We Were Here Forever Slot Machine

We Were Here Forever Slot Machine – Joseph Moorer and I like to think we’re pretty smart guys, able to at least navigate the world without inadvertently doing serious harm to ourselves or others. In addition, we have over 27 years of friendship behind us, working together in different environments, collaborating on music, performing for crowds, recording podcasts; over the years we have covered about 70% of possible human interactions. We are two people who know each other very well, and we know how to communicate with each other through a shorthand that came about after years of spending time together. In addition, we are both gamers. We both got into gaming when gaming became a thing, so while we both have different strengths and weaknesses, we’re both pretty good in gaming terms. Add this all up, and I thought Joseph and I would get through the first 90 minutes of We Were Here Forever, laughing and joking as we quickly entered solution after solution to WWHF’s many puzzles. And of course it started like this.

But then we met the machine that goes “chugga-chugga”, and the slot machine with the poop bowl, and – God help us – the Fallout 76 vault door-with-runes. And we realized that we’re either not very smart and good at communicating or that these puzzles are downright insidious. Anyway, Joe and I had a blast running through the opening of We Were Here Forever, taking on some puzzle dynamics that I’ve never encountered before while gaming. In many ways, this game is like a two person escape room, encouraging constant communication and problem solving to work together what is happening and make progress. Interestingly, at many points the characters of the two players are separated, meaning you can’t see what the other person is seeing. Instead, you have to rely on your descriptive powers, and that’s how we came up with shorthand terms for objects like “the wine glass with a cherry in it” and “the coffee bean.”

We Were Here Forever Slot Machine

I’m pretty sure Joseph and I will be returning to We Were Here Forever as it was a blast trying to match keys, drive carts and make pink smoke. This playthrough could just become an ongoing series as we both love a good challenge (and We Were Here Forever gives us a good excuse to just hang out, joke and sing songs.)

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If you’re interested in trying the Chugga-Chugga machine, We Were Here Forever is now available on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. The game only retails for $17.99 (absolutely worth it), and Steam is currently running a special bundle where you can get the entire series of four games for $29.76, which is a ridiculously good price. We Were Here Forever also offers full crossplay, so feel free to buy it on whatever platform you like – your friends will be waiting for you there and you can use the in-game walkie-talkie chat system to communicate. And look, we’ve just given you the answers to the first few puzzles in the game.

Hello. My name is Eric Hauter and I am a father with many children. In my nonexistent free time, I enjoy playing a wide variety of games, including JRPGs, strategy and action games (with the occasional trip to the black hole of MMOs). I’m intrigued by the prospect of cloud gaming and I’m often snooping around in the cloud across platforms looking for fun and interesting stories. I was an early adopter of PSVR (I had one on release day), and I’ve enjoyed trying out the variety of games released since day one. Since then, I’ve added an Oculus Quest 2 to my headset collection. I’m intrigued by the possibilities VR multiplayer offers and I try almost every multiplayer game that comes out.

My first system was a Commodore 64 and I’ve had countless systems since. I was a toy store manager before the release of PS1, PS2, N64 and Dreamcast, so my nostalgia for that era of gaming runs pretty deep. Currently I play on Stadia, PS5, PS4, PSVR, Quest 2, Switch, Luna, GeForce Now and a super sweet gaming PC built by Joh Yan. Although I lean towards Sony products, I have no brand loyalty and am perfectly willing to play games on other systems.

When I’m not gaming or my bunch of kids arguing, I like to watch horror movies and do all the other crazy activities you’d expect. We Were Here Forever is the fourth installment in the We Were Here series. It is a co-op puzzle game where two players have to help each other solve puzzles while navigating through mazes and obstacles in a castle.

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The first part of Chapter 1 will serve as a learning phase for you and your partner to learn the basics of the game. If you’re familiar with the previous We Were Here games, the controls and mechanics are pretty similar. We will divide the chapter guides by section to make them easier to follow, and we will also do our best to discuss the perspectives of both players.

You and your partner wake up in a prison cell with your walkie-talkie to hand. The prison door will open and you can test the walkie-talkies and talk to each other. Even though you’re both in jail, you’ll be in different jails, so you won’t see each other yet.

You both need to go to the middle part of the prison and find the doors that open. Inside you will see small cells with messages. One player sees “We are the sum…” and a door with a 3-combination lock with symbols, while the other sees “…of our parts” and another cell with shapes; a star within a triangle (pointing right) within a circle.

Simply interact the shapes with each other, with the player on the combination slot scrolling through the shapes to match the correct one. The combination goes from left to right: star – triangle – circle.

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This opens a closed door on both sides. Follow the clues to navigate the area as you have to jump and crouch to get through obstacles. You will both find a lever mechanism that opens a door at one end of a hall. At the moment, you and your partner are still in different prisons.

Once the lever is pulled, you only have a few seconds to get to the door as it slowly closes again, so make sure you sprint to the door quickly. You can go to the door while it is still open.

Once you both get through the timed door, you’ll end up in another part of the prison. You will now both see another door with a 3 combination lock, but one of the pieces has been detached, which you can find on the floor or on a table next to it.

Place the lock pieces back into your respective doors. In each of your rooms you will again see three shapes arranged in a concentric pattern. Communicate these shapes with each other, as they dissolve the locks on both doors. One combination becomes diamond – pentagon – circle, while the other becomes lightning – trapezoid – semicircle.

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The doors will then open and you can both pick up a torch. You can light the other torches and braziers along the path. You will also be able to see other closing pieces along the way as it leads you to another part of the prison. Navigate your way through the paths in this section and you’ll find another set of concentric shapes and another door.

Place the lock pieces in your respective doors and interact the shapes with each other again to open the locks. One combination goes left triangle – hexagon – crescent moon, while the other goes caltrop – hexagon – square.

Once your doors open, you will be led into a hallway where you will finally see each other, albeit with a gate between you. Continue down the path until you see another lever. Pull down the levers to open the gates and you’ll move on to the next section.

You and your partner end up in the Deep Dungeons overlooking a gorge that goes all the way down. Between the gorges are carts on pulley systems.

We Were Here Together

At this point you are still separated, so go to the path on your left or right. For this section, we will also distinguish the sides of the canyon as left and right. The person going to the right should get the green round key and open the door on his side while the person going to the left sees a door that needs the round key.

The blue cross key is on the basket

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