of the numbers gives it a sort of abstract appearance. The detail on this piece is further enhanced by the white ink.

Want to feel like royalty? A 777 with a crown on top might be just what you need! With the intricate detail in the crown and the number 777, this tattoo definitely stands out. Also, the combination of the crown symbol, which reflects strength and triumph, and the number 777, which means happiness, together have a powerful meaning.

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Now that you have read this article and have information about what 777 is and the different types of 777 tattoos, you can easily get inked with any one of these designs. You can visit a tattoo shop or even have a tattoo party, where you can invite your friends over and get 777 tattoos that are related to each other.

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Roulette tattoos are one of the best choices for those interested in getting a gambling tattoo. The many elements of this tattoo theme make it a great tattoo option to get inked.

The history of roulette wheel tattoos is quite interesting. There are several accounts and each one is more fun than the other. Many believe that the roulette wheel originated in Ancient Rome. When the ancient Roman warriors would get bored after the day’s intense battle, they played various games to entertain themselves through the evening. Roulette was a welcome distraction from their ubiquitous hardships during the day and a great way for the soldiers to unwind and relax. This is how many believe the roulette table originated.

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Other people rely on more information and believe that the origin of the roulette wheel can be attributed to the ancient Chinese. Winning this game of chance had similar rules in China. However, instead of numbers, the wheel was painted with images of wild animals found in China at the time. Some believe that the roulette wheel was invented by the legendary French mathematician, Blaise Pascal. Among many things, an interesting fact about this is that Pascal made the roulette wheel by accident. Initially, he only intended to make a perpetual motion machine. It quickly became breaking news when news of this happy accident came out!

The roulette wheel tattoo is significant in appearance due to its elaborate design. For those who don this tattoo, it is symbolic of luck and control over one’s destiny. Millions of people around the planet go to casinos every day. . Some of them really thrive on the excitement synonymous with gambling. While the pain of losing comes as a blow, the thrill of winning remains unmatched for all gamblers. The roulette wheel tattoo is a constant reminder of the ups and downs in life and the desire to live life to the fullest in all its glory. It’s the perfect fit for those who like to take calculated risks, live on the edge, and are looking for ink to tell their unique story through body art.

Roulette wheels are usually made into elaborate tattoos. The wheel itself is accompanied by various elements such as poker cards and dice. Therefore, the shoulder area is the perfect place for this heavily crafted tattoo. It may come as a bit of a shock, but tattoo roulette is a trend among inmates, as it is often a sign of gang culture. This Chicano style (Mexican style) tattoo is a lively amalgamation of a host of features such as the text that says “loyalty” which is an integral part of gang culture, the ever so iconic Mexican landscape, the gangster in a skull cap and finally the main feature of the tattoo roulette which is the wheel itself. This tattoo might cost you a ton of money considering the sheer number of details, but it’s guaranteed to be a great conversation starter wherever you go.

Immortalized in ink, this classic sketch of a roulette wheel looks chic. This is the perfect tattoo for those who are drawn to classic body art as it can never go out of style. The tattoo looks like a sketch and the shade is absolutely flawless. This roulette wheel tattoo design is one of the most popular gambling tattoo around the world. People who love to bet money can often be seen tattooed with this particular design.

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This simple roulette tattoo design is a work of art. Although it is understated, it has a charm that gives the glamor and majesty of the other roulette tattoo design ideas you may come across while watching a video

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