Stardew Valley Slot Machine

Stardew Valley Slot Machine – You can access the Casino through the back door of the Oasis, in the Calico Desert. To access it, you must complete the quest “The Mysterious Qi”: otherwise the Bouncer will not let you in.

Mr Qi is always at the Casino. There is a exchange machine to the right of Qi — you can use it to exchange gold to Qi coins, the exchange rate is 10:1. You can use Qi coins to gamble, as well as to buy items. In the upper left corner of the room, you can check your stats which will be displayed in the terminal.

Stardew Valley Slot Machine

It’s called CalicoJack). When playing CalicoJack, you can choose between two tables, with a low stake (100 Qi coins) and a high stake (1,000 Qi coins). In the Casino, you can also buy the Statue of Endless Luck from the suspicious character in the upper right corner. The price is 1,000,000 gold.

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The casino also has a shop. You may not be able to see it with some resolution settings. In this case, we recommend that you zoom out or use the “use button.” Here is a list of items you can buy in the shop priced in Qi coins: Burnt Offering (4,000), Spiers (3,000), Primal Motion (5,000), Rarecrow #3 (10,000), Highway 89 (4,000), Warp Totem: Farm (500), Top Hat (8,000), Magnet (1,000), and Hardwood Fence (100). There’s a bit of gambling at one of the festivals in Stardew Valley, but you won’t be engaging in high stakes wins until you find the Casino. Located behind Sandy’s Oasis in the Calico Desert, the Casino is likely one of the last places you’ll be unlocked – as well as one of the unfamiliar locations in the game. Be careful, you can lose a lot of money here.

To unlock the Casino, you must first get a Club Card. This requires completing the Mysterious Qi quest, which will take you to the Calico Desert once, maybe twice. Either way, you need to fix the bus to the Desert to consider getting into the Casino. The casino is open as long as Sandy’s Oasis is open, although once you’re inside you can stay as long as you like.

Like most video game casinos, Stardew Valley Casino runs its own currency: Qi Coins. Named after the mysterious owner of the Casino, Qi Coins are exchanged at the machines in the Casino at a rate of 100 Qi Coins for 1,000 gold, or 1:10. You need Qi Coins to play the game here, where you can also win more Qi Coins.

The main game of the Casino is CalicoJack. This is a stripped-down version of Blackjack where you and the dealer draw cards and try to get twenty-one points without going over them. If you pass twenty-one, you are broke and lose. It is essentially identical to Blackjack in many ways, the main difference being that you can only get cards of higher value than nine on your initial draw.

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There are two tables where you can play CalicoJack. The first, on the left, allows you to bet 100 Qi Coins per game. The same, on the right, allows you to bet 1,000 Qi Coins.

What casino would be complete without a slot machine? You can bet ten or one hundred Qi Coins on the spin of the wheel. Match any of the combinations on the right to win big. It’s that simple, really.

Want to put those Qi Coins to good use? You can! In the upper right corner of the Casino (depending on the resolution of your monitor you may need to zoom out to see it), you can find a man who will gladly give you an item for your Qi Coins. They are quite rare, and worth getting mainly for aesthetic purposes:

On the left of Mr. Qi You will see a bear-shaped computer terminal. This terminal contains various statistics about your current character, such as steps taken, gifts given, items created, trash recycling, and so on. Nothing particularly important, but fun.

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To the right of the Qi Coin dispenser is a sly-looking weirdo who offers to sell the Statue of Endless Fortune. Price? 1,000,000 gold. Good grief. However, the Statue is worth the cost, as it will give you an item on the NPC’s birthday – and the item will become a favorite of the same NPC. Expensive, but a great, fast way to build affectionate value fast. Stardew Valley is a game with a lot of late game content. This can be seen when you finally reach the Calico Desert and enter the Cave of the Skulls. While the desert seemed very barren; There’s a big secret hidden inside Sandy’s shop.

When you enter you will see that there is a guard blocking the door, this door leads to the gaming casino. To get the bouncer moving, you’ll first need to complete a quest, which may be a little scary at first. The guide below will teach you how to unlock the casino, as well as how to use it.

To unlock the casino, you must complete the “Mysterious Master Qi” quest line. This will require you to find some secret records and refill the requirements. To start, take the battery and enter the bus tunnel, you will find a box on the side of the tunnel — place the battery in it.

Next, you need to take ten bits and put them in Mayor Lewis’ Fridge. After that, go to the desert and find the dragon in the sand. Place Solar Essence in his mouth and return home to check your pyre to complete the quest. This will give you a club card and now you can visit the casino.

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Like most casinos, the way to win prizes is by betting special tokens. You will see a machine near Mr Qi that you can use to exchange your gold for coins.

Both games are a bit random, but you have a bit more control in Calico Jack, which plays like Blackjack. After you win a lot of coins, you can go to the counter to cash it out. Here are the gifts you can buy for Qi coins:

It is possible to buy only the coins needed for each prize, but this is not recommended as it can cost a lot of gold.

In addition to the shop, there will be an NPC in the corner who will sell the Statue of Endless Fortune for 1,000,000 gold. The statue can be placed on your farm and will earn you one reward a day, the rewards the statue may give include special bars and diamonds.

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