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Wild Rockets Slot MachineSlot machines account for the largest portion of revenue in the US casino industry. The situation varies slightly in other countries, but there is no getting around the popularity of slot machines and video poker. This post looks at the facts about slot machines.

If you were to walk into a casino for the first time, no one could blame you for thinking there was little difference between slot machines and video poker games. From the outside, they are practically identical.

Wild Rockets Slot Machine

The biggest obvious difference between the games is that a slot machine has spinning reels with symbols on them. A video poker game, on the other hand, has no spinning reels. And the symbols on a video poker game are more or less the same in every game – they are based on a deck of cards.

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This is more than a cosmetic difference. Video poker games don’t just use playing cards as symbols. They use the probability of a deck of cards to determine your results.

Another, less obvious difference is the level of decision-making involved. When playing a slot machine, your decisions are limited to how many credits to bet on how many paylines. But when you play a video poker game, you are dealt a starting hand. Then you can decide which cards to keep and which to replace.

This decision-making aspect of video poker makes it a more mentally stimulating game than slots, which are essentially mindless exercises.

When a casino or gambling writer analyzes a bet on a table game like blackjack, craps, or roulette, they focus on a number called the “house edge.” This number is just an expected loss (expressed as a percentage) that the casino expects you to experience on the bet over the long term.

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When playing blackjack, you might be dealing with a house edge of around 0.5%. This means that the casino expects, over a large number of tries, to earn 50 cents for every $100 in bets you make.

In the short term, you won’t see this, and it’s obvious why. In a single hand of blackjack, you will either win or lose a single unit. About 5% of the time, you will earn 1.5 units.

But if you look at tens of thousands of hands, you can average the amount won or lost based on the number of hands you played. The more hands you look at, the closer the results will be to the mathematically expected result.

Casino management looks at this number along with the popularity of a game to project how profitable the game will be. It is also a simple formula:

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Multiply the average bet per hand by the house edge and multiply that by the number of hourly bets placed.

Let’s say you run a casino and put a blackjack table in the corner. You have an average of 4 players there and each plays about 60 hands per hour at an average of $25 per hand. The house edge, with the rules you set, is 0.5%.

Your estimated action per hour is equal to 60 X $25 or $1500 multiplied by the number of players (4) or $6000 per hour. You expect to earn 0.5% of this, or $30 per hour. Over a 24-hour period, that’s $720 per day.

You can divide this number by the area the game takes up to get an estimated hourly revenue per square meter. Then you can decide if it is more profitable to put another slot machine or two in that place.

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On the other hand, when casinos look at slot machines and video poker games, they talk about the game’s “payback percentage.” This can be thought of as the other side of the house edge coin. Instead of the amount the casino expects to win per bet, this is the amount the casino expects to pay the player.

A Vegas Strip casino might have slot machine games with a payback percentage of 95%. (This is the equivalent of a 5% house edge). They expect to pay, over time, 95 cents for every dollar you bet.

They can perform the same type of analysis on this game. But the numbers change dramatically due to several factors, the most important being the number of bets per hour.

An average slot or video poker player places 600 bets per hour. If you’re betting the same $25 per bet we talked about in the blackjack example, you’re looking at $15,000 in bets per hour instead of $1500.

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Also, the house edge for this game is 5% instead of 0.5%, so the players’ expected losses for this game are $15,000 X 5% or $300.

Even if you only have one player at a time in that slot machine game, you still bring in an exponentially higher amount of winnings per hour with the slot than with the blackjack game.

Of course, these are not the only factors the casino must consider when deciding which games to put on the floor. They also have to consider that some players who love blackjack would never play a slot machine. They would rather get lower hourly earnings from these players than lose them entirely.

This is why casinos have a mix of field games with a mix of denominations available. They offer penny slots to players who can’t afford $25 per spin because they don’t want to lose their business.

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I was quite specific earlier when I pointed out that video poker games use the same probability as a deck of cards. That’s because it’s important. This determines the payback percentage for the game. It also determines the correct playing strategy for the game.

But in some states, you will find games that look like video poker games but are actually bingo games in disguise. These are called pull cars. It looks just like the video poker games, but the traps are literally just for show. (And “traps” IS the right word.)

These games have a payback percentage, just like a slot machine or video poker game, but there is no way to know what that payback percentage is. That’s because the cards are just for show.

Look around the screen for a tiny bingo card. If the game has a bingo card, it is a Class II game and the outcome is determined by the bingo results. It’s still random. It just doesn’t double the odds found with a deck of cards. The result is determined by the results of the bingo game.

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I ran into a situation with one of the writers who work for me the other day. He was convinced that when you got a blackjack at the blackjack table, your profit was only 50% of your original bet. At first, I couldn’t understand how he got this idea.

When you bet $100 on a blackjack hand, you lose that $100 if you lose the hand. But you can keep it and your winnings if you win the hand. So you get $100 or $150 on a winning hand. This is a 1 to 1 payout or a 3 to 2 payout.

But when you bet $100 on a slot machine spin, that $100 is gone and not considered part of your winnings. If you put $100 on a slot spin and win $50, you have actually experienced a net loss of $50. The game doesn’t give you back your original bet – it’s gone the moment you spin the reels.

You can express the payouts of any game in the same way. A blackjack game pays 2 to 1 or 1 to 1. A slot machine game might pay 2 to 1, but that’s the same as paying 1 to 1.

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The big difference is that when you play a table game, if you win, you always see a profit.

When playing a slot machine, you may occasionally win less than your original bet. Even if you saw a “win”, you had a net loss on the bet.

A progressive slot game is one with a jackpot that continuously increases as you play. These are sometimes standalone games, but more often they are networked with other games. Sometimes they are networked with a handful of other games within a single casino, but other times they are networked with thousands of other games across dozens or even hundreds of casinos.

What all these games have in common are huge jackpots – bigger prizes than you’d find on a traditional slot machine with a flat jackpot. (That’s why they’re called flat top machines – because the top prize is always a fixed amount. It doesn’t grow over time.)

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But it’s how the games pay out those ever-larger jackpots that makes them so different in terms of payout percentage.

The jackpot increases because of some kind of “fee”. A small percentage of each bet goes to “fuel” that ever-growing jackpot. The money has to come from somewhere. And that’s where it comes from – it’s a small percentage of each of your bets.

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