Triple Diamond Slot Machine Wins

Triple Diamond Slot Machine Wins – IGT S2000s are the classic slots you see in casinos. These are very popular machines for our home use. This machine can vary in cabinet color, style, size – let us know if you need something specific. Image is a background image. The car cabinet may vary in style or color.

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Triple Diamond Slot Machine Wins

Players benefit from their slot machines at home, as the casino has the same machines. Gambling at home gives you a different perspective on how to play the machine. Players can learn a lot about how these machines work without the stress of breaking down. One can focus on patterns and calculate real profits and losses. Most importantly, think about how much money you can save. Add to that hours of stress-free entertainment.

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Cabinet Color: Additional photos are available by email to avoid confusion as to the color of the exact car you are purchasing. Most car cabinets are black, but this is not the rule.

Power Requirements: This machine operates on standard 110V household current. The power cord runs out of the back of the machine. You don’t need any special adapters or wires. Because this machine has a computer board inside, owners must plug the power cord’s electrical wires into a surge protector.

We also stock custom made casino stands, but you can also come up with your own. These stands hold up to 500 pounds of slot machines and measure 22 inches square by 18 inches high, the standard casino size.

Buyers looking for a specific slot machine can check our listings as we regularly add to our inventory or contact us directly.

Triple Diamond Slot Review 2022

Because we sell so many slot machines, we may not have a specific machine when you place your order, but we will let you know within 24 hours.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for repair before shipping when purchasing slot machines. Call/text 937-280-5904 with any questions. Dismissal

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