Triple Diamond Slot Machine Free Play

Triple Diamond Slot Machine Free Play – As part of my talk about mechanical slots here on the site, I previously covered the classic Double Diamond. I also covered Triple Double Diamond free games, a 20-line, low-volatility mechanical slot.

Arguably more volatile than either of the two, Triple Double Diamond is more volatile than Double Diamond as a single-line game and more volatile than a 20-line game, spreading volatility across all lines, allowing false wins to provide some extra and frequent payouts.

Triple Diamond Slot Machine Free Play

One look at the Triple Double Diamond vs. Double Diamond paytable helps highlight the reasons for the added volatility:

Triple Diamond Free Slots — Triple Diamond 5 Slot Game Review

Increased multiplier options and common additional symbols are a general sign of higher volatility, even if both games pay the same.

For whatever reason, on my last visit to the casino, I saw a Triple Double Diamond slot next to the Double Diamond I was playing and decided to switch it for half the money in the Double Diamond slot.

Shortly after I sat down, I noticed on one of my spins that it was taking longer than usual for the first reel to stop. Then another did the same and it was a triple diamond. It immediately clicked that the game showed that something unusually good was happening. And then that second triple diamond symbol landed, offering a payout of $540 on a 75 cent bet. That’s good for my biggest win of the year to date.

This is actually the third best prize you can win in the game, aside from mixed double/triple diamonds and three triple diamonds, and not bad pay for a 75 cent slot!

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As far as paytables go, it’s still a pretty simple device, but it definitely improves things for those looking for a slightly more challenging game, while still being pretty good overall. I continue to get good mileage out of the mechanical slots and will continue to give them some play in the casino!

My name is Joshua and I’m a 30-year-old who works in tech as a marketer by day and occasionally visits casinos when I’m not feeling well. Know Your Slots will reflect my interest in understanding the different ways to play slots, the games that give you a potential advantage, casino promotions and systems, and how you can get the most out of it.

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