Wild Horses Slot Machine

Wild Horses Slot Machine – The world of casinos is certainly wild – it’s quirky, fun and in some cases outrageous. Some casinos even had wild animals; The Lions at MGM and the Mirage in Las Vegas are two examples. However, you won’t find casinos in the wild because there won’t be anyone to play them.

Slot developers thought it best to use it for special symbols on a slot machine, related to casinos. Wild symbols, as you know, carry special powers. Importantly, when they land, they replace everyone else and make you a winning streak. happy days; Let’s give a wild round of applause.

Wild Horses Slot Machine

OK, enough of the wild jargon. Here, we explain in more detail how the wild symbol in slot machines at Twinspires Casino works.

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The concept of a wild symbol is similar to the joker in a pack of cards; It can work with any card value you want. Video poker fans are familiar with the Jokers Wild version of the game.

When you load a slot machine, click on the pay table (info button) and it will reveal which symbol in the game is wild. It substitutes for all others, except for other special symbols such as a scatter or bonus symbol.

The power of the wild symbol in slots is how it helps you complete a winning line. For example, if you land two of the same symbols on reels one and three and a wild symbol on reel two, that will complete the payline and win you a prize. More wilds extend the payline to the fourth reel, increasing your winnings.

In some slot games, the wild symbol has some value when it lands on its own, whether it completes a winning streak or not. Again, you will be notified of the pay table information.

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If that’s not enough, some slot games like NetEnt’s ancient Greek classic, Divine Fortune, also have special powers. In this case, the wild animal is Pegasus, the winged horse. It expands to fill an entire reel and sparks repeated spins, dropping one spot on the reels each time until it disappears.

Other games have wilds in place during a bonus round for free spins. The further you go in the forest, the higher the prizes you will earn. Great!

While we see that wild symbols are valuable, like all other symbols and everything about slot games, there is no telling where or when they will land on the reels.

This way, there is no trick you can use to improve your chances of making money. But being unpredictable is part of the thrill, right?

Wild Horse Slot Machine, Wild Horses Themed Slot Game

So, did all this talk of wild animals get you? If so, head over to TwinSpires Casino where you can explore all the best slot games and their various wild symbol features.

First, you must register your account, then make a deposit and claim your generous welcome bonus. Once that is done, spin and win. Good luck!

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