Swtor Kingpin Bounty Slot Machine Rewards

Swtor Kingpin Bounty Slot Machine Rewards – One of the most popular events in Star Wars: The Old Republic – Gambling on Nar Shadda, called the Nightlife event, allows you to play virtual slots and win in-game prizes. The 2020 version introduces new rewards and some new missions This brings you to make-sha for a short time

IMPORTANT: I ​​have released a new guide for SWTOR Nightlife Events 2022 Guide. Check back to see what new items have been introduced for this edition of the seasonal event

Swtor Kingpin Bounty Slot Machine Rewards

Nar Shada Nightlife is a limited time event at Star Wars: The Old Republic. It takes place once every year, usually during the summer and allows you to participate in fun missions with in-game coins on virtual slots to win in-game prizes.

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The event expands to Make-Shaw in 2020 The starter missions are the same (described and detailed below). There are several new missions, rewarding you with Casino Chips, Credits and XP/Renown.

The event is open to all players and this year it expanded to Mech-Sha, which was released with Onslaught 6.0.

Nightlife 2020 also offers some new prizes available as a random win from slots and/or a random purchase from prize sellers.

There are two intro cinematics you can watch in flight – one for the Republic, one for the Empire. You can watch them in the two clips below To participate in the event, you don’t need to watch these cinematics, you can just travel to Narshadam’s casino.

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The event is usually active once per year for about a month and is held at Nar Shabda – Club Vertica Casino for Republic players and Star Cluster Casino for citizens of the Empire. The new location on the Make-Shaw is on the market, located in the Three Points Zone

You can take a cruise on the Nara Sound via your private yacht to the Lower Promenade, which will allow you to visit the casino.

The duration of the event was extended by two weeks and the new end date is now August 25. Eric Moscow made the announcement on July 17th at the Forum. This acts as a compensation for bugs that plague events and in some cases prevents players from completing missions and fully participating in events.

Updated Odds Of The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event (6.1.2a)

New locations on Make-Shaw, added in 2020, are on the market in the Three Point Zone. Mech-Sha was released with Onslaught in the fall of 2019, so it’s understandable why it wasn’t available the previous year.

Below is a map of the zone and the exact location of the markets and slot machines

Participation is very simple – just like a real life casino You can play on three different types of slot machines:

You can purchase green and blue chips from casino cashier droids – they are spread around.

Swtor Nightlife 2020 Event Guide And Rewards

There is a global cooldown of 5 seconds before playing on the same slot and 1.5 seconds before playing a chip on any slot. This means you can play on at least two green slots at the same time, saving yourself the wait (if you have enough chips). Stand between machines, this way you’ll be able to click faster and get more results for the time you spend at the casino.

When you play on the green slot, you have a 50% chance to get your chips back and about a 10% chance to get the “feel lucky” buff. This buff lasts for two minutes and can be used to increase your chances of winning items when you play on purple slots.

The increased probability is actually a very small percentage You can also get a Golden Certificate from Green Slots, but the chance of that happening is less than 1%. In very rare cases the machine may explode in your face, which is another way to lose your chips. In some rare cases (~5% chance) you may get back two chips instead of one

The most valuable prize, though, is probably the Kingpin Chip – you have about a 5% chance of getting it from the green slot. Playing green slots for kingpin ships is the cheapest (but most time-consuming!) way to earn kingpin chips for purple slots.

The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event Is Coming Back On August 2nd

You can see a complete list of awards, images and video reviews in the “Awards” section below

Why all the fuss over purple slots? You can earn some rare rewards on them Like the Green Slot, here too you have a 50% chance to get your Kingpin Tokens back. The golden certificate here will drop a bit higher than the green slot Again the machine could blow up in your face, but this would be a very (very!) rare occurrence.

The best rewards from the Kingpin’s machines are two jackpot items – the Vectron BWL Wrath Mount and a new Rodian companion. Both of these have an incredibly low chance of dropping for you Having the “Feel Lucky” buff will slightly increase the chance of getting cool items

Newly added for 2020, Emperor’s Grace slots are machines with a giant statue of a hat.

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You can only use Emperor’s Casino Chips on them and they are a rare item You can get it as a guaranteed reward for completing the Doubtful Odds mission while the event is live

Some new missions have been added to the event for its 2020 edition The most interesting one is “Fake Token: Make-Sha”. Not the mission itself – it’s on the simpler side in terms of objectives and gameplay mechanics, but it’s sending you to another planet… New to the nightlife event.

When you arrive at Nara Shabad Casino, you should open your map and take a quick look around. Look for the orange triangle markers that indicate available missions around and pick them up

The place to start is “Ad Terminal”. There are several available around, all offering the same mission

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Completing these missions will reward you with tokens that you can use in slots and some extra credits, XP/Renown.

The Doubtful Odds mission is a small chain of mini-missions Talk to the pit boss (it has a quest mark on its head). He will give you these missions one by one

The final two missions are “fake token” missions – one for Nar Shada and one for Make-Sha.

Complete pack of missions can be done in few minutes, if all the informants appear A person in nar shadbha tends to get “lost” for empire This bug may be fixed by the time you read this).

Steam Community :: Guide :: Swtor

Completing the Doubtful Odds mission will award you one Emperor’s Favor Token (new chip for the 2020 edition of the event). Prizes from this special machine are also random, but most of the time you won’t win Kingpin tokens. Players often report getting 50x Kingpin Tokens as rewards

Completing the Fake Token mission will also place a buff on your character Its effects depend on the choices you made in the last conversation during this mission:

Funny thing is, the buff actually lasts for ten minutes, the description says “five”. The buff stays active until you win the Kingpin’s Bounty or you leave the planet

The event offers three types of prizes – earned by playing slots purchased from vendors and successful. Below you will find more information and images/videos for all

Changes To The Nar Shaddaa Casino Event (5.2.2)

All are willing to trade old and some new prizes for your golden certificate (earned by playing slots). Below is a complete list of what each of my sellers offers and some pictures highlighting some of the items.

Each slot machine has different prizes Find out where you can win below

As I mentioned above, you won’t win anything by losing your chips except for this prize, which happens in about one out of three plays. You can also watch the machine blow up in your face, which is a fantastic way to lose your chips with some visual effects on the side.

On top of an increased chance to get a golden certificate, a blue chip to play again or in some rare cases – destroy the machine, you’ll win some of the previous year’s prizes listed below.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights Of The Eternal Throne

You also have a very small chance of getting new Emperor’s Grace slot chips, which can be used in the new machine next to the hut statue.

This mount has been available since last year, if you are lucky enough to win it from the Kingpin slot Good luck!

The newly added machine can only be played with the new currency – Emperor

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