Stampede Slot Machine For Sale

Stampede Slot Machine For Sale – We discovered this machine at New York-New York Hotel & Casino. We were walking through the casino when we heard a loud “Rope em in Cowboy” coming from a bank of 3 rush machines in front of Il Fornaio Italian Restaurant at the edge of the casino floor. We looked at the machines and thought this game might be fun, so we decided to sit down and give it a try.

The Stampede machine is a penny slot machine with a maximum bet of $0.90. To trigger a bonus game you need to get 3 Stampede symbols, one on each reel. When the bonus game is activated, the machine screams “It’s a Stampede”. During the bonus game you rope in a number of cows. There are 4 different progressive jackpots. Line up 3 pink cows and you’ll earn about $5, line up 3 blue cows and you’ll earn about $15, line up 2 brown cows and you’ll get about $95 dollars and the grand prize for 2 green cows is about $500. Of course, you will only have a shot at these progressive jackpots when you play max bet.

Stampede Slot Machine For Sale

We sat down and donated $60 to the “Help MGM Resorts Through Summer Fund” and started max bet. We played for about 5 minutes when two other couples sat down at the other 2 vacant Stampede machines. Our machine has shown us no love! Do you ever feel like you’ve chosen the wrong line at the cash register in a supermarket? This seems to be the story of our life. The people playing the other two machines started their game and got bonus round after bonus round. They were up from $20 to about $200 in 15 minutes. During the same time we lost our first $60 and put in another $40.

Williams Jackpot Stampede Deluxe Edition Dotmation Slot Machine For Sale In Queen Creek, Az

We were close to giving up when we got 3 Stampede symbols for a bonus round. This bonus round took quite a while and in the end we got 2 brown cows and some other wins for a total of $102. We paid out and put away our TITO as it was the first day of our trip. We would put it in our safe and use it at a later time during the trip. At least this victory made up for our losses.

We reconsidered and decided to play a little longer since the other machines kept hitting so we took another $40 out of our wallet and fed the machine. We hoped to be as happy as the couples sitting next to us. Within 10 spins we got 3 Stampede symbols again which triggered a new bonus round. First we got a blue cow, then a pink cow and then a blue cow again. We thought, “well, that’s going to be another $15 bonus”. Then a green cow appeared on our screen. We only needed one more green cow for the big prize………The machine spun and spun but no cows in sight, no other small prizes either. Then lightning struck: BOOM, the second green cow stopped on the third reel. JACKPOT!!!!

See the pictures below, we won the largest progressive jackpot of $450, 08. A nice start to our trip. Since drinking our second 32 oz. frozen margarita we were extra happy. What a way to start a Vegas vacation.

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