Wild Orchid Slot Machine

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Playing the slot machine can be forty lines, placing each of them from one to five coins. As a video slot, White Orchid has free spins, special characters and other options. Risky double game in the White Orchid no. The machine may vary in cabinet size and color. However, we will send you a video of your machine before shipping.

Wild Orchid Slot Machine

The White Orchid slot machine shows a guy, a girl, a jaguar, a butterfly, a frog and card denominations from Jack to Ace. The machine also has a special Wild character and the Free Spins Bonus. The free spins bonus just lands on the middle reel strips and goes. When this drum has two, three or four of these signals, starting ten, fifteen or twenty free runs at the current pace. In this round, new characters appear with the image of tropical animals, which form a combination of favorable factors. Free spins can be extended (by the same rules); however, they cannot exceed one hundred and thirty consecutively.

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The famous “IGame Plus” IGT series slot machines are a wonderful way to fill your slot machine floor without breaking the bank. This line combines popular game themes with a recognizable cabinet to be an attractive draw for players in your casino hall. IGT IGame Plus are simple multi-line video games that appeal to gamers of all ages, in particular fans of classic IGT themes. There are orchid parks in many countries. The most popular are located in the Hawaiian Islands, Singapore, Bali, Costa Rica. Any of these countries always causes dreams of relaxation and vivid impressions. The sound of the sea, white sand, a variety of unusual plants and animals – this is what we imagine when we admire orchids. It is especially interesting to see these unusual flowers in the natural environment, because most orchid varieties grow on tree trunks. Many tourists prefer Costa Rica for this trip. We go there too in this slot. Why Costa Rica? In addition to its shores being bathed by two oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, this is a true wildlife spot. Let players immerse themselves in the relaxing atmosphere of Costa Rica’s ocean coast as they play. The “White Orchid” slot will perfectly handle this task. If you are interested in our new product, you can buy it in our store – https:///product/white-orchid/:

The game’s reel design is associated with the tropics. The background imitates tree trunks. A warm brown tone looks very cozy. In contrast to it, juicy greens and delicate shades of flowers around the edges attract attention. In the frame around the spools, the stems of orchids and vines intertwined. Here orchids of different colors are collected – from white to bright red. The Rotate button is decorated like a large yellow orchid flower. Every touch on it excites and stirs the imagination.

In the night version of the game reels, not only does the background behind the reels change, but also the design of the reels themselves. The vegetation of palm branches and vines turns dark green. It is not saturated as in daytime design. The orchid flowers in the frame are the same pastel shade of blue. This is what how many colors look like at dusk when you don’t see the details.

A daytime version of the game setting embodies dreams of a perfect, secluded vacation. The screen offers views of crystal clear water in a peaceful lagoon. A wooden boat took the guests to the beach. Nothing will disturb the rest here. Palm trees generously give shade, flowering water lilies create a romantic atmosphere. The transparent water plays in many shades: from emerald to blue. It feels like you can hear the splash of light waves and feel the coolness, just reach out and touch the water. From this point it overlooks the neighboring green coast and majestic mountains.

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In the night version of the playing field, not only does the background behind the reels change, but also the design of the reels themselves. The vegetation of palm branches and vines turns dark green. It is not saturated as in daytime design. The orchid flowers in the frame are the same pastel shade of blue. This is what how many colors look like at dusk when you don’t see the details.

Bonus symbol – a large flower of a white orchid. It has already bloomed, the petals are open and the cream-colored middle beckons to touch and feel an unusual tenderness. Scatter and Wild Symbols – variants of the sunset on the ocean coast. From the sun, the water and the sky turn pink. The line between them is blurred and it seems that it is unclear whether the sun sets in the water or dissolves in the clouds.

The next line of symbols are portraits of a young man and a girl. Each image has two options for turning the head and background behind the youngsters. Both the guy and the girl embody energy and passion. They are ready to tell travelers about their land and all its sights. The young man’s muscular shoulders speak of his athletic physique. These guys love to surf, conquer the waves and tame the wind. The girl’s hair is decorated with an orchid flower. Orchids are also present in her jewelry. These beauties welcome tourists.

Another row of symbols features Costa Rica’s wildlife. Due to the fact that nature is almost untouched, in Costa Rica there are many animals that you will not find anywhere else on the planet. About 900 species of birds are registered here! Among them are live hummingbirds – traditional companions of orchids. These small birds, like orchids, are mostly found in tropical forests. The hummingbird feeds on nectar from flowers. Another recognizable inhabitant of the Pacific coast, more precisely, the ocean itself – the Helmon butterfly fish pincer. Bright striped fish are found in tranquil ponds. It can be found among coral reefs. Of course, this is a wonderful illustration of relaxing on an exotic coast. Don’t be surprised by the presence of a frog among the symbols. The tree frog is a symbol of Costa Rica, where we travel virtually. Among the country’s biological diversity, the big cats, including jaguars, stand out. Of course, the jaguar got a separate image for the slot symbol.

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Low symbols are card symbols. Thanks to the stylized font, letters and numbers resemble branches connected to each other.

Pay tables are decorated like game reels, on a wooden background. All the necessary information is placed on the boards, which appear to be collected from boards. The perimeter of the slot scoreboard is decorated with orchid stems and flowers.

To demonstrate the paytables, the main background is darkened. Thus, it does not distract the players’ attention.

Congratulations inscriptions are placed on a darker wooden background. Each plate is also decorated with a frame of orchids in different colors. White Orchid is an online video slot created by the masters of the game, IGT. The themed game is a must for lovers of unique and fast online slots. Read our full White Orchid online slot review to find out why this is a great game to try.

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The theme of this game is centered on the exotic regions of Central America, where you will find many white orchids growing in the wild. There’s a custom jungle-themed soundtrack to enjoy if you make it to the bonus round, and the game’s graphics and animations really come to life whenever you get paid. For many more White Orchid tips, be sure to check out what our team of expert reviewers found.

Are you a gamer who loves games full of fun bonus features? Then you will love the White Orchid slot machine because this game has the opportunity for players to discover a whole new game within it when they have access to the bonus round.

The White Falls bonus game not only sees the animations and graphics stand out, it also activates a great new soundtrack inspired by the jungle world the game is based on. The White Orchid bonus round grants players 20 free spins, with the opportunity to increase them if you see the White Orchid symbol appear on the reels.

Symbols in White Orchid include the classics you would normally expect from an online slot machine, as well as some jungle-themed characters like frogs, butterflies, and cheetahs. It also includes the White Orchid logo, which is the wild symbol of this game and can be substituted for any of the other symbols except for the unique white orchid symbol.

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White Orchid is a game with a maximum bet of 800 and a minimum of 80. One of the best things about the White Orchid slot machine, however, is the sheer number of ways you can win. The game has no less than 40 win lines, with

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