Wild Bill Slot Machine

Wild Bill Slot Machine – The Bally S9000 is very similar to the IGT S2000. The Bally S9000 has a few more bells and whistles like a top LCD screen and wheels underneath. The Bally machines will take all the new $1-$100 bills and print a ticket with your cash value. These machines do not accept coins. This is a great machine for home use.

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Wild Bill Slot Machine

Quick Hit Black Gold Wild has been a popular slot machine both on the casino floor and online. It gives the impression of a retro slot machine, but with more bells and whistles. This is a Quick Hit game, which has large scatter wins that can come in at any time. These are via the special Quick Hit symbols – which pay up to 2500x your stake if you’re lucky enough to get 9+ on the reels.

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Bill Validator accepts $1 to $100 Standard casino size cabinet 48 inches high, 250 pounds chrome trim – slot machine exterior color varies

Cabinet Color: Additional photos are available by email upon request to ensure there is no misunderstanding regarding the color of the exact machine you are purchasing. Most machine cabinets are black, but this is not the rule.

Machine Dimensions: This machine is 52 inches tall. The width is 22 inches and 23 inches deep. The weight is about 250 pounds.

Power Requirements: This machine will run on standard 110V household power. The power cord will exit from the back of the machine. No special adapter or wiring is required. It is a good idea to connect the power cord to a surge protector since there is a computer card inside this machine.

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Somewhat similar to the IGT S2000 line, the Bally S9000 became popular among casinos because it is a reel game with a large amount of technology. The cabinets have beautiful new design themes with additional features such as tower games and top LCD screens. The line boasts popular gaming themes such as the Quick Hits series. A great addition to any slot floor, the Bally S9000 provides an eye-catching machine to draw customers in. ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — The gambling industry and some of its allies in Congress are renewing a push to reduce the number of slot machine jackpots reported to the IRS.

Legislation introduced Thursday by U.S. Reps. Dina Titus, a Nevada Democrat, and Guy Reschenthaler, a Pennsylvania Republican, is being touted as a boon to casinos, which would need to take fewer slot machines out of service temporarily while tax forms are filled out for winning patrons.

But it would also have the practical effect of preventing more slot machine jackpot winners from having their winnings reported to the authorities.

The bill would raise the threshold for IRS reporting of slot machines from the current $1,200 to $5,000, and would provide a mechanism for future increases based on inflation.

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The limit has not been changed since 1977, according to the American Gaming Association, which supported the measure.

“Raising the slot tax threshold to account for inflation is an overdue change that will relieve unnecessary administrative burdens on casino operators, their customers and an understaffed and overwhelmed IRS,” said Bill Miller, president and CEO of the association.

Currently, when a casino customer wins a slot machine jackpot of $1,200 or more, the machine is temporarily taken out of service while the patron is required to complete a W-2G tax reporting form.

Congress instructed the U.S. Treasury Department to look at raising the limit in December 2020, but a report has yet to be issued and is nearly a year late, according to a letter sent to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin by six members of Congress.

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The bill is sponsored by U.S. Representatives Mark Amodei, Republican of Nevada; Steven Horsford, Democrat of Nevada, and Anthony Brown, Democrat of Maryland. Home » USA Online Casino Blog » Industry Insights » The Legend of Wild Bill and the Dead Man’s Hand

The Dead Man’s Hand is one of the most famous superstitious hands in the history of all card games. The combination consists of a pair of black eights and a pair of black aces, with a fifth card that to this day has never been specified. Legend has it that the hand got its name from the last waking moments of a notorious gun-throwing gambler named James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok. In 1876, Hickok was shot in the back of the head during a poker game, and was said to be playing this deadly combination of cards at the time.

Since that day, the dead man’s hand has been marked as a harbinger of death and a harbinger of sheer bad luck. But who exactly was this mysterious man they called Wild Bill, and what was his significance all those years ago?

Born in 1837, James Butler Hickok was a respected gunslinger, actor, showman and lawman of the Wild West, who also happened to be known for his fierce gambling skills. He was a wagon master during the Civil War in 1861 and became deputy marshal of Hays, Kansas, in 1869, then sheriff a few years later. Hickok gained his local status for his participation in various gunfights throughout his early life. Such successful conquests included the 1865 duel with David Tutt of Springfield, and the shootout with Bull’s Head saloon owner Phil Coe.

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Hickok was also known to be extremely conceited and tended to spread stories about “other” victories and achievements that many still believe to be fictional to this day. In 1861, during his time with the Jayhawkers of Nebraska, he decided to grow a mustache and give himself the legendary nickname “Wild Bill” after years of being called “Duck Bill” for his protruding facial features. The change of moniker certainly added to his legend and mystique. No one would be afraid of a gunfight with a gunslinger named “Duck Bill.” And in the Old West, reputation was everything – fact or fiction.

Despite glorifying his exploits and self-image for most of his life, Hickok continued to attract newspaper attention as the years went by. By the time he was 39, he was already in a failing marriage and had begun to experience several health problems. But Wild Bill, being the incorruptible adventurer that he was, decided to go to South Dakota in 1876 in search of gold. He ended up spending the rest of his short life there. He also spent many evenings inside Nuttal and Mann’s Saloon at No 10, Deadwood, Blackhills, drinking until the early hours and indulging in one of his favorite pastimes, poker.

On August 1, 1876, a notorious drunk named Jack McCall, aka “Broken Nose Jack”, challenged Wild Bill to a game of poker and lost. McCall was far from satisfied, and Wild Bill even offered to give his opponent money for breakfast. Despite accepting his offer, McCall spent the rest of the night bottling up his emotions and obsessing over his defeat. The next day, Hickok again played a game of 5-card draw. He was said to usually sit against the wall so he could see the entrance and act quickly if there was any commotion. On this particular night, however, he had to sit with his back to the entrance because a fellow player named Charles Rich refused to switch seats with him.

McCall later entered the saloon, quietly walked up behind Wild Bill before pulling out a .45-caliber Colt revolver and yelling, “Damn it! Take it!” and then shot him at point-blank range in the back of the head. The bullet perforated Hickok’s skull and exited the side of his right cheek, where it wounded another player, Captain William Massie. Wild Bill died instantly. As his body fell back from chair and onto the floor, the cards he held revealed two black aces, two black eights, and an unknown hole card.From that moment on, the blood-soaked combination of cards became known as “the dead man’s hand.”

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No one person really knows the reasons for McCall’s motives. Some say he was drunk and angry after the poker loss; others claim it was a revenge plot fueled by the murder of his brother, Lew McCall, and Hickok was reportedly a suspect. Nevertheless, Jack McCall paid for his sins and was tried for the murder of Wild Bill, then convicted and hanged a year later.

Despite what the history books say, there is a lot of skepticism about the origins and myths surrounding The Dead Man’s Hand. The book depicting the story was published in the 1920s, but some still believe that the hand was an entirely different combination of cards that was associated with an entirely different person.

Over a century later, the story of Wild Bill and the Dead Man’s Hand has played a major role in pop culture. References can be found in films such as Plainsman, Little Big Man, Wild Bill, along with several TV shows, songs, books and video games.


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