Wholesale Slot Machine

Wholesale Slot Machine – 1.) Bill acceptor + printer / coin acceptor + Hopper / key in + key out to choose 2.) Cabinet with thickened iron case and stainless steel 3.) The OST cost-effective high-selling gae achine 4.) The achine adopts HD quality and good performance hardware configuration that can let players get high quality visual enjoyment. 5) Can customize various cabinets of gae achine for customers. 6) can be custoized by our customer’s deand

1. ultigae / gabling pcb gae board; 2. Bill Acceptor, printer; 3. Coin Acceptor, coin hopper; 4. Power supplier; 5. Touch the screen; 6. Door lock; 7.Slot achine cabinet; 8. Harness pain. About Our Company:

Wholesale Slot Machine

& iddot; Established in 2005, located in Panyu, where is the largest anufacture and distribution center of arcade gae achines in China. & iddot; Specializing in anufacturing, selling and after-sales service achines arcade and slot gae achines & iddot; With tea is very effective and responsible & iddot; More than 1000 square eters showroo and 3000 square eters factory with high etal production facilities. & iddot; Can develop fishing hunter gaes and slot gaes for areas under different laws and regulations.

Williams Bluebird Ii Buffalo Spirit Item # 10005

Our Special Services: 1. Free to repair broken gabling achine accessories even made in other factories. 2. Free of charge in the service of loading containers of other goods purchased from other places in China, 3. Free of charge of English professional offers of disasseble picture arcade, assembling picture, wiring diagra, fault solution of all products, solve all arcade technology problems for our customers. 4. Free in the service of hotel reservation, car pick up, English translation and opening of the market. 5. Can arrange technicians abroad for gabling achineaintenance, arcade technology training etc. for gabling achine

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