Vending Machine Slot

Vending Machine Slot – Hot coffee from a vending machine. A hand reaches for a hot cup containing a drink obtained from an automatic device. Coffee at the mall. Girls drink from a special compartment of the device.

Modern terminal for paying parking fees. The person presses a button and pays for parking. modern technology in everyday life

Vending Machine Slot

Staff are spraying alcohol on finger scanners to kill coronavirus (Covid 19). Staff spraying alcohol to clean door access controls. Home and office cleaning concept.

Close Up Of Bill Slot On Front Of Vending Machine Stock Photo

A woman using her ATM machine to withdraw her money. Close-up of her hand entering her PIN/passcode on the ATM/bank machine keypad. A finger about to press a pin code on a pad. Automated teller machine security code. Woman’s Arm, ATM – Inserted Pin

This royalty-free photo Hand inserting euro coin into vending machine slot can be used for personal and commercial purposes according to standard or extended license. The Standard license covers most use cases, including advertising, UI design, and product packaging, and allows up to 500,000 print copies. The Extended License allows all use cases under the Standard License with unlimited print rights, allowing you to use the downloaded stock images for merchandise, product resale, or free distribution.

You can purchase this stock photo and download it in high resolution up to 4901×3267. Uploaded On: February 16 2017 iStockClose Up Metal Coin Slot In A Vending Machine Stock Photo – Download Image Now – Download Image Now

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A History Of Vending Machines, From Chewing Gum To 90 Second Pasta Recipe

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