Super Jackpot Party Slot Machine Free

Super Jackpot Party Slot Machine Free – Description: Williams Jackpot Party Dotmations Slot Machine, WMS, 1998. The Jackpot Party slot machine features three reels as well as a 192×64 dot matrix display (DMD). It was such a popular theme that Williams reused the Jackpot Party name as Jackpot Beach Party (purple glass) and Jackpot Country Party (brown glass). Used different sound ROMs and different dotmatrix ROMs. When the party blower appears in all three reel windows; The slot machine goes to a bonus game which is a matrix of boxes. An animated hand moves through the boxes and the patron must press a spin button (showing a bonus number) to reveal which box is behind it. If “poop” appears after a field. The bonus game is over. This popular theme is also featured on the Model 550 video slot machines. Available in 5 coin models. The game also features two different colored goggles (green/aqua and blue).

A multiline slot with a theme of going to a party. By collecting three party favors anywhere in the pay window, the player enters the second party bonus round. The party involves selecting titles in a grid on a dotmation display board to win coins. The party continues until the party chooses a title that hides the poor party (the screen says “bastard”). As a special feature, the player will get an extra “Surprise Party” from the defeat combination. The coin values ​​behind the tiles are between 1 and 20 for a 1 coin bet. For many coin bets, The coin values ​​behind the titles are multiplied by the coin bets (ie the coin values ​​range from 5 to 100 for a 5 coin bet). Also available at Jackpot Beach Party and Jackpot Country Party. Jackpot Beach The reel strips for Jackpot Country and Jackpot Party are the same; The top glass is different for the three games (JP Party is aqua, JP Beach is purple, and JP Country is brown). They all use the same reel, with a small party amplifier above the reel. The XU2/XU3 processor software is also the same as Jackpot Party (the DMD and audio files are different for the three games).

Super Jackpot Party Slot Machine Free

If you have a Williams Jackpot Party slot machine for sale (working or not), Please contact me at Historically, Slot machines are one of the few casino games that are impossible to analyze without inside information on how the game is programmed. Every other casino game is open about its rules, so the amount can be calculated. But with slots, the player is at the mercy of unknown reel strips. The casino does not tell the player the spread of symbols on the slots, nor does it tell the player what the weighting is for single-line slots. It doesn’t seem to bother most players, but it bothers me.

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In an attempt to break this secret wall, I recorded 212 plays of the game Jackpot Party on my cell phone. Then I went home and entered every result into a spreadsheet. I finally did the math to determine what I was up against. This page describes what I found.

Step One – Data Collection The Jackpot Party game is simple in design and is how video slot machines typically work, so I decided to study it. When I wrote this game, it was quite out of date. But on January 24, In 2012, I found the “classic” penny version at the Wynn. I had my cell phone camera in hand and played as fast as I could for eight minutes. I came back after lunch to record another 10 minutes. You can find videos of me playing on YouTube:

When I got home, I hired my brother to manually record the three visible symbols on each reel for the 212 bets on the first video. This video is enough; I don’t think a second one is necessary.

Step Two – The Reel Strips To write a long short story; As I suspected, each reel only had different combinations of the three symbols. Specifically, I noticed the following patterns for the reel that was not accessible from the first video.

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212 hits on the first video is enough to ensure that every combination is seen at least once. If I find a missing part in the reel strips. I still have the second video to pull back. However, it is never required.

The next step is like a jigsaw puzzle. I had to find different combinations of three symbols to make a complete reel. It took a few hours, but I finally figured it out. The tricky part is that one sequence (blue 7-plum-orange) appears in two separate places on reel 2.

The chart below is the result of many hours of effort. Shows the perfect spinning draw for a Jackpot party.

The way multi-line video slots work is that they draw random numbers, one for each reel. It is to determine where to stop on the reel panels. In this case, The game is reel 1; Two random integers 1 to 26 will be selected for reels 3 and 5, and two random numbers 1 to 29 for reels 2 and 4. It will then map those random numbers to a position on the reels.

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For example, The game is number 10; 7, 7, 3, If 21 is selected for reels 1 to 5 respectively and mapped to the position on the reels at the top of the screen. The screen will look like this:

Step 3 – Pay Table The pay table can be easily viewed from the rule screens. That’s why the first video shows me running through it. 7s. There are three symbols: fruits and bonus. Win three to five symbols of the same 7 color. In addition, A 7 symbol in a combination of three to five is a low win. Wins for three to five fruits, but no wins for mixed fruits. However, there is a “wild fruit” symbol that can substitute for any fruit. The player also pays for 1 to 5 wild fruit symbols. All sevens and fruit wins are adjusted, This means that all wins start with the leftmost reel. The player is the highest prize per line.

Step Four – Line Pay Math The next table shows the number of combinations for each possibility. If you attempt to duplicate this table, it will not be the same; This is because some wins can be achieved equally in two different ways. for example, Wild Fruit-Wild Fruit-Cherry-Blue 7-Watermelon wins 5 for two wild fruits or three cherries. Cells are blank unless there is a win.

A mathematical analysis of the line payout with wild symbol and seven winning combinations is boring, It’s complicated and error-prone. In my firm opinion, The safest and easiest way to analyze line pay wins is to score every possible outcome in five nested loops.

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The lower right cell shows the total winning combinations of 1,516,294. Jackpot Party has 26×29×26×29×26 = 14, 781, 416 total possible combinations. This is a hit frequency per line of 1, 516, 294/14, 781, 416 = 10.258%. In other words, The player has a 10.3% chance of winning something on a given line.

The next table shows the probability of each win. This is the number of combinations in each cell above divided by the total number of combinations of 14, 781, 416.

The next table shows the product of each winning probability and what it pays. The right axel shows that the player can expect to win 59.60% of his bet per line payout.

Level five – the bonus is on reels 1; 3 and 5 have two “party” symbols. If the player gets one in all three reels, the bonus will be played. Note that party symbols do not have to be on a single line. It is scored as a “scatter” symbol; That means you can be anywhere to get credit for it.

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There are 30 gifts in the bonus round. The player will continue to pick up gifts and collect the money inside them until they select “Party Pooper”. There are six Party Poopers. Even Party Poopers win at least 1. The table below shows how all prizes are distributed. All prizes are tied to the total amount bet on the starting spin.

The next table shows the probability from 0 to 25 in the bonus selection, including the bonus selection ending Party Pooper. The probability of picking exactly n is permut(24, n-1)×6/permut(30, n), where permut(24, n-1)×6/permut(30, n) is the number of ways to select successful choices out of 24. Pooper, It is partitioned in several ways to select item n out of 30.

The right column shows the product of the probability and the number of choices. The lower right cell is the sum of the expected counts.

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