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Thailand’s biggest rock band, this Bangkok-based four-piece – singer Karinawat Durangjitakan (aka Foot), bassist Atheerth Pentong (aka Guk), guitarist Genyut Chanpanyaong (aka Wet) and drummer Sittart Panchchunan (aka Auto) turn of the millennium. and has recently released his first full-length English album,

Slot Machine Thai

. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, who has worked with the likes of U2, Thirty Seconds To Mars, XTC and The Psychedelic Furs, this is the band’s first attempt to break into the western rock scene.

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Given how well they’ve done in their native Thailand – they’ve supported Lincoln Park in Bangkok, headlined the city’s biggest indoor venue and released five studio albums – it’s surprising to see The quartet would not enjoy the same success. the world…

Foote: “We went on the Family Values ​​tour in 1998 and we saw Limp Bizket and Korn. It was a great show and we decided we wanted to do something!”

Foote: “We just want to write and record our own songs. We don’t want to grow up; We just want to make our own kind of music.

Foote: “We liked the word ‘machine’ because it evokes the energy of rock music, and a slot machine represents the idea of ​​infinite outcomes – so we can do whatever we want in terms of creativity.” We think it’s a great name and no one has used it before.

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Foote: “I think Thai culture is very interesting for foreigners and tourists. And, being from Thailand, we wanted to incorporate elements of it into our sound to create a new style of music.

Guck: “I think it’s unique because we’re bringing together different parts of different cultures. We come from Asia, so I think it’s important to show that in our music.

Foote: “It was a huge venue, and it was the first time we had the opportunity to open for Lincoln Park. At the time, they were very popular in Thailand, so there were 30,000 people in the audience! During our show, we We tried to make as many fans as possible and I think we did. It was a great experience for us.”

And you’ve now expanded a venue in Bangkok to 15,000 fans. Did that Linkin Park set give you the taste of life you want?

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On your second album, Mutation, you worked with Scott Moffatt from The Moffatts – what was that experience like?

Foote: “When we worked with Scott on that album, it was the first time we were really making our own music – including the lyrics. Both the band and Scott wanted to challenge each other and try something new. were

And now you’ve released your new album, Spin the World. Was it easy to transition from singing it in Thai to English?

Foote: “It was very difficult and very different because we had to understand the culture as well. But Steve Lillywhite, who produced this album, was very helpful when we were writing the lyrics – we wrote them together.

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Foote: “Steve has won six Grammy Awards, so of course, we learned a lot from him in the studio. But I think our live show will help us make new fans as well.”

Guk: “I think what makes us interesting is to see the world as an Asian band, with our unique Thai and English sound. Everyone knows about our food and it’s a good place to visit. But a rock band in Thailand? We are so rare!”

Foote: “We hope that every Asian band will be able to enter the world music scene like K-Pop and J-Pop. We are the first band from Thailand to do it but hopefully we can help others.

Guk: “Yes, there are a lot of great bands in Thailand. We want to be at the forefront and give the same opportunities that we have to other bands.” The neutrality of this article is controversial. Related discussions can be found on the discussion page. Please do not remove this message until the conditions for doing so are met. (March 2015) (Learn how and how to remove this template message)

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Slot Machine (สุลันที่มื่วิว) is a Thai rock band from Bangkok. Their song “Phan” (“Yesterday”) won Song of the Year at the Seed Awards in January 2007.

“Phan” was again honored at the 2nd Seed Awards and nominated for Rock Album of the Year, Rock Artist of the Year and Music Video of the Year.

They were also awarded Band of the Year at the Nine Tristan Awards. The band is duly signed to BEC Teru Music (also known as Sony Music Thailand) and has previously released several albums for Sony Music.

The neutrality of this article is controversial. Related discussions can be found on the discussion page. Please do not remove this message until the conditions for doing so are met. (March 2016) (Learn how and how to remove this template message)

Slot Machine (band)

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The slot machine was created by a group of high school boys competing in national music competitions. The band released their self-titled debut album in 2004, featuring their first single ‘Ro’ (I’m Waiting For You), followed by ‘Mutation’ in 2006, produced by Scott Moffat, a Canadian boy band. Former member of The Moffats. . Moffat added a new element to their music and the album spawned two hits: ‘Faan’ (Yesterday) and ‘Kham Sathai’ (Song For You). Shortly after the release of their second album, Slot Machine was selected as the opening act for the 2007 Lincoln Park Bangkok concert. In 2008, the band released their third studio album ‘Grey’. It was a more challenging album with more experimental sounds on songs such as ‘Fan’ (Dream) and ‘Rio Do’ (Grey Sky).

Their best-selling album, to date, is ‘Sail’, which has received several media awards in SE Asia. Album tracks include ‘Chen Chau’ (Farewell) and ‘Fra Athat Song Klot’ (Golden Age).

In 2013, Slot Machine was nominated for ‘Best Southeast Asian Act’ at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and their ongoing work with MTV on the network’s Human Trafficking Awareness Concerts resulted in the band performing on the same stage. Was doing it like Jason Merz on MTV. Exit Live In Myanmar charity concert, held in front of 70,000 people at People’s Square (Schwedagon, Yangon) to raise awareness about human trafficking.

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Slot Machine were again nominated for Best South East Act at the MTV EMAs in 2014 – and released their fifth album, ‘Rainbow’, in the same year, produced by Australian producer Daniel Dolom. The album included the singles ‘Rang’ (Rainbow) and ‘Khaloom’, which received over 149 million views on YouTube.

On JD 2014, Slot Machine celebrated its 10th anniversary with a live concert, ‘Slot Machine – The First Connect’, at Impact Ara, Thailand’s largest indoor concert venue.

Slot Machine’s debut all-glish album was released in early 2016, produced by six-time Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Lillywhite. The album started a new chapter in the band’s career. The Slot Machine singer shared his experiences working with Foote producers: “We have worked with foreign producers before but Steve was different. He has worked with the biggest bands in the world. It was an amazing experience for us to work with him. , he saw us perform. Want to live and work with us! Steve is very easy to work with and he made us all feel at ease. A month flew by very quickly. Initially, we planned to work on only four tracks, but before we knew it. That, we had finished the Tire album.” The album was recorded over a month at Karma Sound Studios. Steve Lilly White shared his thoughts on seeing the band live for the first time, “I was amazed by both their musical talent and the age of their vocals. I was surprised to see, who were young for a rock band, it is my principle that I must see a band. Perform live first before deciding whether to work with them. The slot machine inspired me. It’s great to see young voices enjoying their music. It’s new for me. I thought I could help the band reach another level.”

‘Spin the World’ was followed by an extensive international tour throughout the UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA. In 2018, Slot Machine collaborated with two American producers: Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons and The vy Corp) and Justin Stanley (Beck, Prince, David Bowie), and released the first new single Glish “To Your Amy”. know “, which was chosen as the theme for the ROV World Gaming Championship. The second single, Hummingbird, was released to great critical acclaim in September 2019. Slot Machine is back with their brand-new English-language album, Third Eye View Three members,

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