Tiny Tina Wonderlands Slot Machine Locations

Tiny Tina Wonderlands Slot Machine Locations – Lucky Dice is one of the collectibles found in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They are golden models of D20s used in table games and when you find them, randomly roll a number from 1 to 20, to determine what kind of loot you get from them. Finding Lucky Dice will also increase your Loot Luck stat. This page will detail where all the Lucky Dice are located in Brighthoof.

Wait until you restore the town to its former glory before going after the Lucky Dice and other collectibles in Brighthoof.

Tiny Tina Wonderlands Slot Machine Locations

Start by fast traveling to the Glitteryards point, then run north until you reach the Wibblesern Well area. There will be a large well in the middle of the center and Lucky Dice will be in that well.

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From the previous location, climb out of the well and continue north to the statue of your character (happens after a certain point in the main story). At the statue, go west and into the dead end there on your map, where you can find the Lucky Dice behind some crates in the corner.

A little north of the previous die, on the map, you should see two piers sticking out, facing northwest-west. Take the stairs right next to them, then the next set of stairs, which lead to a balcony. Lucky Dice will be on the balcony.

As soon as you grab the previous one, go back down the stairs and go north to find a series of pipes. Next to one pipe are some crates, so use them to climb up the pipe. Climb up the next pipe that curves upwards and then jump to the blue roof. At this point you should see the Lucky Dice on the one barrel above you. Locate the other pipe connected to the ceiling and stomp on it. Turn around and then try to jump to the barrel with the Lucky Dice.

Jump down to the dock by the water, near the two sticking out above, and locate the small wooden plank sticking out on the other side to the north. Jump over here and then go up the nearby stairs. Look for two boxes at the top of the stairs, which are covered with a cloth. Climb the crates, then look east to see a ledge you can grab onto. Get a running start and grab the ledge, then look behind the barrels/crates on the nearby balcony for the Lucky Dice.

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The next Lucky Dice requires that you have completed Lyre and Brimstone and are either in the middle of Inner Daemons, or have completed it. There is an area northeast of Glitteryard’s fast travel that is blocked by some gates. These gates will be opened during the Inner Daemons side quest, where you get to explore some coven area. Follow the path down and before you reach the intersection with the large statue, go west to find a village chest in the corner. In the same little corner is a ladder that takes you to Lucky Dice.

Go to the Hawker’s Walk fast travel point and not too far northwest of it will be a hammerhead shark hanging from a rope, right next to the water. Next to the hanging shark is a box, so jump on top of it and then jump to the wooden shelf just above it. Once you’re on this ledge, turn around and you should notice a wooden beam sticking out of the building. You will jump to this beam, but you need a good running start. Once you’ve done that, go up on the roof right next to it and you’ll find the Lucky Dice in a small alcove.

Take the west exit from Izzy’s Fizzies and turn south to see a giant water wheel on a building. Go to the dock at the water’s edge just north of that waterwheel. There should be some stairs nearby, which will eventually take you back to the west exit mentioned above. At the bottom of the stairs you can go behind the boxes to find the Lucky Dice.

Go to the Chestnut Gate fast travel point and just east of it there will be some stairs. There will be a gate here and the Lucky Dice will be behind it, so you need to find a way to open the gate. At the bottom of the stairs are some targets, some big and some small. The smaller ones, a bit hidden a bit under the walkway, will be the ones you want. Shoot the three small targets to see them retreat a bit, to open the gate and get the Lucky Dice.

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Enter Izzy’s Fizzies and find the stairs to the second floor. When you reach it, proceed to the stairs to the third floor, but don’t go up them yet. Look under the stairs to find Lucky Dice behind some crates/barrels.

From the previous location, go up the stairs and go to the roof of Izzy’s Fizzies. Once there, find the rope bridge leading south (right next to the Rune Switch puzzle) and jump onto the wooden platforms to the side. Step on the purple jump pad and as you go south on this roof, cross to the opposite side to see the Lucky Dice on a wooden ledge. Jump to it to reach it easily.

Stay on the rooftops from the previous location and go back over to the first side of the rooftop. Look south to see another roof below you and jump to it. From there, run and jump to the ledge to the south, then cross the rope bridge there. As you round the corner and face northwest, there will be a wooden walkway leading you in that direction. Follow it, then jump over to the wooden platform to the north, then go up onto the roof. There will be another rope bridge heading west here, so take it and you’ll see the Lucky Dice at the end of a wooden beam. Carefully approach it and grab it.

The following Lucky Dice requires you to have completed the main quest, Emotion of the Ocean, as it drains the water in and around Brighthoof.

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From Mane Square, head southwest and look for the large bridge that would eventually lead to the Wibblestern Well area of ​​Brighthoof. On that bridge you should see an area that you can drop to below, where the water once was. Head southeast and look under one dock to find a wooden ledge with a Lucky Dice.

Stay in the same area as the previous location and look at the dead end to the southeast. Between the stones there will be Lucky Dice.

Back at the Chestnut Gate fast travel station, locate the bridge to the southeast, but stop when you’re on it. There is an area where the water used to be below you and at the dead end will be this Lucky Dice.

If you head southwest from the previous location, while staying on the lower part here, you’ll eventually find a sewer pipe that has a broken grate. Go into the pipe and at the end will be Lucky Dice.

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To the west of the Skeleton Key chest is the portal that appears when you fast travel to Brighthoof from the map. Northwest of that portal there will be some docks and there is a lone cannon on one of those docks. If you follow the fuse from the cannon, see if it goes under the doll and leads to a small explosive barrel. Shoot the barrel to light the fuse, causing the cannon to fire and open a hole in a nearby wall. Some enemies will appear from that location, so clear them out and look inside to find the Lucky Dice.

Go to the southwest corner of the seabed, once it’s drained. This will be southeast of Harborside fast travel station. If you come from there, you have to find a way to climb to the upper area, although you can drop down from above. Lucky Dice will be in the southwest corner.

Go to the Harborside fast travel station and look near it to find a wrecked ship. In the wreckage of that ship will be Lucky Dice.

The final Lucky Dice in Brighthoof cannot be obtained until you complete the main story. After that is done, there will be a short epilogue that introduces a few things, one of which is the Queen Butt Stallion’s castle being open. In the castle courtyard, on the south side, you will find the Lucky Dice between some bushes. As you traverse the wonderland, you can collect a lot of loot and take it with you during your quest. Your inventory consists of several locations, each of which yields a specific type of item.

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In addition to having places to equip your gear, you have a backpack. You can use these slots to carry things around. These can be backups

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