Whales Of Cash Slot Machine App

Whales Of Cash Slot Machine App – It’s been a busy year in 2021 for the site and for me; I spent less time in the casinos, but concentrated my budget for travel. I followed up with steps like playing more mechanical reels and video poker. My average bet was a little higher this year as my budget per trip was also higher, but the year started out pretty disappointing overall.

But starting in July, the second half of 2021 picked up where the latter part of 2020 left off. When I built my list of biggest wins so far a year ago, two of them were from my just-concluded trip to Las Vegas. If I were to build the list today, five of my biggest wins of the year would be on that list.

Whales Of Cash Slot Machine App

With only a few days left, I think it’s safe to build this list now, but if I manage to pull off another win before the year is out, I’ll update the post. I’ll start with a few honorable mentions and then work my way up to the top spot.

Shrimps And Whales Keep Crypto Afloat

These are ranked by total dollar amount of winnings, but everything here is at least 100x, and most are well above that.

Fairy’s Fortune is an old game but with a lot of potential. I got a 25 spin trigger and some really cool upgrades yielded a 350+x bonus. This was a very low road trip where I won this, so to be able to get a win like this was really helpful in keeping my budget afloat.

The dollar amount may not be that impressive for the best, but I think it’s important to recognize the big wins in relation to the bet, and this one certainly qualifies. As I said before, anything 100x or more is usually pretty big slots so should be celebrated when it happens.

Speaking of 100x wins, I’ve had plenty of them on my camera roll from $1.50 Quick Hit machines. I tend to play the $1.50 Quick Hit games frequently, but as you can see above, they also seem to treat me well enough to keep playing them. These are half a dozen examples of the 100x or more wins I’ve had this year.

A Whales Of Cash

Link games and I don’t usually get along, but Buffalo Link was good for me, especially tonight at Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage where I got a 200x spot to drop. (My neighbor did too, though on a $10 bet, so the win was proportionately bigger.)

Without those extra big numbers dropping on occasion, it’s hard to get much momentum in the hold and spin bonuses for this particular game.

While I’ve had some good bonuses at Jungle Wild over the years, this might be one of the best I’ve had while playing at OYO Las Vegas. Wild reels lined up in the right places and additional wilds landed generously throughout the bonus.

This was on top of successively better bonuses while playing the game (I had won about $50 to start with). A few minutes on this machine recovered pretty much everything I had put in that night, so it was a great bounce back from a fun night.

Hobey’s Casino Winners 2021

I’ve been paying some attention to this game, though I find it a bit difficult. All three hits featured here came from the same bank at Mohegan Sun’s Virgin Las Vegas location during my stay there.

The two strikes seen above came within a few laps of each other on the same machine, same bet. You can see I only got about $10 from where I landed from the first hit before I got the second one. Winning $400 in about 30 seconds on a $1.76 bet is pretty cool, and it happened on the same day and at the same casino as my 60 cent Buffalo Gold win, the next one.

But as a dollar amount, $240 is where we start the official top 10 countdown, based on what I got at the casino this year.

The last one above was the result of a bonus, but this one was at 88 cents, so from a multiplier perspective it was technically the best of the three from that perspective. I chose the 10 spin option and got a refire, which got things where they were.

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From a multiplier perspective, this was a good achievement. On a 60 cent bet, I hit 13 faces, many spins and a 400x win. This bonus happened on the same day as I those two hits from the Rakin’ Bacon line, but it started the day.

But, as you’ll see below, another Buffalo Gold machine treated me just as well at a higher stake, with a similar result.

This beauty of a line hit happened during my California leg of my fall trip out west, while at Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage. I’ve mentioned my love for Whales of Cash, and it’s largely because there’s all kinds of money out there if things go right.

In this case, the reward was a win almost 400 times. And if this formation happened in the bonus, where the whales are x4, it would be a spectacular payout.

Reading A Manga And Found A Great Infographic

Here’s another nice slot win I’ve had this year, which keeps encouraging me to go for it. This time, the reels stopped slower than normal, a fun thing to tell a machine of this vintage to alert me that something special was happening.

The $540 win at 75 cents was a fundraiser in what had been a mediocre day at the casino up to that point. In fact, I had looked for the three-quarter machines to slow down after a pretty rough period that visit, so it worked out pretty well.

Just like my previous Buffalo Gold win earlier on the list, I had a 400x result bonus on its sequel, Buffalo Gold Revolution.

This particular win was unusual. I had gone out with friends during my trip to Vegas, I went back to my home hotel on the penultimate day and on my first return (note the balance) I got the bonus. I got tons of spins, once again got to 13 heads and got a 400 win.

Aristocrat Slots For Android Enjoy Free Slots Games Apps To Play And Enjoy

I’ve been giving AGS games a little more this year, partly because I’ve been finding more of them to be fun. This one caught my eye during my recent trip to Rocky Gap in Maryland, and it didn’t take long after I sat down to get the progressive choice.

I made my punch and the machine didn’t follow through with my choices, but then the bell rang. When the main progressive came up, I moved so slowly that I didn’t get a picture of the Major on the screen, but I do have pictures of the $800 reset in that progressive, and of course the picture of the previous big win. It was a phenomenal 1000+ win and made my trip there almost a win by default.

For the third time, I hit a real room-level straight in video poker. It was my second at MGM Springfield, and it was my first free play. Up until this year, royal flushes have been my main casino wins, so that shows the kind of year I’ve had.

After the royal ladder my luck continued to run well; in fact, the #1 spot on this list came at the end of the same night. But even in between I continued to have good luck, playing more video poker and then slots. It was a banner day, which we don’t get that often in casinos.

Woman Run Off Road, Robbed After Big Casino Win

One of the surprises of the year for me was that I learned about the Connecticut iGaming options after they launched in October. I found myself favoring Draft Kings early on because of its superior setup, even though both casinos had pretty much the same game libraries at launch.

Draft Kings would regularly offer small quests and bonuses. One of them was making a certain number of $5 bets to get a free game (high for me, but since I’ve had good luck online this year, I’m still way ahead of the year online, I tried). .

A few laps in, I got the above, my second online manual payment, and since it came in at #3 of the year, that meant I had three manual payments this year. Aside from the group shots, I had never had my own paycheck before, so it was definitely a significant year for me. And interestingly, both of my manual payouts were on Everi mechanical reel style games.

My second best win of the year was another online slot played in Connecticut on Draft Kings, and the first of two I got. On a $2.25 bet, I lined up all three Double Jackpot symbols for a $1,250 pot.

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