Volcano Slot Machine

Volcano Slot Machine – Opal deposits are most often found in exotic countries: Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, some in the USA. Therefore, the game reels are decorated in the style of an exotic resort. The playing field is decorated with delicate orchids and lush vegetation. Every year, millions of tourists hit the road to see volcanoes. Many travelers choose the Hawaiian Islands. Here in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park you can see one of the world’s most active volcanoes, Kilauea. If you are interested in our new product, you can buy it in our store – https:///product/volcano-opals/:

There are three background designs. In the first version, players see a clear sunny day. Saturated colors convey the warmth of hot sand, the bright blue of the water surface attracts with coolness. The abundant harvest of coconuts in palm trees is associated with wealth. A secluded bungalow right on the water makes you dream of the best vacation you can imagine.

Volcano Slot Machine

In the second version of the background, the shadows are calmer. The light sand of the beach blends with the surf line and the foam of the waves. Several palm trees are lost in the distance and seem to dissolve into a mountain range. From the shore, the gaze passes to the volcano, puffs of smoke attract attention. It seems that you can feel the tremors with each new cloud of smoke. Red-hot streams of magma are already visible, but overall the landscape looks pretty calm.

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But in the night version of the game’s background, the volcano becomes the center of attention. The shore and the bungalows are submerged in the twilight. Bright red-orange streams along the slopes of the volcano highlight the smoke and clouds. Sparkles of stars spread across the sky, like precious stones.

Three tall symbols are also made in two color options. A beautiful island girl with an orchid flower in her hair stares with a passionate temper. Without a doubt, this beauty hides the same fire as in a volcano. It was no accident that she chose such spectacular jewelry: large earrings and a necklace with precious stones.

The following symbols are regular oval shaped red and blue opals. There are a total of six types of noble opals, which are featured here. Red opal is also called fiery. Jewelers place fire opals high up among other gems as they are quite rare. Consequently, the cost of such stones is very high. This is an ideal option for an image that can bring the player a big win.

Blue opals with pronounced hues also belong to the precious types of opal and are used in jewelry.

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And, of course, a separate place is occupied by the image of the volcano. Majestic, mysterious, the volcano is a concentration of strength and energy. Magma currents glow and create the illusion that the volcano is breathing. In both images, in blue and in red, the volcano serves as a symbol of power.

Regular symbols create a feeling of lightness and delight. Two images of exotic flowers transport players to the Hawaiian Islands, in the Orchid Garden. More than 20 thousand orchids grow in the huge collection of the Garden! The most beautiful flower is called the Queen of the Volcano. No wonder: this region is famous for volcanoes and orchids. Look at the flowers traced in detail – it seems that even through the screen you can catch a delicate pleasant aroma and feel the freshness of the morning on the Pacific coast.

Other symbols are not inferior in beauty – a necklace and a ring with large opals. Each stone seems to have a whole universe. So many reflections of different colors are reflected in these images that it is impossible to detach.

Low symbols: classic card symbols “K”, “Q”, “J” of different colors. An elegant font complements the overall theme of the game.

Volcanic Rock Fire

Frames for paytables are similar to bamboo or cane shoots. They preserve the atmosphere of the game and remind of the exotic coast.

The buttons to switch between screens are shaped like blue opals, and the “Close” button is similar to a fire opal.

Rays diverge behind each congratulatory screen. This shine symbolizes success. What is victory but a firework of emotions?

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