Valhalla Slot Machine

Valhalla Slot Machine – The story of creation in Norse mythology is crazy! The giant Yamir was the first to show up to the party with the Audumla cow licking Buri’s face. Buri later spent time alone with the giant beast that gave birth to Odin, who we all know is Thor’s father. There is also a side story where Ymir self-fertilized to give birth to giants. See what I mean?

Power of Gods: Valhalla is the fifth in the slot series and marks the third major graphical overhaul despite featuring very similar features to Power of Gods: Hades and Power of Gods: Medusa. Unfortunately, like most slot providers, when it comes to god-themed video slots, it’s either Greek or Norse. This time, we’re going with Norse mythology. Again!

Valhalla Slot Machine

Despite my annoyance that we’re once again treading on some very outdated material, the slot has some fantastic graphics. However, it seems that the creators have confused Valhalla and Asgard. The former is the Norse equivalent of heaven, and Asgard is the home of the gods. However, maybe we’re talking about an alternate reality where something killed all the gods, and its likeness acts as the high-paying symbols in the slot. It’s definitely a fresh take on the genre that I can get behind. Sadly, there is no indication that what Wasdan had in mind was actually the case.

Gates Of Valhalla Slot

First, God’s Power: Valhalla slot has variable volatility. To the left of the rotation knob, you can toggle between low, standard, and high volatility. When set to low volatility, you will win small amounts more often, while with high volatility, you can expect big wins less often. This relatively rare feature gives you a lot of flexibility to define what kind of game you like.

However, if you’re looking for big wins, you’ll want to pick up some gold coins. With six or more gold coin symbols appearing on the reels, you’ll unlock the Hold the Jackpot feature. If you catch three, four or five gold coins, symbols are fixed in place. The reels will repeat once again giving you another chance to unlock the Hold the Jackpot feature.

Once the Hold the Jackpot is triggered, the symbols unlocked by the feature are locked in as the rest are spun with the aim of adding additional gold coin symbols within three rotations. If you manage to catch another gold coin symbol, your returns will be reset to three. However, if you go three times without adding an additional gold coin symbol, the round ends and your winnings are paid out.

In addition to the standard win multipliers, you also have the chance to get the Mini, Minor and Major Jackpot gold coin symbols for a shot of up to 150x your bet. And, if you manage to fill all 16 positions with gold coin symbols, you’ll win the grand prize jackpot of 1,000 times your bet.

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Yes, it’s another slot themed around Norse mythology. There are dozens and dozens. And when you tread this well-worn ground, you want something special to stand out. Power of the Gods: Valhalla does not. It’s quite derivative, and save the rare variable volatility, isn’t really much to write home about.

The slot offers a potential win of €214,500, but with its rather anemic 2,145x max multiplier, you’ll have to bet €100 per spin to chase that headline amount.

If you’re looking for a slot that takes a unique approach to Norse mythology, I recommend giving Hammer of Gods a try from Peter & Sons. The slot provider is known for taking creative approaches to their slots with some of the best graphics in the business. Only the brave and true Viking warriors are said to have entered the halls of Valhalla – their reward for dying for their nation. And people.

Odin, the king of Asgard, risked their lives to protect their own kind and are deemed worthy to dine in his halls for eternity.

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Valhalla Slots is a 5-reel video slot game with 10 paylines and a legendary theme. Powered by IGT software, the wild of casino games, Treasures of Valhalla comes with Bonus spins. The game has a number of symbols such as Thor, Odin, Freya and two Vikings.

Find out how Odin sees fit to entertain you with Viking legends in the halls of Valhalla in this Valhalla Slot Review for September 2022.

This is your chance to claim your fair share of glory, fortune and all available gold rewards.

Getting fit has never been more crucial when you can put your skills to the test while playing the slot game.

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IGT Software transports players to the long-forgotten world of Viking warriors in this 5-reel, 9-payline slot game.

Odin has allowed this reel to take place in Valhalla because of what these warriors enjoyed in their mortal lives.

Getting into this game will take you back to the times of our forefathers when every man, woman and child was expected to bravely serve their country.

The game pays homage to the Scandanavian history of the Viking clan with images of Odin, Thor, Freya and a beautiful red haired maiden alongside a handsome Viking.

Valhalla Slot Machine By Igt

Above the reels, players can see the setting sun as well as some old Norse houses and Nordic warships.

As the reels begin to spin, familiar sprites and playful tunes play that familiar players are used to hearing.

If dining with Odin and other legendary characters isn’t enough, Odin even brings a jackpot prize fit for a Viking warrior, 5,000 coins to be exact.

So, if you think you have what it takes to join the legends of Odin’s hallowed halls, spin this reel and see how much glory you can claim.

Vikings Go To Valhalla Slot Free Demo Play Or For Real Money

Play as Viking Warrior on any smartphone (Android or iOS) or desktop computer to prove your worth.

This feature is the scatter symbol represented by the image of the Viking ship in an iron circle with the word “SCATTER” written on it.

Since ships can transport Vikings to any location, it opens up more possibilities for players.

Landing three or more of the ship scatter symbol will award at least 15 free spins in this game.

Legends Of Valhalla (deluxe Edition) Pinball Machine *

To begin their journey to the sacred halls of Valhalla, players can bet from 1 to 180 coins per spin.

This is a high price to pay, but as far as Odin is concerned, you can show him what you’re made of.

There’s even a 5,000 coin jackpot for those deemed worthy of spending time with the heroes.

High-paying symbols like Thor, Odin, Freya, and the two Vikings are ones to look out for for those looking to get their hands on one.

Igt I Game

On the other hand, the lower paying symbols are the standard card symbols like A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9.

IGT Software is a gaming company known for providing great gaming experience to players across all networks, platforms and segments.

The payout percentage of this game allows anyone betting £100 or more to win around £93.2 in a single game.

Players might expect generous payouts from a game with this much uncertainty, but the catch is that they rarely happen.

Gates Of Valhalla

When you play through IGT Online Casino, you can play Valhalla Casino for real money with similar games.

When you play at Valhalla slots game, you will be able to play for and win cash bonuses!

When you play in Valhalla slot demo game mode you will be able to play this slot machine for free play.

When you play in demo mode, you can experience interactive features such as the chance to play for free, bonus spins, deposit bonuses, wild symbols and more!

Valhalla Slot Review

Unfortunately, no deposit bonuses don’t cover this so you won’t be able to play for real bonus money.

It is fantasy, and it faithfully depicts the old Norse stories, allowing each player to imagine what life would have been like in those days.

After all, nothing comes fast in this video segment, so players can expect a high-risk, high-reward dynamic.

This means that players will have to work hard for them, even though they can expect fantastic prizes and rewards.

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However, as this game requires some skill, strategy and caution in betting, it is best played by intermediate or more experienced players.

The UK Gambling Commission requires age verification, to prevent underage gambling – so please verify your age to play slot machines.

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