Ward Of Lights Slot Machine

Ward Of Lights Slot Machine – Shop Contact Guide: WARD OF LIGHTSTheme: MONSTERSBonus: LED CountER (front center under reels) Manufacturer: MIZUHOYear: 1999Bet: 1, 2 or 3 quarters or TOKEN BETACCEPTS QUARTERS AND Bonds. Common old model engines. After playing many rounds, you find yourself wanting to play more. Back then, on some odel reel icon settings, they illuminate in different ways. This is a sign that something big is coming. The Challenge Time or Big Opportunity is also exciting to play. At the end of the big chance, you can go into another bonus if 1 in 4 red LEDs is stopped by a green LED passing through the 8th row at the bottom of the spinning glass. The artwork or graphics on the machine are bizarre and feature spells or witchcraft spells. The light display is very good and makes you participate in the game. “- pachislodb The bonus round is displayed on the light stand directly under the reels in the middle. This stand shows the amount of rebate you have left by counting. Down to zero when the light goes out. Set your own odds from 1 (hardest) to 6 (easiest). Odds are set with a single black button on the power supply. Features: Accept both. Quarters and special value bonuses. Any deflected keys will work on the door – no need to worry about lost keys! Original reset key. This. Digital sound. Vibrant graphics, bright and wonderful. Stop button indicator. Back panel. No need to install the converter, just plug and play. Pull for moving and transporting.Everything including the bulb is tested and working well ENTIRE The coin path is cleaned and lubricated – coin receiver, coin pump mechanism. And quarters pass without problems, no delays, no congestion. The hopper is tested and works perfectly with both TOKENS and QUARTERS cleaning and lubrication, as well as sensors and sensors. Includes 200+ pages of everything PACHISLO Manual Download PDF. Is wrong with it: normal loading and casino wear. Condition: Very good appearance, excellent mechanics. Weight: About 90 lbs. Size: About 3 ‘, height about 17 “x19” at base. Contact Shop Guide “Because of the slot machine sales regulations, I as a seller will not sell to members in Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Nebraska, South Carolina and Tennessee. Bidding members who live in any state One of these will be canceled. Bids with buyers residing in these states will be void. Read more

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Ward Of Lights Slot Machine

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