Treasure Box Dynasty Slot Machine

Treasure Box Dynasty Slot Machine – Treasure Box is another in a line of slot machines from IGT that can be played conveniently and like many AP machines of this era is extremely easy to understand and spot when the machine is in an advantageous position.

Treasure Box contains two bonus rounds. One is a free game bonus where games are played only with premium symbols, paying 3x coins and every spin is guaranteed to be a winner. The other bonus is called the respin bonus where you collect coins, multipliers and gems corresponding to progressives. The respin bonus can be earned in one of two ways. One is to hit the amount of coins displayed on the top screen which starts from 6. The second is through the key symbol on reel 3. When a key is completely shown on reel 3 it reduces the amount of coins needed to hit. One by one respin bonus. If you get the main symbol when the meter is at one, it will trigger the respin bonus. Playing for the respin bonus is where you get the advantage.

Treasure Box Dynasty Slot Machine

Spotting an advantage in a treasure box is pretty easy. As is the case with many machines that feature play, each bet level at each value is unique. What you are looking for is to check each one and play anything 4 or less and play it until you get the respin bonus. Of course the fewer coins needed to get the bonus, the easier it is to trigger. Remember to keep a decent-sized bankroll if you’re going to tackle those higher value bets. The nightmare scenario of grand dumping a couple on a 10c, $25 bet before triggering the respin bonus isn’t entirely uncommon.

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Treasure Box is a tough game in my opinion. The respin bonus is a bit iffy but it pays pretty well for the most part and feature plays appear fairly often so it’s a machine you’ll want to check out regularly. Treasure Box comes in two themes. One is an Asian theme titled “Dynasty” and the other is an Egyptian theme titled “Kingdom”. Both themes play exactly the same.

Finally, one opinion I’ve seen online that I agree with is that it doesn’t make sense to leave treasure boxes on 10c denominations in the hope that an unsuspecting customer might accidentally place a higher bet. The machine asks what denomination one wants to play after inserting the money and to be honest I have seen many customers approach the treasure box, see 10c and walk away. Not surprisingly, I’ve seen 4-6 banks sitting empty over the weekend and some have already converted to other games from what I would guess is a lack of play.

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Lucky to come out of this one a small winner. It can be disastrous if overrun due to how cool it plays. There are many better things these days than should be struck by progressives. Still playing ’em tho. A little update about my position the results of 70 spins at 4x betting $4 this one day I will run a huge win. Ultimate X came close to hitting a big hit on the bonus streak. A nice win regardless.

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Amazon Services LLC is a participant in the Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to What’s special: Credit rewards are collected whenever they appear. Pay enough credit rewards to equal or exceed bonus meter requirements to trigger a respin feature, including credit rewards, progressives and more.

As a Link-like game, the Treasure Box series offers a hold and respin capability that is enhanced by the ability to trigger less than 6 numbers when collecting keys. That core collection, a bonus meter that stays in the slot over time, builds equity when it depletes, and that’s why we’re discussing it today.

Like its sister game, it features a 50 credit bet increase that pays 243 ways to win on a 5×3 reel set. This introduced some volatility and interestingly I had a rough start to the game before it started paying out, similar to my session in Treasure Box Kingdom. There are also many symbols on the reels, more than a dozen in all

Treasure Box Dynasty Slot Machine By Igt

Mystery symbols and mystery stacked symbols exist on every spin. Stacked symbols can vary by reel, and adding other mystery symbols means it can be a tough game, but pays off when you line things up. Add more points to the volatility card.

Wilds appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 and a mystery symbol scenario can be added, improving the chances of winning when they are selected.

Collect enough coins to fulfill the bonus requirement in the game and you will win the respin bonus.

What’s unique about this game is that while you start out needing 6, like other Link-type games, this number can be reduced over time by collecting keys. Each time you collect a key, the number of coins required to trigger a respin bonus decreases by one.

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These bonus meters are persistent, meaning they stay put, tied to a given bet level, if you change bets or cash out and someone else takes it. The betting panel helpfully breaks down where the game sits at each betting level.

You then trigger the bonus by collecting a minimum number of coins in one spin or more, or the meter reaches 0, triggering the bonus automatically.

This is a tricky bonus, but can get exciting quickly. The bonus starts with a treasure box appearing on reel 8 (the middle reel of the bonus, as all 15 reel spaces become their own reels for the duration of the bonus).

If you collect coins to trigger the bonus, all will be added to the treasure box and converted to a coin worth the amount they collected. If this is triggered by reaching the 0 coin requirement, the box becomes a single coin worth the normal range.

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You start with three spins to collect more like other standard Link games. Landing a symbol resets the counter, but another big difference is that there are different types of things that can land:

As always, once the respin counter reaches zero, the bonus ends with the count-up of coins and jackpots you’ve won.

Major Jackpot will be moved based on bet level. The machine I played pays $250 per line multiplier, plus progressive amount increases. So on a 1x line bet it starts at $250 and on a 10x it starts at $2500. Each of them is then added to it in progressive increments.

Higher bets increase the chances of winning a higher progressive, as usual. The respin bonus reels factor in the bet level, the number of reels locked to trigger the bonus and the bonus meter number at the time of the trigger.

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The bet level at which you triggered the bonus meter will reset to the required 6 coins after the bonus ends. Each progressive can win only once per bonus; The flat mini jackpot bonus can be won multiple times.

Retriggers are possible, and award the same number of spins as shown above based on how many symbols you get on the retrigger.

You’re guaranteed a win on every spin, which helps – I got a solid 50x bonus in the one triggered above, so the bonus definitely has some potential.

Bonus reels are being used, and the number of mystery symbols has been reduced, focusing on the high payers. This can help increase the chances of hitting the line in the bonus.

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Coins that come in free games are collected, but at 3x the value. Coin values ​​therefore range from 30 to 2,250 credit bar line bets.

Bonus meters from base games carry over to free games and return to base games at the end of free games. So the respin feature can be triggered on the bonus. Free games will resume where you left off after the respin feature.

It’s that bonus meter with key collection – the closer you get to zero, the more likely you are to trigger the respin feature by reaching the 0 symbols you need or by getting more symbols than you need.

When you find this game in a multi-community format, there are multiple betting levels for the potential chance of finding a meter in a potentially good position.

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