Top Dollar Slot Machine Las Vegas

Top Dollar Slot Machine Las Vegas – Top Dollar is my favorite slot machine. I love the game so much that every denomination between a penny and $5 has seen some kind of action. Sometimes that variation occurs in the same casino. In Las Vegas, the Cosmopolitan has the best variety of top dollar slot machines of any casino. Game denominations include a penny, nickel, multiple quarter variations, dollar, $5 and more. Most denominations also have multiple versions. Cosmopolitan is heaven for a top dollar fan like me.

I’m not the only person who likes the Top Dollar theme. Many of us are floating around the world. New versions of the game are always floating in and out of casinos. However, a new premium top dollar recently hit the casino and I need to get my hands on it ASAP. Top Dollar Premium is a reel slot machine with only one pay line and multiple prizes in the bonus round. This new version of Top Dollar is designed for higher limit players.

Top Dollar Slot Machine Las Vegas

Three credits puts you in play for the traditional 1,000 credit top prize. However, this new version of Top Dollar allows for a five credit bet with a top prize of 3,000 credits. Maximum bet credits ($5) can also win two prizes instead of just one. Mo money, mo problem for me.

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Upon release, the new Premium Top Dollar slot machine was only available in a few Las Vegas casinos.

My need to play the game was so intense that I visited a casino near my home. Also, I could kill two new slot machine trials at the same time because Suncoast was the first casino in Las Vegas to offer the new Betty White slot machines. I decided to make a fun morning of the trip with a visit to Duper. When in Rome, right?

Back to top dollar, the new premium game is a long slot machine. The game uses IGT’s new CrystalDual + Stepper cabinet. You may have seen these cabinets with other themes such as Wheel of Fortune flashing around casinos with IGT’s signature. The slot machine was easy to spot because the cabinet is huge, bright and stunning.

Like the original Top Dollar, this version of the game has the traditional three reel and single pay line setup. Part of what keeps me playing Top Dollar is the simplicity of the game. However, the bonus round is what seals the deal for my love of top dollar. The higher level with the bonus game in this version is huge. It looks similar to the original game but more modern and much taller. In keeping with tradition, there are physical buttons to push if you want to “take win” or “try again” in the bonus round. As in the original game, there are four offers per bonus round.

Top Dollar Slot Machine

I get easily excited when it comes to bells and whistles on new slot machines. However, no game has ever matched what I feel about Top Dollar. I started a session with $20 to see how the game went. Ultimately, I just wanted a bonus game. I played 5 credits per spin and my money was gone before I knew what was happening. I dipped back in another $100 and figured I’d at least get a chance at the bonus game to see how it compared to the original.

The new reels and increased bet sizes make this feel faster than what I was used to when playing Top Dollar. The original top dollar machines have a nice slow tempo. They provide a comfortable slot machine experience. Even when I lose playing the original Top Dollar the game is slow enough to where it feels like some entertainment value was offered.

There was not much value in this session of top dollar premiums. I’m not too surprised. All of IGT’s new reel slot machines spin very fast. Increased spin speed speeds up the game. While this generates more revenue for the casino it takes away from the relaxing fun that I have always equated with reel slot machines.

Top Dollar was definitely going too fast for my pre-coffee breakfast and slots session. The extra $2 per spin also cut into the fun times with Top Dollar because there were fewer spins. I’m sure the bonus would have changed my feelings but my $120 investment didn’t last long.

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Despite having a rough session with this new game, my love for Top Dollar will never end. The cabinet for Top Dollar Premium is so huge and bright that I’ll probably end up playing this game sooner rather than later. Dollar slot machines are my favorite place today. They have the best return rates in casinos. Even at $5 per spin it can offer better value than a 2 credit $5 slot machine.

While my initial experience with Top Dollar Premium wasn’t great, I’m impressed with this bigger, better version of the game.

Mark grew up on the mean streets of the South Bronx. It’s that rare combination of a Yankees and Jets fan that explains his often conflicting viewpoints. He learned about gambling at an early age from a bookie working on the street who took action on anything from mainstream sports to the last three digits of a purse for a particular horse race. Yes, that is a thing. Today Mark is a freelance writer and social media consultant that allows him to work anywhere there is a WiFi signal. This allows him to work from the sportsbook at Red Rock Resort or from the food court at The Venetian where you’ll find fast and free WiFi. Writing about steak, booze, gambling and Las Vegas is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

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